Putin Becomes "Gay Friendly" Figure Skater In Protest Game

Putin Becomes "Gay Friendly" Figure Skater In Protest Game

Thanks to his "anti-gay propaganda" laws, and stuff like the imprisonment of Pussy Riot members, now that the Winter Olympics are on it's the perfect time to play a game where Russian President/Dictator Vladimir Putin is a figure skater.

Made by Dutch indie developer Robin Ras, Putin's Olympic Game puts the tyrant in a pink tutu and a smirk, skating in front of rainbow flags, collecting teddy bears and trying to win the gold medal.

It might seem a stretch to see Putin like this (and it's a touch insulting to hetrosexual figure skaters, regardless of the sport's reputation), but you know, those shirtless hunting photos are, for want of a better term, already pretty gay.

You can play the game here.

Putin's Olympic Game [GamesOnly, via Game Politics]


    Wouldn't be surprised if this dev "goes missing". Putin could possibly sue for use of likeness. He is entitled to lead his country how he sees fit.

      Parody is a protected part of free speech in most first world countries. He can't do much legally.

    So, in protest of sexual-discrimination policies, this developer made a game that stereotypes homosexuals?

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