Real-Life Smash Bros. Returns With Baseball Bats And Fireworks

About four years ago, these guys got the idea to stage a Super Smash Bros. tournament in real life — and it wasn't some cutesy-poo re-enactment either. They hit each other. With sticks. Hard. After a two-year layoff, 3GI's Super Smash Tournament returned last month for a third season.

Here's the latest bout, facing off Earthbound and Brawl co-stars Lucas and Ness. Following some rasslin' style backstage promos (during which Lucas helpfully notes that Ness does not speak) the two commence hostilities at 1:30 of this video, and they are playing for keeps. As "referee" Kyle explains in the season's first bout (Link vs. Zelda) there are "no boundaries... anything goes."

I mean, Lucas is swinging full-force with what appears to be a baseball bat, though if it's being parried with a... broomstick? then what is that thing, hollow? Still, these two are not fucking around. Lucas kicks a powerup into the woods, and everything really gets shaky, but coming up the hill, Ness picks up a Super Scope — which appears to be armed with bottle rockets or a roman candle — and the chase is on.

Ness wins out, though he has to survive a Roman candle barrage at the end. The preliminary rounds for Tournament 3 are over; it will be Link (who defeated Zelda) vs. Snake (winner against Pokémon Trainer) in the Episode 6 semifinals, followed by Fox (who defeated Pikachu) and Ness in Episode 7. The winners will meet in the grand final.



    Wow words can't describe how bad that was

      The only thing that could have made this video worse would be if they filmed it vertically. 0/10 would not watch again. I'd rather watch Australia's funniest home videos over this.

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