Robocop Stopping Perverts On Japanese Trains

Robocop Stopping Perverts on Japanese Trains

As part of the public service campaign, Robocop is doing his part to nab unsavoury perverts on Japanese trains. Your move, creep!

The campaign is a collaboration between the robot officer, the Osaka Police Department, and the West Japan Railway Company.

In the middle of the public service spot, which is currently on the police department's official site, there's a trailer for the new Robocop movie. It's out in Japan next month.

Have a look:

It's not only perverts that Robocop is arresting! He is also reminding people to make sure they don't leave belongings in their cars.

Oh, and go see his movie — he's reminding people of that.

In case you missed it, be sure to read io9's review of Robocop.

痴漢を追放せよ Osaka Police via Gigazine


    Judge dredd would be more effective. No repeat offenders then.

      Honestly, with the kind of offenders they're looking for? (These aren't vandals and graffiti artists.) I'd be kinda OK with that.

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