Wasteland 2's Beta Gets A Huge Update

It raised a lot of cash during its Kickstarter campaign. Then Wasteland 2 got delayed because of all that money. But, rest assured, the sequel to the classic RPG is coming. And a new video gives a substantial glimpse at what the gameplay will look like. Get ready for clicking, folks.

In an update earlier today, inXile Entertainment announced a gigantic update for the beta version of the game, which has been available to backers. This video shows off changes to the UI and combat and also coincides with the launch of a Mac OSX version on Steam. This is all still being baked by Brian Fargo and his fellow developers so maybe don't get too surprised if some of this stuff changes even more on the way to release.


    The more I see of this game, the more I want it.

    Wish they'd bring it onto PS4 and Xbone.

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