Fresh Screens From Sacred 3

Sacred 3 brings its colourful co-op Diablo-esque gameplay to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC in the third quarter of 2014. With four-player drop-in, drop-out online multiplayer co-op and two-player splitscreen, Deep Silver's latest foray into the world of Ancaria should be a blast to play with friends and strangers alike. Check out fresh screens below.


    Loved the first 2 so this should be tons of fun.

    All I can think is "Great, now we're stuck up here..."

    Sacred 2 had its moments but this will be a wait for bomba title for me.

    Can they start releasing more games on Xbox One and PS4.

    Like, if you're doing a multiplatform thats on PC, its not that hard to port it from PC to new gen consoles.

      yep... just came here to post... what did I buy the One for then

      dark souls 2 and THIS.... only on 360????


      Last edited 20/02/14 1:52 pm

    can't wait... shame its not coming to xbone or ps4 but i'll just get it on pc anyway as long as the controller support is there

    This game has been in development hell for years now, im surprised its coming out at all. You have to remember it takes time to make a game, and porting a game inst as simple as pushing a button

    I might just finish Sacred 2 now....only another 4billion hours till I've done that...

    Loved the first one. The second one didn't grab me. Hoping the third will be a good same room co-op experience.

    Last edited 20/02/14 9:32 pm

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