'Saints Flow', The Energy Drink? Hang On...

Someone's maths professor must like Saints Row.

(Via Reid B)


    Except that is clearly a physics test

      A physics test that only appears to be about work for some reason. It's probably just a worksheet now that I think about it.

      Last edited 09/02/14 9:04 pm

      A physics test where the students are expected to know both metric and imperial units, no less.

        Question 2 is the odd one out there... even with a different font


    I had a statistics professor who did the same thing but using Star Wars based questions. The one I best remember went like this:
    "The stress of the death star construction has caused Darth Vader to force choke an average of 4 people a day. What is the probability that Darth Vader will choke at least three people today?"

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