Save 50% On XCOM: Enemy Unknown On iOS

2K Games is celebrating the arrival of February (OK, this is just a guess) by slashing the price of XCOM: Enemy Unknown on the App Store. It's down a tidy 50 per cent, from $20.99 to $10.49.

Compared to the vast majority of games on Apple's application bazaar, it's still in the high range, but for a polished mobile version of its excellent bigger cousins on consoles and PC, it's a pretty reasonable price.

Personally, I'm getting towards the end of Warhammer Quest, which I've thoroughly enjoyed (despite the lack of the Chaos Warrior) — this might help fill the tactical hole Rodeo Games' reproduction will undoubtedly leave in my life.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown [App Store, via PocketGamer]


    Worth playing, especially at that price. The frame rate on my 3rd gen iPad chugged along somewhere around 15+ fps but did little to hinder the gameplay since it's a turn based game.

    Last edited 02/02/14 1:43 pm

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