Seven Secrets About Using Facebook You Might Not Know

Maybe you know that you have an "other" inbox in your Facebook messages tab. But did you know that you can make your own avatar into an emoji in Facebook chat?

The folks over at BuzzFeed have compiled a few cool facts about Facebook which is worth a watch — maybe you'll learn something new. Now excuse me, I have some friends to spam with my own emoticon on Facebook chat.

Facebook Secrets You Need To See [BuzzFeedVideo]


    Jesus. Had Patricia given up all pretense at original content and is simply reposting Buzzfeeds now - complete with titles?

    What the actual fuck, KotakUS?

      Maybe she wants to work for lifehacker, it feels more like the kind of thing that should be lazily reposted there

    I wasn't aware of the "other" inbox. just found a week old message from a white knight telling me off for a comment I made on a post. Thanks to this post I have now proceeded to make fun of his race/country/family/gay little dog.

    Edit: Damn facebook is fast on those 12hr bans.

    Last edited 18/02/14 10:45 pm

    Tip; Keep blocking every app you ever see, eventually you'll have an almost clean feed.

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