She'll Make Your PlayStation Vita Virtually Sing

Today, Sega announced a March release for the portable version of Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f. The PlayStation 3 version, released in North America last year, was one of my top 10 games of 2013. This one is just like that, only with a touch screen. Joy!


    Bought this in August 2012 and I am still playing it on Vita to this day.

    So this article could be a bit clearer... "f" came out on Vita in Japan a couple of years ago. "F" is the PS3 version, which has been released in Japan and the West. So now the old "f" is getting an English release too...? Japanese "f" got all the new content as DLC if you bought "F", what about in this case?

    Last edited 07/02/14 4:39 am

      I believe that the new content was included in the western F release but will be available for purchase in the western f release. A shame, but hey, I reckon it's worth paying for. Love me some Miku. Project Diva f 2nd import pre-order!

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