Shigeru Miyamoto Puts An End To The Year Of Luigi

It's his goddamn year and he'll end it whenever he damn well pleases.

There was much confusion about the 'Year of Luigi'. Is it a calendar year thing? Did it end when the clock struck midnight on December 31? Maybe it was a fiscal year thing. Maybe Nintendo would keep it going?

Now Miyamoto has come out of the woodwork and confirmed that the year of Luigi does have an end, but it's not a calendar year thing and it's not a fiscal year thing. It's a 'end at this specific point' kind of thing.

[A]ll good things must come to an end," Miyamoto wrote, "and the Year of Luigi will conclude on March 18."

Say it ain't so Miyamoto!

"Almost a year has passed since I announced the Year of Luigi, marking the 30th anniversary of Luigi’s debut," he said.

"Thanks to everyone's kind support, we were able to release many Luigi games over the course of the year. I hope everyone continues to cheer for the green brother!"

In my heart, it is always the year of Luigi.


    Maybe they will release something interesting instead of a Dr. Luigi downloadable game...

    What the quality "journalists" here at Kotaku should be telling you is that the Luigi's Mansion diorama is now available in the AU club nintendo shop.

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