Signs That You Have An Unhealthy Obsession With A Game

BestGameShowEver is a brand new series on YouTube from one of our favourite DayZ-obsessed YouTubers. In today's launch of said series, they invite several other hosts and producers of various other YouTube shows to discuss what it means to be obsessed with a game. We're talking interrupt-your-lifestyle levels of obsession.

They may not always be serious, and there's copious talk of poop, but it is an interesting discussion to mull over.

My obsession was an obvious one: World of Warcraft. Yep, yours truly was once very obsessed with levelling up, raiding with my guildmates, sometimes even just jumping on to catch up with them over trades. After two solid years and a lot of impressive multitasking, I realised I was spending more time in the virtual world than the real one and I decided to call it quits. I will say, though, that I have nothing but fond memories of my experiences during those arguably dark days.

Share your own stories below if you've got them.


    I say it's all based on priorities. Ignoring the dishes for a couple of hours to play games is alright, but ignoring insurance on your car in favour of a new console is a problem.

    When you spend half your non-gaming time, including work, reading Dark Souls wikis you may have a problem.

      That's not a problem, that's how you play Dark Souls!

      By my calculation, I've played about 1000 hours of Dark Souls. But for only around 80 of them, I had a controller in my hand.

    One time........after a fallout:new Vegas marathon I walked down the street and got really exited when I saw a shop selling snow globes........

    Also what's wrong with being obsessed with video games?? When the NWO corporations start shoving us all into vertural worlds I feel having awesome game skills will give me an edge.......

    "leisure suit larry at 6 yrs old" that got me right in the feels, that game taught me how to read and spell, finished it with no guides when I was 7. fuck my mum was a terrible parent.

    I have an unhealthy obsession with games (plural). When I'm not at work I'm either eating, sleeping, watching DVD's, on the internet, or playing games, I play games on my phone when I'm at work too (when I have spare time). The only time I get out of the house is when I go to work, the shops (normally to either to buy food or more games and DVD's), or to the inlaws once a fortnight.

      Sounds like your describing my life lol just add the gym everyday instead of just in laws haha

    I'm finding that as I spend more and more time working and exercising I'm having less and less interest in games. Now at times when I get home from work and got a free night I just watch random shows my friends watch. Though I miss games, if anything I miss playing and enjoying games that my friends play. WoW was awesome for that.

    Assuming a LoL game goes for under an hour I've played about 1400 hours on normal games, add in another 165 hours or so for ARAMS. I find it boring now but I still play at least four ARAMs a day :(

    Help me.

      HA! look at the time, I got 45 mins, yeah i can stomp a team in dota in 40 mins with 5 mins to spare. 60 minutes later...........

    World of Warcraft was definitely the game that I had an unhealthy obsession with. In vanilla, I was in one of the top raiding guilds on the server, raiding 6 nights a week. Friends (who also played WoW, in varying amounts) would call and invite me out for meals or just to hang out, and I'd be all... "Nah, raiding AQ40 tonight..."

    Sad, really. But fortunately it was the game that woke me up to the fact that playing games for more hours a week than you work or sleep, is not a good thing. So, I guess it isn't all negative... and I do still spend a fair amount of time gaming, just got the priorities straight now. lol

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