Six Things You Might Not Know About The (Increasingly Naked) Xbox One

Six Things You Might Not Know About The (Increasingly Naked) Xbox One

In his never-ending search for amazing facts, Jake Roper of VSauce3 can’t seem to keep his consoles together. First the Dreamcast, and now the Xbox One is stripped down to nothing in stop-motion, revealing juicy tidbits about Microsoft’s latest console along the way.

As you watch the video, keep in mind that the Xbox One and Kinect in this video could not be put back together again. That’s right, you are watching a console snuff film.


    • I was reading article on cracked today. Was a 10 hecklers getting destroyed or something. Each and every point had a video, but also a short text which identifies the highlight and expands on it by like 2 sentences. I see the authors here posting comments about how they read something on cracked but they never pick up on the things they could use or do in their articles here. Really, it’s just pure laziness that’s the problem.

  • For those who can’t or don’t want to watch the video –
    – Two million units shipped in 18 days – Enough to fill 6 Olympic-sized swimming pools.
    – It has 20 times the size of hard drive space as the original Xbox 360 premium.
    – It would take 5.5 360’s to equal the performance of the One’s GPU.
    – If you did a calculation every second for 41,512 years, it would be as many as the Xbox One’s GPU can in a single second.
    – The Kinect has 128MB of RAM – twice that of the original Xbox.
    – The camera can detect your pulse by reading the colour changes of your face.

  • Why could these not be put back together again? I thought that just like any computer you could reassemble it and it would work just fine

  • Facts mentioned in video
    -Microsoft sold 2mil consoles in 18 days, enough to fill 6 olympic sized swimming pools
    -It has 20 times the hard drive space of the first XB 360 premium
    -it would take 5.5 XB 360s to equal peak performance of X1 gpu
    -if you did a calculation every second for 41512 years it would be as many as the gpu could do in 1 sec (1,309,122,432,000 calculations per second)
    -The Kinect has 128 mb of ram, 2x original xbox console (though this was vague, it might have meant original kinect)
    -Kinect camera can detect pulse by reading color changes in your face
    -The back of the IR camera looks like it has sad eyes (shows back, has sad robot look about it)

    So it is actually 7 facts but meh

    Bah, beaten to it, but I had the bit about the sad eyes 😛

      • I’m not smiling. Also why should I care how many Xbox’s can fit in my 6 olympic swimming pools. If it was an in depth spec comparison I might actually care. (even though specs list was released a while ago.)

        • Seems to be an American thing… they love to talk about “football fields”, “Olympic swimming pools” and “Empire State Buildings”. They’d measure the entire world that way if they could: you are 0.0004 Football fields wide and 0.0002 Empire state buildings tall!

          Although they’d use fractions…

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