Skullgirls Returns To PlayStation Network On Tuesday

Skullgirls Encore will arrive on PlayStation Network on Tuesday, returning the indie fighter to consoles a month after original publisher Konami pulled its support and removed the game from Xbox Live and PSN.

Anyone who bought the original Skullgirls will get Encore for free, though as a completely new game, none of the downloadable content in the original edition is compatible with it. Achievements, leaderboards and gamesaves also will be reset.

The game never disappeared from Steam because its PC version had a different publisher. A release date for Skullgirls Encore on Xbox 360 hasn't been announced yet, but in a post to NeoGAF yesterday, Lab Zero's Peter Bartholow said they would be submitting the game to Xbox Live arcade "early next week." That version of the game will be a patch, meaning DLC, achievements and leaderboards will transfer.

Skullgirls Encore arrives with the new downlodable character Squigly, who also is free.

Skullgirls Encore Heading to PlayStation Network in North America on February 11 [Shoryuken via Joystiq]


    Anyone that likes fighting games owes it to themselves to pick up Skullgirls.

    I still can't comprehend why Konami let that IP slip. Skullgirls probably made a lot of money.

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