Smash Bros.' Newest Contestant: Punch-Out's Little Mac

Smash Bros.' Newest Contestant: Punch-Out's Little Mac

Welcome to the fray, Little Mac. Punch-Out's main character will join the cast of the next Smash Bros., to be out on Wii U and 3DS later this year. Nintendo announced the news during their Nintendo Direct this afternoon. No word on King Hippo or Mike Tyson.



    Mike Tyson's special moves: "Eat Children", and "Bite Ear"

    Well that's one character from my top 10 wishlist that's now in the game. Wonder if any more will show up...

    My list being:
    Bub - Bubble Bobble
    Sora - Kingdom Hearts
    Little Mac - PunchOut
    Professor Layton - Professor Layton series
    Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney series
    Krystal - Star Fox Adventures
    Maxwell - Scribblenaughts
    Rayman - Rayman series
    Bomberman - Bomberman series
    Viewtiful Joe - Viewtiful Joe
    Wonderful 101 - The Wonderful 101

    I couldn't be more excited about Smash Bros 4 then what I am now. And the funny thing is I didn't think Little Mac would be joining this time around and I've always though of him as a boring character. But not after watching the trailer. He looks too good.

    I was so inspired by Little Mac's reveal trailer that I'm pretty keen on using him as my new main. So keen in fact that I watched the video frame by frame so that I could take note of the properties on all of his attacks. If anyone's curious about my findings you can check it all out right here:

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