Sniper Elite’s Kill-Cam Keeps Getting More Gruesome

Sniper Elite’s Kill-Cam Keeps Getting More Gruesome

The darkly satisfying x-ray kill-cam from Rebellion’s Sniper Elite V2 gave sharpshooting players a peek at bullets bursting through skin, bone and organs. Sniper Elite 3 adds two more layers to the mix.

I love this stupid series so much, and the kill-cam is a big part of that love. It’s one thing to watch a virtual enemy drop from a distance. It’s another to watch the bullet travel through the air into their bodies, causing exactly the sort of damage one would expect from such a powerful weapon.

And now it’s even better — if that’s the right term. They’ve added a layer of muscle and a circulatory system pumping with polygonal blood. No more 2D blood spray for this guy.

Think that’s sick? Wait until you see the car innards.

Sniper Elite 3 will be out later this year, just before I disappear for a couple of days and return with a crazy glint in my eyes.


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