The Best Prank Of 2014 So Far

So Far, The Best Prank of 2014

I know, I know. It's only February. We still have months to go. But this prank is good. Damn good.

And best of all? It's from early last month, so other pranksters will have a good year to try to top it. They'll need it.

The prank appeared on Japanese television special Dokkiri Award ("dokkiri" or ドッキリ means "being surprised") and features comedian Toshiaki Kasuga and, well, just watch:

In a radio interview, Kasuga said he was at the base of Mt. Fuji for work early the next morning. The night before was cold, and to stay warm, he got drunk with the crew and crashed in the cabin.

Then, he said he woken up by the fireworks going off under the bed. He thought about getting up, but the bed was rocked 50 metres into the cold air. According to Kasuga, he was strapped into the bed while he was sleeping, so he couldn't move. Safety first!

Thankfully, the comedian made it through the prank safe and sound.

超人気番組が一挙集結夢の祭典!番組対抗!ドッキリアワード2014 [TBS]


    I wonder if the sheet were yellow or brown after that stunt lol

      In the immortal words of a little girl from a taco ad -

      "Why not both?"

      I would say they were 50 shades of brown and yellow

    If you find yourself waking up in the mornings lethargic and tired, I would certainly recommend this!

    the raptor in the office one from last year still kills me.

    imagine how hilarious it would have been if the fireworks made the bedding catch fire! -_-

      I know what you mean... Waking up on a flaming bed flung being flung into the sky? That's not funny...

      ...That's a flipping awesome way to wake up. >;)

    "Your game shows reward knowledge. Here, we punish ignorance."
    "Ignor.. what?"
    *microphone spews flames over Homer*

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