So Is Battlefield 4 Fixed Then?

So Is Battlefield 4 Fixed Then?

In December, Electronic Arts told us “we’re not moving onto future projects or expansions until we sort out all the issues with Battlefield 4″. Today, EA announced a new expansion for Battlefield 4.

Following on from the Second Assault map pack later this month, March will see the release of Naval Strike, which will launch at the end of the month.

In this expansion, you’ll experience intense water-based combat as the Chinese armada takes the fight to the sea. You’ll have access to new weapons, gadgets, and amphibious vehicles, and four all-new maps — Lost Island, Nansha Strike, Wave Breaker, and Operation Mortar.

DICE general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson said in December “we are so serious that we have the entire team working to stabilise the game and we will not move on to other projects until we are sure that Battlefield 4 meets — and exceeds — your expectations. It is the right thing to do.”

So you guys tell us: is Battlefield 4 working for you? If it is – or if it isn’t – let us know which platform you’re playing on and what exactly is wrong.

Battlefield 4 Second Assault arrives February 18 [EA]


    • This comment mirrors my experience, not a single problem. Bummer for everyone who is having them though.

      • Personally, I had a hell of a lot more trouble with BF3 at launch (and probably for the first 6 months after launch) than I’ve had with BF4.

  • Far fucking from it! Those were empty words from DICE, nothing more. Gamers are way too forgiving and have the memory of goldfish when it comes to getting fucked over by Devs…

      • Regardless how much gamers piss and moan, we ARE forgiving in that, year after year…release after release…these games are huge financial successes despite how well broadcast it is that the devs nickle and dime or rush unfinished products to the shelves and never properly fix it.

        Point in case, BF4 is still a buggy mess and people are still buying and playing it, despite this, and this is AFTER BF3 was the same, if not worse.

  • Working fine on an SLI PC here. The last patch caused some sound dropouts but if that’s fixed then it’s back to working smoothly 🙂

  • Been playing this mainly on PC and I haven’t had any dramas for ages, and nothing to report on the PS4 front either. I love BF4, I think it’s the best yet – and yes unfortunately it started far from perfect, but when you compare it to the likes of Ghosts and the upcoming Titanfall (which I’ve played on PC) no other games can touch it really.

    • I am with you on that. BF4 is my game of choice now. I had a few annoyances at the start when I was playing on the ONE, but since having switched to PC haven’t had any issues at all.

      • I get the occasional DC, error in Battlelog when joining a server and sometimes sounds won’t play for certain weapons, but other than that it has been pretty solid on my PC.

  • I have been playing and loving the game since launch and hadn’t experienced any crashes up until the patch that added mantle. I crashed halfway through every game for about a day and then the next patch fixed it. Apart from that and some minor glitches, Im not having any major problems.

  • Haha, played last night on PC after giving it a break for about 2 months, and first server I joined crashed. “Something went wrong.”


      Seriously though, that’s EXACTLY my experience. Hadn’t played for a month, tried playing, kicked, “Something went wrong.”

      Cya next month BF4.

          • i found routers, port forwarding and possibly encapsulation had a hand in battlefield stability, plus punkerbuster updates. Some users with different modem/routers could have more difficulty than others. No denying the launch was a mess but some people had more difficulty than others during the launch, that much was obvious.

  • I’m not getting crashes anymore, but sometimes I have to restart my PC to get it going and a couple of times I’ve had pretty big memory leaks (it was using 6gb of RAM both times). Netcode still feels shoddy to me too..

    I still play and enjoy it, but I was hoping it’d get a lot more ‘fixed’ than this.

  • Anyone else disappointed that the BF4 naval teaser featured a submarine, strongly hinting at their return, but nothin’?

    • I’m hoping Nuclear Submarines will be used in the titan mode. 2142 had the titan shield that needed to be taken down. Replace capturing silos to fire missles to take down down the shield with capture points to locate and fire torpedoes/activate water mines to breach the sub’s hull and force it to surface. Then it can be boarded and the core can be detonated for the win.

      • Something that cool wouldn’t, according to publishers, appeal to today’s audiences. God damn I wish people would be more adventurous and accepting of games and game modes like that; it sounds awesome but it’s the kind of thing EA these days would be like, ahhhhh no.

  • 360 version is still shitting the bed just not on as regular basis as before. Dawnbreaker still freezes the machine every time and there are still random other freezes that happen. The irony for me is that before the first patch I never had a single issue……..

  • i have had heaps of issues but mainly the campaign.

    Its a crap campaign anyway but my saved games always get deleted. Its not a good enough campaign to finish over and over again but it took me 3 shots to finally get to the end. Im playing on Xbox one and it recently had a major update that still did not fix this issue. If i turn the game on now its as if i have never played it. So no point trying to collect everything. It just disappears.

    I know its pretty much just a multi player game these days but i cant see how this can be accepted on any level. Imagine any other game that was broken like this, Hell would break loose. Plus, they have had 3 months to fix it with no success. VERY POOR

  • I’ve played 2 Games in the last 2 months both times had me dying when I shouldn’t have, shooting people only to get what seemed like 1 shot, killed by 0%hp, get hit markers only to die and they have full hp still

    Haven’t gone back yet maybe next month

    • The fact of the matter is when you get killed by someone with “0hp”, all that happened is you lost the 1 on 1. They don’t actually have 0hp, but the fact that it shows that when you die makes people think they got cheated out of a kill, where as you simply lost that battle.

      That’s not a glitch, that’s just lag from being in aus. I’ve found the Australian servers to be worse for lag than the west us ones too. I find that if you slightly change your plan of attack and start leading your shots it’s easy to handle the lag, even if most games do have you rubberbanding in vehicles.

  • For the few/any of you that play this competitively, Is this game fixed to the point where it can actually be enjoyed that way?

    • NO! BF4 is on any platform not in any way shape or form fit in its current state to be able to allow competitive multiplayer ability. It also in its current state with major packet loss, hit registration not accurate, constant game breaking bugs anytime a levolution event occurs, and the constant frustration of not just trading kills but basically rolling a DICE every time you shoot anyone who’s shooting you (*pun intentional* ) means unless there is a major shift in how patches and its own internal coding is actually done BF4 will never be a competitive gaming construct.

      It seems those who don’t have many problems are ones who constantly either snipe and don’t move or constantly play in vehicles since the packet loss (or lag..though it’s a lot more than standard lag problems) though once they start moving and playing as infantry they will then experience the extreme frustration that is currently the non fun game of BF4.

      • I agree completely, except for one thing. Try flying a plane with the lag and packet loss. You will notice it more in this than any other play style be it vehicle or ground pounder. My ping is 19 to all east coast aus servers so that’s not the problem.

        Since the update the little squares are up all to regularly.

        See this video

        Maybe not the best at showing the problems but one that covers most of them and why its not conducive to competitive matches.

        Try go back to bf3 and play some rounds now……. It feels so much better.

        Im not even going to start on the no skill element of laws, staff shells, HMV pickups and active radar missles etc that dull the game down to the lowest common denominator, Or the fact that things like the attack helli which takes big hours of time to get good in has been nerfed so badly top stop people complaining about skilled people cleaning up infantry (usually camping roof tops).

        The one shot bug is still present and the hit reg is still terrible.

        I still play because i love the series and prefer a war game with vehicles rather than one without but its a shame the series is heading down the toilet unless they increase the tick rate of servers and stop watering down the skill level which makes this game so rewarding at times when its working as intended.

        On another note the game stability wise is definitely better than at launch

  • It was practically unplayable for me on ps3. Blue screen almost every game as well as the inability to play as ssupport (it would freeze if I tried to spawn as support class).

    I downloaded it for ps4 and so far it’s running a bit smoother but still not perfect. I still get the blue screen error every few games but at least I can play support now.

  • Still a ridiculous amount of home screen dropouts on Xbox One, friends with it on PS4 seem to be having similar problems. Really irritating when you play three games and only get your points for two of them!

  • Having only gotten the game in the last week with a new computer everything in this game is great. The wait has paid off.

  • Played it for abit on PS3 then one day it decided everytime siege of Shanghai would load the game would freeze and the PS3 would reset. Thought little of it and decided I just wouldn’t play that map, next it was the game would start loading then freeze on the menu do after that stopped playing, heard there was an update, updated the game and now it freezes on loading the trophies. Waste of money, would of gotten more use out of buying an air guitar off eBay!

  • The one thing I’m hoping for that comes out of this is that the next Bf game is more refined and not rushed (thanks dice for not having the balls to stand ya ground against EA) . I was happy playing another 6-12 months of bf3 going from 500+ hours of bf3 o ps3/pc to barely playing 100 hour on ps3/ps4/pc and just thinking f#ck it kinda says something about the game to me.

  • I’ve been playing for a week, have had one ‘crash to dash’. I’ve heard the first few months were bad but I’ve found it to be pretty decent.

  • I just bought this game a few days ago and started the campaign. I came back a few hours later only to find out my saved game isn’t there. Do to answer your question, no, your company hasn’t done a damn thing it promised. How this wasn’t caught before it was released I have no idea, but to tell you the truth it probably was, but your to worried about getting the money in your pocket and will address the issue later. Well it’s later, the game has been out for half a year and it’s complete crap. How is a customer going to play a games that doesn’t save?!???!?!?

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