Someone Put A Bloody, Playable Flappy Bird In Grand Theft Auto IV

Welcome to Liberty City, where our bird-headed anti-hero can flap his arms to stay aloft and get points every time he bounces off a pedestrian. You know, same as how it works in Flappy Bird. This is a real GTA IV mod for PC, slated for release this weekend.

The mod, called Flappy IV, was created by modders julionib and quechus13. According to GTA IV mod maven Taltigolt, it will be released on juionib's site on Saturday. Anyone with GTA IV on PC will be able to test it out themselves.


    Oh Dear.

    Ancient game... Shitty model mod based on shitty game...

    Lots of crappy Quake models are posted all the time, why don't you cover those shitty mods as well?

      Cause Flappy Birds all the rage! Huehuehuehue "rage". >_> *leaves*

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