Sons Of Anarchy Creator Says He's Found A Studio To Make A Video Game

Sons of Anarchy Creator Says He's Found a Studio to Make a Video Game

Unlike just about everyone in the series by now, that Sons of Anarchy video game concept will not die. Show creator Kurt Sutter is back at it again on Twitter, insisting "there will definitely be an SOA GAME".

Sutter followed that up to say "no, it's not a board game. First-person action adventure. HD graphics." He then admitted he had an erection while typing that.

Sons of Anarchy, the brawling, sprawling motorcycle gang fantasy that just finished its sixth year on FX (and will end after this coming season), would seem a natural fit for a video game. But the kind of licensed title Sutter has long envisioned is something publishers, especially publicly traded companies, have increasingly shied away from as development costs have risen. He didn't say who is aboard with this project.

Back in early 2012, Sutter started a sort-of campaign over Twitter for the idea, but it seemed to go nowhere. Sutter famously vowed that if the concept ever went forward it wouldn't "be some slapcrap browser thing." Unfortunately, Sutter couldn't find a shop for his idea then. "HUGE upfront cost," he said at the time.

Sutter said he felt obligated to deliver "a great game, not some 1/2 promotional piece of shit like [Game of Thrones]," a truly harble licensed game that launched in May 2012. But then the concept died out altogether. Last year, Deep Silver released Eutechnyx' biker adventure Ride to Hell: Retribution, which was a bona fide pile of shit.

So either someone got the idea they can do that better, or they figure with the bar set so low they can clear it with just about anything bearing SAMCRO's name. Who knows, but the possibility has me making crazy lusty bugeyes like Tig Trager.

Follow Sutter on Twitter for more, I guess. His handle is @sutterink.



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      Spoilers much?

        Going on 3 years now. The good will spoilers moratorium has definitely been reached on that one.

          It's only been 1.5 years

            It's also still a pretty major spoiler about a show that not everyone would have watched.

              But if you're not gonna watch the show, does the spoiler actually matter...?

              That's kinda like a zen question.

                And do we take a poll to see if everyones watched everything every month from years back? While I heartily endorse the spoiler tag I also think theres a point where spoilers become redundant when theyre seasons old. Is it a major spoiler now to say Jesse Pinkman kills Gale Beddeker?

                  It is a major spoiler to say that... The problem is what's the statute of limitations on spoilers.

                  Either way, blurting out major character spoilers, regardless of how old they are, is just not a very nice thing to do.

                  So what's the point where it's ok to talk about it? What I said is around four to five years old now? I would consider that fine to talk about now that the show is done and dusted, the event around that age old. I think sometimes while well intentioned, people get a *bit* too sensitive around here about spoilers.

            Sorry my bad. Either way its a *long* time now. 2 seasons. Sorry but theres also a point which has to be reached where stuff can be talked about openly around here. Sometimes its bloody ridiculous.


      lets be honest. Some people gather television to watch after they've completed one series and move onto the next, just tonight i started watching a 2011 television show, i am on episode 1 and i am 16 minutes in as of writing this. Three seasons of this show are available. Spoiler is a spoiler.

      Sweet baby jesus, removed the comment.
      Would have thought a plot point from 1.5-2 years ago would still be considered a spoiler.

    Hell yeah, sounds like Kurt knows what he wants and will make a pretty decent game. This is exciting news!

    Best bike related game I have played was the DLC for GTA IV, if i were sutter I would be looking to R* in the hope they might be able to build something stunning out of the new GTA5 engine, would also be a great testing ground for next gen,

    I enjoyed GTA4:TLAD quite a bit. I was thinking while playing it that it would be so much more entertaining it if was enfused with SOA-ness.
    Early in the GTA5 storyline they pretty much stomped on the idea of a TLAD DLC and no doubt the DLC for GTA5 is probably mostly finished and just being tested by now. But I would still be all over a SOA DLC for GTA5.

    Let's just hope it's not another Sopranos: Road to Respect...

    Wait has their ever actually been any good tv > game uh... games?

      Even worse, The Shield game from the ps2. *shudder*

      Walking Dead. 'Nuf said.

        Oh yea, good call. But then you have that other walking dead game, you know the one, so maybe that cancels it out and we're back to zero.

          Yeah, it argues both sides, but the fact remains the TellTale Games episodes were great.

        Technically not a show of the game. The Walking Dead game based on the comics is fantastic...

        The one based on the TV SHOW however sucked ass... eep.

      OH... the first BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER game was pretty fantastic on the xbox and ps2!!!

    rockstar is the obvious choice but i don't see it happening because $$$$$

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