Soon We’ll Be Able To Buy GoPro Cameras With Our Xboxes

Soon We’ll Be Able To Buy GoPro Cameras With Our Xboxes
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The GoPro line of action cameras generate some amazing footage, but who has time to navigate a search engine to find them? That incredibly inconvenient means of watching first-person bird videos will be a thing of the past later this year, when the GoPro Channel app launches for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It’s a video browser and online store, all in one.

That’s right, this channel’s utility is twofold. First, you can browse amazing videos all day long, harvesting inspiration. When you are fully inspired, you can visit the store section, where GoPro cameras and accessories can be ordered directly. Orders are fulfilled by Microsoft’s online store, marking the first time the company has worked physical purchase of packaged goods into an Xbox app (no, Pizza Hut doesn’t count).

Mind you the app does require Xbox Live Gold, but that’s a small price to pay for the ability to browse videos also found on YouTube and purchase things readily available everywhere else. How much is convenience worth to you? I thought so.

The GoPro Channel app hits the Xbox 360 this spring and Xbox One this winter. I’d hold off purchasing any camera equipment before that, so you can get the full experience.


    • Oh hey look, another child who is unable to fathom people who have different wants and interests than him, but instead feels compelled to insult their preferences.

      Textbook fanboy.

      • I find it a fair point actually. It’s an advertisement masquerading as an app. Who prefers ads on a gaming system?

        • Then don’t download the app, my issue was with his complete statement – “the Xbox is just a set top box full of ads and crap” – are you saying that’s a fair point?

        • I will say the gopro app on my phone is pretty good at showing me awesome vids id otherwise have missed. Daily updates and all that. Im all for this.

          • But is apple/samsung etc organising the delivery of your go pro? All whilst the actual interface you are ordering on is broken? Xbone is frustrating. The goddamn ads are frustrating. I’m not questioning the usefulness of the ap – just the priorities of MS.

      • Actually, given they didn’t make a reference to a competing company/system, it’s closer to a hateboy comment.

        I’d describe a textbook fanboy as someone who jumps to the defense of their favorite company every time someone makes even the slightest criticism about any of their products.

        • Its just something I don’t understand about some people. I mean. I don’t particularly like the PS4 but I pretty much leave it at that, what’s the point of me going into every PS4 article just to comment how much I don’t like it for my needs and why it would be stupid for my needs, but its something that has been going on in almost every Xbox One article since launch.

          I mean, really, read that comment – “xbone is just a setup box full of ads and crap..”.

          Its nothing but hate and a circlejerk.

  • Currently in Australia. Yes. A set top box with lots and lots and lots of ads. – I would suggest that Microsoft concentrate on getting their user interface and aussie-centric multimedia offerings actually ready before fulfilling orders for go pro via the Microsoft store.

    • Evidently you have not used an Xbox One if you think that statement “Yes. A set top box with lots and lots and lots of ads” holds truth.

      It’s about as ignorant a statement as someone saying the PS4 is nothing but a PS3 with better graphics.

      These are fanboy arguments.

      But please, if you *legitimately* think that the Xbox One is nothing but a set top box with lots of lots of ads, please let me know and I’d be happy to present a proper counter-point as to why that’s not true.

      • Your counterpoint is? Seriously I am neither a fanboy or ignorant. My problem is that microsoft is using store resources to fulfill orders for go-pro.
        I do have an xbone. I have enjoyed both DR3 – killer instinct and COD. I am not a non-MS fanboy – if you care to search my hundreds of posts – I own thousands of games – I own many many systems – including cabinets and a pinball machine. I am neither ignorant or a fanboy. You however are ironic. Re-read your first post. Who is acting like a fan boy? Not I. Who is unable to fathom that I have an xbox and wish that MS resources fixed the MAJOR problems that I have navigating before taking an order for a go pro? You Sir are both aggressive AND ignorant. A dangerous combination. You seem to be putting both words and a back story to myself that is both fictitious and designed to accommodate your rhetoric. There are lots and lots of ads – I just want some resources utilised on OZ localisation and fixing a broken interface.

        • When I load up my Xbone I see hardly any ads, just the last thing I played in the main window and the last apps I used underneath. Then there’s 3 ads to the right. Not what I’d consider ‘lots and lots’ of ads.

          The xbox isn’t perfect, there’s a lot of things that aren’t up to snuff, but I don’t think ads are one of the things to gripe about.

        • Dude, they’re two different departments. Organizations don’t work by dumping all their resources onto one issue, while leaving their staff in other sectors, who are trained and employed for completely different reasons, out of work with nothing to do just so it doesn’t look like they’re priorities are out of whack.

          MS has already announced a major update is coming, but it seems like you’re getting upset because other things are being done while we wait for the update, because to you that means their priorities are bad?

          Calling the interface broken is a real exaggeration, things could be optimized and changed, but its hardly at a point where it doesn’t work at all.

          • Boy. I do realise that. Lad. Read the article. It is sarcastic. Here is MS advertising a f-ing youtube search engine when the user interface is ridiculous. It’s a huge step back from the 360 but you wouldn’t know that. Chum. Pal. Buddy.

      • To be fair, my friend has an XB1, and in the homescreen there are ads all over the shop. I don’t own a ps4 (yet) but you make a point that the Xbox1 isn’t a set top box with ads, which it isn’t, but it still has ads.

          • Just so we are clear “broken” means “doesn’t work” rather than “isn’t optimized for my exact preferences”, right?

          • It means it doesn’t work as advertised. In the case of the 360 it’s usability went backwards in direct proportion to the propogation of ads and the integration of US – centric kinect commands.

        • To be fair, I own an x1, there are only 3 ads to the right of the home screen under “featured”.

      • Oh by the way unlike you I own a 360 – still waiting for MS to deliver on some of their OZ promises there…. Perhaps if you had watched its dashboard get cluttered with advertising over the last few years you would understand. ..
        Also have a WiiU – still waiting to use the TV options. So it’s not just MS who promises the world…

          • I’m not defending anything. I said the post had a point. That it’s an ad masquerading as an ap. That currently it is a set top box – where are the Australian TV options that don’t come from the HDMI in? It does have lots of ads. You seem to be looking for an argument. Why? Currently it is a set top box with IMO too much emphasis on selling me stuff. Of course it will improve. Going around calling people fanboys and ignorant in an ignorant and fanboyish manner is ridiculous. I made a comment and you attacked me with -now edited – made up crap. Go look at the development of the 360 dashboard and it is quite apparent where the priorities lay.

          • Please, every time I log into my home screen on xbone I’m greeted with 3 adds on the right hand side with one of those adds always telling me to buy crimson dragon. If I press right a few times on the controller, I will be harassed by even more adds that are split into four categories. On my PS4 I’m greeted with my friends most recent activity and five and a half of my most recently used apps. Can confirm that xbone is full of adds.

  • @blackdahlianz Yeah, that’s what I was thinking, the only thing to the left is what you’ve pinned.

  • People here have missed the Fact GoPro’s are Sony’s camera’s and it feels weird that Microsoft is endorsing their direct competition. -.-

    Instead we got the old point your finger at the commentor and yell out “fanboy” to shame-them type posts.

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