South Park RPG Trailers Show Off Mr Hankey, Ginger Zombie Nazi Plague

South Park RPG Trailers Show off Mr. Hankey, Ginger Zombie Nazi Plague

Overnight, Ubisoft released three new trailers for South Park: The Stick of Truth. And... that's all you really need to know, actually. Let's dig in!

First, we have a TV spot. Perfect for increasing hype levels. Oh, and before you check, there are actually no new videos on the website. That reminder is just there for the TV folk.

In this trailer, we get to see a mysterious plague claim a hall monitor.

And finally, an old friend returns:

Not long now! The Stick of Truth, Obsidian's South Park RPG, hits PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 in just a month; March 4 in North America, March 6 in Australia, and March 7 in Europe.

Stick of Truth TV Spot, Ginger Nazi Zombie, Mr. Hankey Trailers [Ubisoft@YouTube]


    Did not think this would ever actually come out. Can't wait.

      Yeah, looks quality and should tide the fans nicely until commencement of the next season! Haha, Kenny still 'rolling' with princess get-up! Gold!

      Have to agree, I was expecting this to get knocked back yet again.

      Though now I have a conundrum, where to make my purchase. I can grab it from the HK drop shippers for around $50, but they are sometimes still Aussie copies, which I don't want thanks to the censoring (rather have all original content). Ordering from other places is alot more expensive.

    I can only get 2 games in march... The second one is a toss up between this and titanfall. I guess I'll wait until we see more before I decide.

      I don't know why anyone would be contemplating getting Titanfall when there won't be any Aussie servers.

    Purchased on Steam, even though it's censored, it'll be fine, the amendments to the game will always be funny like a small jab to the Aussie Board for being complete beeps even with R18+

    I lol'd pretty hard at that last trailer. Looking forward to this!

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