Star Command Is Currently Free On Android

Star Command Is Currently Free On Android

Star Command may have had a shaky development period (and release), but in the end, it turned out to be an OK game, even if it didn’t quite deliver on all its promises. If you’re the owner of an Android device and have been curious about the game, but not willing to dump coin on it, it’s available now for free.

Picked up by user shaunpud on OzBargain, you can grab Star Command via the Amazon App Store for absolutely nothing (well, except for whatever costs may be associated with the transfer of data from its place on the internet to yours).

The original price is $US2.99 — hardly bank-breaking, but nowhere near as good as what it costs right now.

Star Command [Amazon, via OzBargain]


    • it’s a bit of a wank to get it. I had to download the amazon app first, then reload the star command page on my pc, then have it sent to my account, then refresh the cloud storage on my app to finally download it lol. But it is still free,

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