Starbound Studio Possibly Working On New 'Open-World Pirate Game'

Starbound Studio Possibly Working on a New

On Starbound's official site, Tiy, Chucklefish Games head honcho and lead developer for the side-scrolling sandbox RPG, shared the team's plans for Starbound, Chucklefish themselves, and their upcoming second game. Yes, there's gonna be a second game. No, it won't affect Starbound's beta at all.

Tiy mostly talks about Starbound's future in the news post — specifically, how its progression system will work, how new game updates will be released, and in what ways multiplayer and mod support will evolve as the game itself nears completion. Make sure to have a look if you're in the beta, it's a fascinating read.

But even more interestingly, the post discusses the company's future as well. Apart from opening new offices in London and expanding their publishing business, it seems Chucklefish is also planning to do a completely new game. Here's Tiy:

We're going to be producing a second game along side Starbound, with an entirely new development team... This won't slow down the production of Starbound at all, worry not, I will be assisting in the design but we'll be working with entirely new developers. At the moment we're still in the stage where we're kicking around ideas, one that keeps popping up is a top down, open world, multiplayer pirate game.

Personally, I'm already looking forward to Piratebound. Or whatever else-bound they'll end up doing.

The future of Chucklefish and Starbound [Official Website]


    No, it won’t affect Starbound’s beta at all.
    Except that they're presumably taking money people have paid them to make Starbound and instead of using it to make Starbound they are spending it on some random new game.

    Which would be fine, except that based on my recent test of it Starbound is about 10% complete at the moment.

      Completely agree.

      Starbound's development still has a long way to go. Chucklefish needs to get it out of beta and actually COMPLETE IT before they start working on other projects.

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