Strider's 25-Year History In Just Five Minutes

Strider's 25-Year History In Just Five Minutes

In 1989, marking the start of the blue-clad ninja's two-and-a-half decade career, the first Strider game was released in arcades throughout Japan and North America. From then on, it was a road filled with cameos, curious localisation decisions, and slashed-up baddies.

To celebrate the upcoming reboot of the platformer series, Capcom lovingly crafted a short five-minute video, in which we get to see Strider (both the series and the character) gradually evolve into its modern version. It's a great watch if you're a fan, and also if you're new to this whole Strider thing and want to know what all the fuss is about. Take a look:

Strider: A Capcom Retrospective [[email protected]]


    Please get the right image for 1989??? Use the arcade image where it originated!

    Not the secondary half arsed ports!

    Despite my lack of progression with the game one of my fonder arcade memories. And C64, And Mega Drive, And PC.

    ^^ Same. Dont think I got past the second level.

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