Strike Suit Zero Transforms Into A PS4 And Xbox One Game

With fast paced action and mecha that transform into spaceships, there wasn't a lot not to like about Born Ready Games' Strike Suit Zero, and what little there was is being addressed in next month's Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Born Ready has polished up the textures, restructured the game's campaign, tweaked the lighting and added a couple of new Strike Suits. They're even tossing in the "Heroes of the Fleet" campaign for good measure.

Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut will be released for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 next month, with a PC version coming down the line. You can read more about it here, or just play with the giant robot.


    Oh damn, will be getting this on the ps4. LOVE this on the pc :D

      Hmm, it was on sale during one of my "I'm already a bit overdrawn, I'd better only buy the really sure thing games" periods in the last steam sale, might have to look it up when I get a PS4 myself.

    hmm, the original is on my "STEAM SALE MUST BUY EVERYTHING" pile of shame.
    might have to try it.

      It's really quite awesome, haven't played a space action game like it in a long time. Reminded me of a cross between Wing Commander and Omega Boost from the PS1.

        Did you ever play Robotech Battlecry? The videos made it look a bit like that which kind of got me interested

          Not yet. I wasns't sure about it at first, but when I started playing it I was really surprised at how fun it was. I make you earn your battlesuit, you have to start off in normal ships, then work your way up to the robot suit. This works really well.

            Well Battlecry was an xbox 1 era game (not Xbox One but Xbox 1, the 1st one, not the one called One), despite being clunky as hell in places it was really good and captured the feel of the show really well.

            I like the sound of the progression, I'll keep an eye on SSZ then

          Haha yeah, I was just thinking, looks like the space missions in robotech battlecry!

        I just want freelancer again... sigh.

          Star Citizen.

            Looks a bit too simmy to be a real replacement for freelancer

              No idea yet. Got my ps4 tonight!!!!! Got the last one at jb hifi lol. Some 20something grumbled at me for getting it lol. EB then gave me around 280 trade in on my 360 and a bunch of old games :D

              Got skylanders swapforce for liam. Got killzone and nfs for me and paid off second son premium collectors ed :D

              Plus.... THE PS4 IS SOOOOOOOO LOVELY TO USE!!!!!!

                May I just say that you're a bastard and I hate you?

                Oh well, I do want killzone but it's in the "I'll play it when I play it" category, the first PS4 game I really want is Second Son so I've got a month before I need to be really annoyed at not having a PS4 and sony have another month to think up a reason to not remove HDCP

                Last edited 21/02/14 1:08 am

    whoo, something for my hungry PS4, poor thing is starving.

    Woohoo this and titanfall should cover my mech needs.......unless chromehounds 2 comes out.

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