Super Mario Bros. And Battlefield 4 Make Sweet Music Together

Gunstep is a new video series that uses Battlefield 4's gun noises and attempts to recreate Mario's music with them.

Actually, that might be a bit generous. It's more like the gunshots just punctuate the music but shiiii... it's still pretty cool!

It seems to be the first in a series. The second one, based on Zelda, is far, far rougher and not of the same quality, but just in case you're interested, you can check it out here.

Via Zelda Universe


    It was alright, but it would've been interesting to hear it without SMW's track playing simultaneously. They should've had another layer of gunfire for Yoshi's drum beat as well.

    disappointed. i came here expecting a mashup of B4 with mario's sound and music

    Psh. I've been listening to gunstep since Tchaikovsky.

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