Taiwan's Zany Animation House Weighs In On EVE's Huge Throwdown

Ah, there you are. I was wondering when EVE Online's insane space battle would catch the attention of Next Media Animation — aka the Taiwanese cartoon shop regularly pumping out videos of controversies and calamities in the West.

The video fixates on the missed rent payment, literally, that started the hostilities on Monday, which is part of why the battle was so transfixing to non-EVE players. But just having thing recounted in Mandarin — which even if I don't speak it, I detect a disbelieving tone — makes it funnier, too.

Epic online battle causes real world money losses [NMA World Edition on YouTube]


    As funny as that is, they REALLY need to do a bit of research before they can call them self a news serves. lol

    Except their saying he missed a real money payment, which he didn't, it was virtual currency. which is a big enough inaccuracy to make this crap not worth watching, tbh this video is not funny in the slightest. humour with factual inaccuracy just does not work.

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