Tale Of The Tape: How Punch-Out!!’s Pugilist Performs In Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros.‘ inclusion of the Slight White Hope — aka Little Mac of Punch-Out!! raises several interesting questions, from how his natural brawling skills will help him in the game to how his short stature might hinder him. Here to answer it all is GameXplain, with a detailed breakdown of the latest trailer.

Seriously, there’s a lot of information revealed in Smash Bros.’ Little Mac trailer, involving his standard and special attacks. The original video was two minutes long; this one is eight minutes and shows you a lot more.


  • I love how Developers don’t need to make indepth character trailers that much anymore, fans’ll do it for them. More time to work on the game, I suppose. 😀

    • I prefer it this way to be honest, at least with the smash bros games, as I like to find out about the new characters and mechanics as I play. The teasers are just a nice little tease to tie me over until the release. But as this is a in development pre-release trailer, most of the analysis (like the lengthy analysis on the side/down smash) can only be speculation, as nintendo often change particle effects and tweak animations during game development for balance.. Although I guess it’s nice to see people so enthusiastic about it.

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