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    Clean fresh TAY, and I get to write in it first!

    EDIT: Dammit!

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    The countdown continues. 36 days.

    Dark Souls 2 may get DLC. There are no concrete plans for it at this stage, and Takeshi Miyazoe says that any additional content will depend upon fan reaction. I’d probably be up for it.

    Grist for the rumour mill: Amazon lists the PC release date as May 31

    Another write-up of an early build of the game at ExpertReviews. Probably no new info there, but it’s always good reading about folks’ experiences.
    They go into some detail about enemy AI, which I found interesting. Also, it seems that you begin the game entirely defenceless, and have to dodge enemies for a while until you find some equipment. They don’t want you to be confused about what kind of game it is. :P

    *falls down twitching*
    ... good thing I bought some adult nappies. I’m ready.

      This is making it hard to justify waiting for the PC release.

        How so?

        If it was releasing on PS4 and/or XBone I'd understand that but why bother with a last-gen game if it's also getting a PC port and your PC's good enough to run it?

          Because I want to take part in the communal discovery.

      I should get my wiggle on and complete the first one

        I'm currently trying to get through the first one, because "Damn you Mark." This is my third attempt, but gotten further than my previous attempts.

          If you're ever stuck and need help there's more than a few people here who have played WAY too much of it and will tell you what to do regardless if you want them to or not.

            I'm using a wiki of sorts off and on. Still doing most of the exploring myself. Really loving the experience. Just got past those really annoying archers in Anor Londo. On the way to Anor Londo's boss.

            Hmmmm. Is it worth trading in my +10 Butcher Knife, a weapon I've come to love for the Golem Axe you can make from the Boss' soul? I want to make some Boss soul weapons but I REALLY like this blade.

              Stick with the butchers knife.
              The only benefit of the Golem Axe over it is the unique wind attack, which is pretty cool admittedly.
              But the Butchers Knife has the same damage when max upgraded on the standard path, hp steal, is a bit faster and can be Lightning/Fire enchanted which is quite OP. (I recommend lightning)

              Honestly the boss soul weapons pale in comparison to a good enchanted weapon generally.

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                Thanks for the feedback.

                I have noticed the Boss weapons don't seem to be as strong, but I just wanted the novelty of using one now and then. Just not at the cost of my knife. Have reached the enchanting blacksmith. Putting some consideration into the lighting enchantment.

                Mark's virus is heavily contagious and bound to reach pandemic proportions. My brother doesn't even read Kotaku and this strain has resulted in him hijacking my 360 to play it. Damn you, Mark.

                  Haha, is good stuff.
                  Maybe upgrade a boss weapon of a style different to your axe like a fast sword or a shield.
                  If you are using a wiki it's good for looking that kinda stuff up.

      May? What happened to the PC version being within a month of the console version? Was that before they decided to put some actual effort into this port?

      I'd take the same approach to DS2 DLC that I take with all games DLC, if it's a significant story expansion I'll buy it, if it's a smaller story expansion and cheap I might buy it, if its anything else I probably won't unless it's somehow unique

    We have stuff now in Dubbo and have started unpacking. The important stuff is already sorted.

    Also tea.

    Now for things like clothes and furniture.


    the thing with arsenal is that they always try to walk it in

    "It's a good match-up, you know? 'ultimate offense' (broncos) against the 'ultimate defense' (seahawks) team."

    "I'm going for the Broncos because of 'Peyton Manning.'"

    "I like the Seahawks because of 'Russell Wilson.'"

    "Man, they're going to play outside in crazy conditions, huh?"

    "That 'Richard Sherman' sure is a dick, huh?"

    (Insert marijuana joke here)

    "Bruno Mars and The Red Hot Chili Peppers are the half-time show. That's uh, a thing, huh?"

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      every year I mean to do a Superbowl party. Every year I forget it's the first weekend of Feb

        I wish it was the last weekend in January. The first week of the month is extremely difficult for me because I have twice the reports to prepare at work. Makes it that much harder to take a day off. The only way I'd be able to swing it would be if my team (I'm from / my family is in New Hampshire) made the big game.

        Instead, Foxtel is recording the game for me to watch when I get home. Just need to stay off social media for the next 9 hours.

    So with karaoke Pax meat we have the option of (aside from Karaoke) of Bowling, Laser tag, Pool or billards and galactic circus.
    Bowling, Laser tag and galactic circus are included in the package, so you can choose one or the other.

    Also, I need to start knowing who is coming and what they would prefer.

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      I will be there!

      For Sydney TAYbies, Galactic Circus is basically Galaxy World (minus bumper cars).

      And because I'm helpful, I would be happy with all of the above, but preference is either bowling or laser tag. Probably leaning towards laser tag.

      I'll be there (for yooooou, when the rain-ok I'll stop).

      Happy with any choice, though probably leaning towards bowling or laser tag more.

      I'll be there.

      Much prefer bowling or laser tag. As to which it depends on how many games you get. If 1 bowling would be the better value. If 3 laser tag wouldn't stretch and drag so much.

      On the phone it cuts out the L in pool making it say Poo hehe.

      Also I'm happy with all the above but if I have to choose id go laser tag

      what weekend scree?

        31st October - 2nd November

          ah pax weekend... im in a delicate position at the moment... i really want to go to PAX, but 31st October is also my wedding anniversary....

          i swear the organisers must have it in for me.... last year it was on my wifes birthday.... we still went, but felt absolutely horrible...

          may potentially take the week of the 3rd off and go away with missus for our anniversary AND go to PAX guilt free!! \o/

            But Zetrok, the 31st is my birthday so you have to come. How else will I know you love me.


      I'll be there!

      Either bowling or laser tag is good for me. If I have to pick one: bowling. Because then I don't have to move as much. :P

      I'm not a huge fan of Galactic Circus as they lack any of the cool arcade games I grew up with. It's all late-90s stuff and a million broken installations of Daytona and a bunch of broken light gun games.

      Personally I'd lean toward bowling as an activity, because it's fairly easy and you can sit and chat between goes and stuff. Laser Tag might be a bit much after a full on day at PAX.

        Yeah. Please understand that both are available. Choose bowling or laser tag. half the group (or whoever chooses to) can bowl and the rest laser tag

        Yeah that's a point. After a couple of full days of pax laser tag might be a bit full on.
        Although that said a few drinks and some smack talk could get the bravado up.

          Last time I did 3 laser tag sessions on the trot I nearly passed out. Though I'm a bit fitter now than I was back then, I'm also a fair bit older.

          Probably 1 round would be fine, maybe 2, but I wouldn't want to do more than that even if my PAX is spent mainly the way that the last one was, sitting down playing bored games.

      I'll be there! Tough to decide what I'd prefer though.. so I'm gonna go with laser tag since I've never actually done it.

      I'm against laser tag because after a day of PAX I'm pretty sure I'll be stuffed :P

        Bowling then? You don't have to do laser tag

          Yeah, bowling's nice and low-impact. Just in giving preferences, I'm up for anything that's not on the physically intensive side of things.

            You don't even have to bowl if you don't want to. I'm not going to force you!
            I will still be in cosplay most likely so, I have no idea what I want to do

    I'm sure there's supposed to be a legal limit of standing passengers on buses that the drivers disregard every single morning. Also, people are ridiculous in trying to cram themselves in when the bus is already clearly full.

    This week's started out a doozy

      and now the driver's lane weaving through traffic...still not as bad as the time a bus driver did a u-turn in the city because he went the wrong way

        bus driver just knocked over a roadsign because he was getting impatient with the traffic and hopped a curb. Ironically the sign was a "bus only" sign

          Now worse than the time one did a U-turn?

            I reckon I might have a new winner. I was on a bus a few months ago though that I think went down the side of a parked car. I didn't see what actually happening but a fair few people on the bus started shouting at the driver...who proceeded to drive off like nothing happened

          Is he driving with a keyboard? Sounds like me in GTA4 before I got a controller

            he probably got drunk with his cousin and played some shaky hands darts before climbing into the driver seat. Either that or he just hates Mondays more than the average person

      On the other side, the people who are standing that don't want to walk beyond the backdoor are giant jerks. It means the bus driver thinks the bus is completely full when there is often plenty of space further back.

        I don't want to generalise (actually I do), but Asian students are the worst I've found when it comes to bus etiquette, They'll jump to the front of the queue, not give up their seat for elderly people, sit in the aisle seat when the window seat is free and instead of getting up to either let you sit down or get off they'll just swivel round and still make you crawl around them, and yeah, they'll stand next to the doors at the back. Lots of other people do the same things, but they seem to be the serial offenders

          Depends on country I guess, because Japanese living in Japan definitely don't do that.

    I'm so glad they've patched BF4 again. I don't like playing with things like sound effects. That's just a distraction.

    So now I'm just logging in every day to get my free battlepack. The game is unplayable. This HAS to be the worst launch of a game ever now.

      Rome 2 :-P I hear the latest patch has made things worse again. I haven't had a chance to see what it's like myself

      You on PC or console? I know on Xbone it's very temperamental now. You'll join one server which is silky smooth, then the next map loads and it's all gone wrong and laggy. Or sometimes you join and it's just screwed from the get go.

      I consider myself a pretty experienced BF player (900 hours on BF3, 200 on BF4 so far) and without trying to be biased, I don't think the game is in such a bad state as people make it out to be (I can only comment on the Xbone version). Yes, it's god damn annoying when you're having a ripper of a round and then get dashboarded, yes the lag is horrific, yes and yes and yes. DICE are actually listening and have been actively working their way through it all. I don't wanna sound like a fanboy but, i dunno, in my experience so far a launch title on a new console with much higher server requirements and stuff, I think it's doing pretty well.

      (As I was writing that, it made me realize that BF4 on PC has NO excuses to not be running perfectly. So fo you PC guys out there, you have my sympathy, cause that's some horseshit right thur.)

    Hope your Mondays are as painless as possible everyone!
    Just want to say thanks to @scree for helping me get a 20cm statue of PulseFire Ezreal (Though in the shop it was actually named Terminator Yizeruier... wut? :P). It looks amazing and was well worth getting. I'll post some pics on it when I get home later today.
    Also Optus I hate you so much. My modem has been seeming to be rebooting on its own at least once a night, but last night my patience has seriously run out when my modem did it 3 times in under an hour. We've got a replacement but it won't work without calling Optus so I have to wait till my family decides it's worth their precious time to do :(. I can't risk playing online with others until its fixed and I guess I'm sticking to single player games for more time than usual.

      Terminator Yizeruier! \o/

    I'm back!
    And about to drop my son off for his first day ever of school. :(

    I'll do a huge write-up of the cruise today or tomorrow if anyone's interested.

      How'd the drop off go? DID YOU CRY? DID HE CRY? D:

        She wouldn't have cried until he was out of sight. Then she would remember all the games she can now play and skipped back to the car.

        NEITHER OF US CRIED! But Mr. Strange did. :P
        I was emotional, but he was so happy to be going to school at last and settled in so well straight away that it was impossible to be sad.
        I think on Wednesday which is when my husband goes back to work it'll be different. It'll be the first time I drop my son off and then come home to an empty house so it'll probably sink in then.

        So yeah, do you want to be my surrogate son on Wednesday for lunch, DC? I may need some company. :)

          Sure! Sounds like fun, Strange! :D

          I'll clear some space in my schedule.

          *looks at empty schedule, decisively nods*


          Aw, poor Mr. Strange. :'(

      I don't wanna read it :( I'll read it and be spiteful :P

    My weekend was the tits,Like i dont think any other weekend in the near future will top it. AH delightful memories.

      Was so cool seeing you, man. Was a great weekend for me too and I didn't even go to Laneway. Haha!

    RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman =/

    Man, he is one of my favourite actors ever. I even liked him in Synedoche New York.

    Why I hate Australian media:

    Headline: Abuse claims hit Cate's Oscar hopes

    A man is accused of sexually abusing a child and all the SMH says in its headline is that it impacts Cate Blanchetts chance at an Oscar?? How self absorbed is this country that they think this is appropriate?

      Because Australian media is as self absorbed, if not more actually, than American media. At least American media is unashamed in being pro-American, but Aussie media, ok Murdoch media, has to make a point out of highlighting when an actor/musician/writer is Australian and how great they are. And yeah, the Australian celebrity culture will often get in the way of actual news which is why I completely stopped reading any Murdoch print

      It's also unpatriotic cuz it's not an only-good news story about Tony Abbott

        Don't you understand? Tony Abbot IS Australia. He's the physical avatar of the Australian spirit.

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          The only smuggling allowed in this country is Tony Abbot's budgies.

          Abbot, and by extension the government. Criticism of Abbot/gov is criticism of Australia, and criticism of Australians is UNAUSTRALIAN, so stop doing it, you... Australians. Wait. But if.. *head explodes*

      I think you might be confusing "this country" with "bullshit pedalling hack-rags desperate to push any narrative that sells a paper because they know that sensationalism and celebrity are the only flickers of hope they have left in their pathetic, dying industry" which is all we have for newspapers anymore.

      I have a feeling that if you told a hundred random Australians that there was a pretty strong accusation of child molestation against Barry one of the drivers from Australia Post, their first reaction isn't going to be "Holy shit, how will this affect Cheryl who works in the sorting office? They catch the same bus to work!!"

    I need internet medical advice!

    I dislocated my right shoulder 2 weeks ago, popped out below the socket. I was wondering if any of ya'll out there have done yours and what was it like once fully healed? Does it pop out at the drop of a hat? Are you sick of dropping your hat? maybe you should wear a doo-rag?

      Once you do it once i know it is quite common to come out easier but it all depends, as always consult your doctor for medical advice because i deal with electronics all day and the chances that anyone's opinions other than @freyr is correct is pretty slim.

      Internet medical advice is the worst advice. All the advice I give is that you'll be able to escape from straight jackets (if Lethal Weapon is to be believed)

        I am aware of it's lets say, over-exaggerations :p

      I have a PHD in internet medical advice and need to inform you that you are probably pregnant.

        I have an alternative PhD in medical internet advice and I argue that @woods is likely to die from this ailment

          According to WebMD, your symptoms include: Shoulder pain, tenderness, swelling.
          You have cancer.

      With that sort of hat knowledge you should stop worrying about your shoulder and start playing more TF2.

      A guy at school dislocated his shoulder routinely when playing footy. I don't know if it was a good idea or not, but the coach would always just pop it back in for him. He was always in incredibly pain at the time, but he sucked it up and wandered over to get fixed up.

      Every couple weeks, man. That can't be good for you. I don't know if there is a permanent fix or if having that happen so often had permanent, negative consequences, but by god he was a big fella and we needed him for the team.

      ...Actually that's quite worrying now I think about it, I hope he's OK.

        I think my sister mentioned her boyfriend did it once. And apparently popping it in yourself is a really really bad idea because it's possible to catch a major blood vessel when you do it and die of internal bleeding. Totally not terrifying at all :P

      The only person I know that dislocated his shoulder required surgery to fix it and stop it popping out and then had to have about six weeks of rehabilitation to strengthen the joint back up. Lots of swimming was involved I think.

      Don't ask people on the internet. Go have a professional medical examination. If it's popping out regularly you might have ligament damage that will not heal easily on its own if you just leave it.

      *raises hand*

      I slipped over in the rain, right shoulder popped right out, then relocated itself by itself with a sickening crunch. Not fun.

      I did physio for a while. I found out I have a depression in the top of my bone where it sits flush with the socket which is supposed to make it more likely to pop out again, but it hasn't happened since the incident. That was about a year ago.

        Good to hear, When the doctor told me they calculate the chance of it popping out again as 100 minus your age, so 77% in my case, i was like uhhhhhh.....

        I had to go to hospital for mine, no one at the time knew how to pop it in. It popped out below the socket, which is worse than to the side or above apparently. Then of course, they couldn't get it back in at the hospital. 3 doctors later, alot of happy gas and alot of roaring in pain on my part, they came to the conclusion they'd have to knock me out to do it.

        Woke up with it back in place and in a sling, and with a slight graze on my right hip that look suspiciously like a shoe sole. I guess it was being stubborn.

        Thank you to all the highly qualified E-Doctors ;D

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    Well, this is how my morning has gone so far:

    Friday night we had work drinks because it was pay day and a co-workers birthday the day before

    Me: "Morning"
    Co-worker: "Morning."
    M: "How was your weekend?"
    CW: "Not too bad, how'd you pull up Saturday morning?"
    M: "Yeah, pretty good. You?"
    CW: "Yeah, little groggy. What time did you leave on Friday night?"
    M: "I'm not too sure....wh-where you there?"
    CW: "Yeah. We spoke about [TOPIC] for like, 20 minutes"
    M: "...we did?"
    CW: "Yes, yes we did."
    M: "Well then..."

    Repeat 3 times with 3 different co-workers.

      You didn't actually go did you?

        Based on the photos that I've seen I was or I have a doppelganger or evil twin.

        Unless, maybe, I'm the evil one...

          That depends. Were you the left, or "sinister" twin? If so, I've got some fish heads with your name on 'em.

          Can there be triplets, with a grey/neutral? Because I dunno, man... If I'm the evil twin/doppleganger, then I am VERY disappointed in myself in being so 'Evil Lite'.
          On the other hand, If I'm the 'good' twin, then I am motherfucking terrified of the evil one.

            You might be one of those people with a conjoined twin inside you! The evil twin is there but counteracted by the good

    This morning this arrived from @f4ction which made Monday morning work even worse then usual. Oh well, I can spend all my time at work deciding which one to play. I has a pretty cool weekend, I beat Guacamelee and Broken Age (Act 1). Both very good games, although the last boss in Quacamelee is all kinds of frustrating if you are colour blind. Broken Age could have gone for longer, then again it's an episodic thing so more will come.

    I also got to mess around with an Oculus Rift that my brother never told me he bought. Got to play some of the free games / programs for it. I got to try out; 2 Roller Coaster simulator thingies, a dungeon exploration thingie, a deep ocean / getting eaten by shark simulator and a broken skiing simulator! 'Twas a lot of fun.

    I also watched a couple episodes of an anime called Oda Nobuna ... SomethingShutupItsGotALongName. Basically it's a re telling of the Sengoku period / Nabunaga ambition history of Japan but all characters are replaced by teenage girls with huge boobs because, Japan.

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      Also i watched a anime about jousting school and they were all females with big boobs. Must of made wearing armor uncomfortable.

        A character's boobs jiggle through her full plate armour. It's hypnotic ... and makes no sense.

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      Actually, now that I think about it, I recall @gorzilla talking about it a while ago.

      Last edited 03/02/14 9:37 am

      *DROOLS*... slowed down a fair bit with my mega drive game collection....need to get back into it...

      Oda Nobuna no Yabou / Nobuna's Ambition. That was a surprisingly entertaining show which I went into expecting to be complete trash. There's one or two Sengoku-period anime series every six to nine months and they're often terrible. Especially the Sengoku-only-all-the-generals-are-girls subgenre. But that one worked pretty well.

        That's good to hear. I think I watched the first two episodes and enjoyed them. Got a few chuckles out of them so I will probably watch all the way through.

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        Yeah I kinda found it fairly enjoyable. Not brilliant by any stretch of the imagination but enjoyable. I think it was partly because I twas on a Shogun 2: total war binge at the time as well.

    Howdy Tayberinos.

    I feel like I'm recovering from an autopsy. damned heat.

    I had a busy weekend- went to Inside Llewyn Davis on Friday (enjoyable enough, but it's very much a character study), went down to Brighton saturday night for fish & chips, and yesterday went to both a work barbecue (tried the hottest chili sauce I've ever eaten) and the Magic the Gathering prerelease (went 1-3, unfortunately the 1 was me tromping over a friend of mine).

    A monday morning question: WHY IS IT SO FUCKING HOT What is your favourite desert setting in a video game? I think mine would have to be the desert from Journey

      So many great ones to choose from.

      I really dug the desert in Secret of Mana. I loved the scope of it, that it was really easy to get lost in it. Blew my mind when I was a kid.

      I also liked the Tattooine level in Super Star Wars :P

      The desert in Uncharted 3 had potential to be just as amazing, but they decided to make it largely cinematic instead, so it gets a dishonourable mention.

      I haven't played Journey.

        Uncharted 3 spoilers:

        Still the horse riding? The plane set piece? The abandoned ruined city?
        Sure was purdy.

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          For sure. There was plenty to like about that game! :)


      Gold Saucer/Corel Prison in FF7, just to be fanboying :P but my actual favourite is Red Dead Redemption

      Spec Ops: The Line, but only because I spent half the time inside buildings. I normally can't stand desert levels in video games.

        That game was insanely beautiful and creative. Loved the contrast from desert to city.

      Easily Beyond: Two Souls.

      Loved that entire Navajo chapter. The sense of isolation. The beautiful, sprawling terrain. The spooky mythology. Was amaaaaazing.

        Tattooine in Knights of the Old Republic was all kinds of fun too.

      I really like sections of Spec ops: The line. Not really the shoot the glass and see the sand fall but just the bits were you "climb" a wall by walking up a sand dune.

      Pretty much all of Zool on the Amiga

      Hang on, did you say desert or dessert?

      I can't think of any desert areas in games that I've particularly enjoyed. Generally Desert areas are crappy.

      OoT, because Gerudo Valley has the best music ever.

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    Nothing to see here.

    *slowly backs away*

    Last edited 03/02/14 9:44 am

      I wanna see it, muuuuuuuuuuum he won't let me see what it was

    Handy. Some interesting points near the end that some people may not realise.

      That was everything I expected it to be, and it still made me laugh :D

    Oh man, what a great weekend. Was excellent meeting @bdkiaf and seeing @rocketman again and it's always amazing hanging out with the Brisbane folks. You guys are awesome.

    Once again, sorry for the drunkenness. D:

      Dude i was waaaaay drunker than you were.
      apologize for nothing

        I don't know if this is the burden of the drunk guy, but you guys all seemed completely sober to me. :D

        You're awesome man! Hope you enjoyed the trip!

      Dude, when everyone else was either as drunk or drunker you really don't need to apologise. You were certainly in a better state than @sughly on our trip home.

        I had a deep and meaningful conversation with Jimu about kids and marriage on our way home. XD You live up to the hype, man! I thought you'd be all scary and intimidating, but you're awesome and kind and cool to hang with. Thanks man!

        Btw, I DM'd everyone who was there a link to my SkyDrive where I'm sharing photos from the night if you haven't seem them.

        Last edited 03/02/14 10:12 am

          Haha, scary and intimidating in appearance only for sure.

          Oh man, they're amazing.

            I find this one hypnotic:


              Oh man, yes.

              There were various parts through the night I could see you groovin' away out of the corner of my eye.

              Love it.

        That was my favorite thing that ever happened.
        He was amazing.

          The guy's awesome, drunk AND sober! :D

          Sughly doesn't handle excessive amounts of alcohol very well and it's fantastic.

            I think you guys are exaggerating! He was fine when I left? Maybe!

            Last edited 03/02/14 10:22 am

              Apparently he felt like he was falling behind in drinking and attempted to catch up which probably wasn't the best idea.

                He's a team player, no one can say otherwise! :D

    Would you believe it, but junior Quiz_b broke (read: dribbled and chewed on) Mrs Quiz_b's WiiFit Plus disc. I had to locate a new one.

    The only place that had one that wasn't bundled with a Wii or the balance board stuff? Big W.
    I bought a video game from Big W.

    I feel dirty, ashamed and like I need to atone.

      @dc got a PS4 from Big W the filthy whore.

        *D.C.'s sister got a PS4 and I'm a mooching mofo who lives with my sister. :P

          @dc let his sister get a PS4 from Big W the filthy whore (@dc, not his sister. I have no evidence that suggests his sister doesn't shower or exchanges money for sexual services).

            Does the 'W' in Big W stand for 'Whore'?

              Ah, it takes an outsider to see these things!

              Well done, Englishman.

                I made my funny for this week's TAY, and so early as well. You can look forward to 6.75 days of failed attempts to be amusing from here on in

              I always thought it was for Waste as in "why did I come in here looking for something even slightly obscure, what a..."

                Oh, I don't know... I like to occasionally roam the stores like Target or Myer to check and see what games they've got on the shelves for PC. They usually have some awesome blast from the past from like 2008, still retailing for its release price.

                  Woah a copy of the original Command And Conquer, and for only *bows dust off the pricetag* 80 bucks!

      What's wrong with buying games from Big W?

      They often have them cheap (usually the best introductory price these days) and have a pretty good selection in stock. I've bought loads of games from them.

        Conformist poser!

        I would probably buy from Big W if they were cheapest on games, too. They're like... just down the road from JB and probably the only reason I don't buy from them is because 99% of my annual game purchases are PC games. Which, y'know... ALL HAIL STEAM. PRAISE THE GABEN.

        Realistically they're really quite good if you have what I like to call Top 40 Taste, if you want something popular, new and common then they'll likely have it and quite cheap but as soon as you get slightly out of the mainstream their utility as a viable store diminishes rapidly.


    give me some ideas of what to do while I'm up here, looking at all the sydneysiders..I know there's a few of you!

      Go hug red pandas at the zoo,
      go to kinokuniya, its a massive book shop
      go eat awesome food
      Go for a walk in the botanic gardens
      check out the modern art gallery its good for a laugh

        First time I went to the Museum of Contemporary Art, there was a light bulb glued to a lemon. No idea what the artist was trying to communicate with that, but whatever. Perhaps it was some reflection on Volta's first battery?

        Second time I went to the MCA, I got kicked out.

        Third time I went to the MCA, I managed to convince my then-girlfriend & several strangers that an air-conditioning vent was part of the exhibition.

        Anyway. It's a good place.

        Can you actually hug them? We plan to go to the zoo later this week

      -Go to Kinokuniya
      -Buy things
      -Cry because you can no longer afford to do anything else

      EDIT: Monday morning spelling

      Last edited 03/02/14 10:50 am

        Where is this kinokuniya place?

          The Galleries Victoria.

          It's across the road from the Queen Victoria Building.

          Which is right near Town Hall station.

          Which can be accessed by any city circle trains.

    Watching episodes of Home and Away from the early 80's is fascinating. It's like I'm a kid around my family again with the fashion and decor. There's actors who are still in it 30 years later. The overwrought soap opera music that kicks in at the smallest issue is fantastic. Makes someone running late sound like an apocalyptic event.

      The only things I remember about my years of watching Home and Away as a kid are Alf, Kate Richie's leaked sex tape, the fact that Kate Richie returned to Home and Away after failing to build a career elsewhere (which is much more classy that Melissa George bitching and moaning that people in Australia still think of her as Angel) and that scene where Dieter Brummer's character died, which in in all honesty probably the last episode of that show I ever saw. Boy, what ever happened to Dieter Brummer?

      *checks IMDB*

      Very little it seems at least until around 2009 when he had something of a resurgence. I do remember him in Underbelly though, now that I've been reminded. But hey, I remembered him. That's something.

      Last edited 03/02/14 10:37 am

        you have more (fond?) memories of the show than I did. The only thing I remember is that freakish ghost coming out of the fridge.

        I also should've paid far more attention to the show when I was growing up. According to Facebook, Alf was quite the foulmouthed character. I believe everything that's on the Facebooks

          Alf was foul-mouthed for his time, at least for TV. He was "bloody" this and "flamin'" that constantly. There's probably a generation of Australians who grew up thinking "flamin'" was the elusive F-word their parents always hinted at.

    Finally finished Tomb Raider on 360 over the weekend afterp icking it up in a sale over 6 months ago. Great game. I don't know if it was really groundbbreaking but it was enjoyable and solid with very few flaws in the gameplay. I'm a few hidden collectibles away from 100%ing the single player. Shame that about a quarter of the gamerscore is dedicated to multiplayer achievements though, so it'll never make it onto me completed games tab. :(

    So as ridiculous as it sounds, I think I'll pick up the Definitive Edition on the Xbone and enjoy it all over again with higher res graphics!

    That was my weekend in a nutshell. I reckon I'll try and go back to Assassin's Creed Revelations next. I want to finish that and at least TRY AC3 before moving onto AssPirates.

    Last edited 03/02/14 10:34 am

      I had it on PS3 and never really played it.

      Been playing through the DE on PS4 and wondering what the hell took me so long.

        My wife doesn't understand why they'd release a remaster a year later, but I think there's a lot of people who forgot about this great game without playing it, even people who bought it and never got around to it. I think it was the hype around the Definitive Edition that finally pushed me into playing it, and now I want to buy it again. Good move by Square Enix, if you ask me.

      Shame that about a quarter of the gamerscore is dedicated to multiplayer achievements though, so it'll never make it onto me completed games tab. :(

      I hate this sort of thing so much. They shoehorn an unnecessary multiplayer mode in so they can sell crappy DLC for it and then tie a bunch of achievement points to that mode. And then no one actually plays the Multiplayer so you even if you wanted to get those achievements you probably can't. :\

        I heard the multipalyer was actually pretty good and the achievements aren't *that* unreasonable, but the problem is the game is a year old and I don't want to re-up my gold sub. We made the decision that since I can theoretically piggyback off my wife's gold sub on the Xbone when decent multiplayer games for that start coming out, I don't need to pay for a seperate one anymore. I did temporarily pay fro Gold when GTAV came out but I wound up really disliking the multipalyer (once I finally got in) and didn't play it. I won't repeat that mistake in pursuit of 250 gamerscore that I probably won't get anyway. :/

      Multiplayer achievements shit me to tears and need to die in a fire. And other popular internet terms of vitriol.

    So Melbourne is a pretty cool city. Flew down there for the weekend to see CHVRCHES. I was lucky enough to meet them and have them sign a vinyl record for me. I told the singer I had a massive crush on her, she giggled, I melted.

    Great day :)

      Oh man, so great. Saw them in Brisbane over the weekend. They did a signing and I totally regret not lining up for it now.

      i hate you,
      i also saw them but was too chicken to go and get stuff signed and tell her i wanted to be beside her forever.

        Probably for the best you didn't, then. That's the kind of thing that can get you arrested!

        I thought about confessing my undying steps first.

        She's so tiny!

        Guys, guys. Dont mean to be a party pooper, but she has talked a lot about not liking all the comments she gets from guys. Just sayinnnnnn

          No idea who she was. Looked her up and :/

          I know exactly what she'd be getting. Creepy obsessives.

          Party pooper
          I would question if she dislikes guys making comments like that one Riley make to her face. Like Freeze I had to look her up and I think it is more the offensive online comments that she would have a problem with. Which from the sound of them are super offensive.
          I'm not sure but turning up to sign stuff you are expected to get people who adore you. That's kind of the whole point.

            Yeah, perhaps. I'd just imagine that she might prefer hearing something about the music rather than her personally though. Those online comments as you say have been a big issue for her, and hearing stuff in person thats specifically about liking her may or may not invoke that issue for her. S'all I'm sayin.

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