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    If your local EB has a copy of (edit: sexbox360) Catherine in stock (currently on sale for $8), I would dearly love a copy. Happy to pay all costs and/or trade for games in my POS.

    Also, seeking feedback on this image, please. Currently tentatively planned as the logo for my Kickstarter campaign. I need something that’ll pop in thumbnail form as well as being engaging enough at full-size.

    Finally, @dc, have you read Under The Dome? I’m getting through it now. Currently only about halfway through it (which is absolutely the wrong point to be reviewing a Stephen King book), but so far, it’s what The Stand should have been. It must have been really goddamned hard to adapt it for TV, though. Five hundred pages in, and only four days have passed. I haven’t seen the show, but I can see why it didn’t come out so good. Also, Brian K Vaughan totally got mentioned in the book – guess Stephen King is actually a fan of his.

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      I will inspect today and let you know.

      the image looks great, dunno how it'd translate to a thumbnail, still great though

      I have read Under the Dome! I was a fan!

      I like the picture too!

        Thought you probably would have. It took a little bit of getting into, but right now, I'm having big trouble putting it down.

          Whatever you do, don't watch the show afterwards. :D

            did you not like it or because it doesn't follow the book exactly?

              I just thought it was terribly written in general. I wouldn't mind the changes if they weren't so damn terrible too. Easily the worst show I've watched in a long, long time and seriously makes me apprehensive to read any thing else from Brian K. Vaughan.

                He's the best comics writer in the business. And that's just a fact. He's at his best when he's working on his own creations. Another fact. (His DC work and Buffy work were pretty average at best)

                Doesn't sound like his skills translate well to TV, though. I haven't seen any of his Lost eps or Under The Dome, but no one seems to be raving about either one the way they do his comics.

                  Yep, like his original comics.

                  Only superhero one I dug was Logan.
                  It ain't really a superhero thing.

                I've not really heard of Brian K. Vaughan and looking up his imdb, I'm not a fan of Lost and haven't picked up a comic in however many years but it looks like I won't be going out of my way to follow his work.

                The first few episodes were good, although I thought people seemed to panic and over-react too quickly but that's the downside to tv as a medium for telling a story, you need to rush into the action or you end up the same way as Caprica. Seeing how different people reacted was good and finding out people's different secrets was fun, although sometimes a tad predictable. I thought Junior was a terrible character with really shitty motives from the word go and my annoyance and eventual hatred for the female cop (forget her name) just grew throughout the series. The second half of the season just got silly as do most King adaptations when they get round to the 'weird' supernatural stuff that never translates well from book to tv/film and so I started to lose interest.

                If it was more about people interacting with each other and showing them coping with being stuck instead of jumping straight into everyone's secrets coming out from day one and everyone having an agenda against each other it would've been better imo, but as above I'm guessing the pacing of the show is very different to the book judging by what Shane said about it being day 4 500 pages in. Saying that I still enjoyed it. Probably won't be rushing back to watch it like I do with shows like TNG or the X Files though

                  You're missing out. Runaways, Y: The Last Man, Ex Machina and the amazing, amazing SAGA are all brill.

                Read SAGA and you'll realise where he was putting all of his awesome.

                  I'll add it to the list of things to check out and do so when I have money :D

      we just finished watching the tv series (I haven't read the book, she has) and it was enjoyable. It started to get a bit silly and a couple of the characters are annoying beyond belief, but one of the better King adaptations for sure. Keep in mind though that they probably make more changes from the book than Peter Jackson has with LOTR and The Hobbit

        one of the better King adaptations for sure

        Good to know. King adaptations include the very, very best and the very, very worst movies ever made.

          well, me and @dc have conflicting views :D

            This is how the greatest of rivalries start! :D

            Frank Darabont's the only guy that consistently adapts King's stuff well.

              I usually just stay away from King adaptations. They just don't translate well onto the screen because everyone has their own idea of what everything looks like and what's actually going on. It's not like LOTR where everyone has a similar vision in their head when reading the books with minor details changing which is why Jackson's versions work for the majority of people but also why the best King films are the ones that aren't completely out there with supernatural stuff like The Green Mile & Shawshank

              The only upcoming King film/series I'm looking forward to with any anticipation is The Dark Tower but that's because King described the world and characters so vividly that I think any adaptation would be similar to what I have in my mind. Plus Ron Howard

                You seen The Mist? WATCH THE MIST! So good!

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                  I have and it was fairly decent. The ending can be seen coming a mile off though :P Apparently a tv series based on the film is being talked about

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      I called EB at the Galeries (since I work upstairs from there) and they only have it pre-owned for $32. The guy said he hadn't seen it "new" for a long time and is pretty sure they only slapped an $8 price tag because they know there's none in stock anywhere.

      I'm sure he meant that as a joke, but it doesn't seem unlikely that they'd bait you in with an $8 price they can't honour to try and upsell you to a used copy at a 400% markup.

        No, it's true. The new copies are $8, and the used copies are $32, according to the website. I can't run the search for store availability, though, because these work computers are stuck with IE8, but I imagine that at this point, there wouldn't be many new copies left in the world.

        Thanks for investigating, though.

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          Haha, I couldn't run the search a store function on the EB website either. I had to just google the store location and get the phone number from the Galeries' internal directory.

      According to the website, it's only available in Queensland

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          I live almost directly between those two stores at the halfway mark. XD

            Thanks for volunteering, man. Appreciated! :)


              You should know, if I found a copy I'd probably buy it for myself. :P

                So... you're going to both stores, then? Thanks, man.

                  I'm sensing I should probably create some kind of battle royale style tournament, where the survivor winner gets my own used 360 copy of Catherine. Muahahaha, dance puppets, dance!

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          Not to close to me sadly.

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          Sorry for not being more of a help =(

            You helped! I knew who to tag, then.

            Unless you're blaming yourself for the game not being in stock. In which case, I cannot forgive you.

          yeah that aint near Brisbane. But if anyone can get that, ohmygosh, worth way way more than $8. Get onto that, such a great great game

            Batguy loaned me his copy about a year and a half ago, and I loved it. Unfortunately, times are tough at the moment financially-speaking, and as much as I want to play the game again, I can't justify a big outlay for it (couldn't even swing $19.95 to get it on XBLA last week when it was on special).

              Sell a little ass then? Surely thats worth another $12. This Catherine were talking about here

        And not even like "proper metro" Queensland either. I'd pick one up but getting to Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast just isn't feasible for me. Sorry @shane ! :(

          Some friend you are :P

            If @dc is halfway, I'm equal to or less than halfway, living just outside of the Brisbane CBD. And don't have a car as a result.

        Yeah this thing is never accurate, I swear.

      Oooh, I want Catherine too!

      EDIT: Oh, buckets. Queensland only? D:

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      Just a thought, but does the 'Edited by' line maybe muddy the waters a bit? Maybe if the image is the first thing seen, a line like that could be left off until after the viewer is familiar with the pitch? (Raises a flag in my mind but I'm also currently in super paranoid paperwork mindset, so it could just be me being silly)

        Good feedback - thanks! I was unsure about it, too, to be honest, and will definitely think about removing it.

        Because my name isn't a big enough drawcard to attract backers, I did consider leaving it off. In the end, I included it because I thought it might make it look like I was willing to take responsibility for the project. But I agree with you as well, so now I'm not sure what to do.

        Any more opinions, TAY?

      Oh, and super dooper nitpicky feedback for your thumbnaily thingo:
      - The first thing I noticed was how thin your apostrophe in "King's" looks :P I feel like it should be the same width as the font. Or maybe it is and I'm going crazy?
      - And I'm pretty sure I said this ages and ages ago when you asked for similar feedback, but I don't like the aliasing on your font. Only really noticeable on round letters like G and S, but yeah.

      As you can see, I like my fonts :P Nice, otherwise! :D

        Thanks, man! Appreciated. I only used that font because that's the one that my publisher used in all my other books to date. Happy to accept recommendations, if you've got some favourites. I might do some experimenting of my own later on, as well.

          I actually like the font! It's just those jagged corners that get me :P Is it due to your image editing program? (I know in Photoshop at least you can choose to smooth fonts) Or is that just what the font is meant to look like?

            Nah, pretty sure I jaggied it up inadvertantly. I'll have a play with it.

      EB Next to my house (300m away) has a copy of Catherine for the Sexbox, guy will not hold till Thursday, so hoping missus finishes early and can pick it up. Will let you know!

        Hey man, thanks for that! Is it a new copy, or pre-owned? Just be aware that the pre-owned copies are still in excess of $30, and I'm not so keen at that price. Thanks again! :)

          didnt ask, im assuming he would of told me if it was pre owned?

            I have no idea, sorry. From my experience, the quality of service at EB is as varied as the staff themselves - sometimes amazing, sometimes not. I just don't want you or your wife to waste your time, is all. :\

              Eh if it's a good store they'd drop it to the price of the cheaper version if the pre owned costs more.

                Really? That has literally never happened to me, and I've asked at plenty of stores.

                  Maybe I just worked for a really good store :/ Then again I can see why they wouldn't do it on pre owned stuff since it's where they make their real profit heh.

      I like the picture. Show us a thumbnail somewhere. :)

        This is probably much smaller than it'll never need to be, but here it is:

          Am I correct in thinking its a layered photoshop image you can still edit? It might work better when thumbnailificated (that's totally a word, shut up!) if the character was in front of the light building instead of the dark one. It's a bit indistinct in the thumb. Maybe swap the buildings around if you can rather than shifting & mirroring the character.

          Ahh I've just looked at the big image again and it's obviously an effect rather than a lighter building, Would it be viable to lighten the building she's in front of to give her a bit more distinction?

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      If you had a PS3 I'd give you my copy. I don't like the game.

      Dammit I keep forgetting to pick up Catherine. Pretty sure it was like $12 in some previous sale, but it slipped my mind. Boo for obscure Queensland stores.

      Pic looks cool though.

    Make moral decisions in the morning, as on Lifehacker
    *Bowser sits in his castle during dinner time*
    "God I'm so bored. I gotta go out and have some fun. Should I go play tennis or golf or go karting or kidnap Peach?"
    *Bowser cuts off a piece of his steak, dips it in mushroom sauce and eats it*
    "... *still chewing* kidnap, yeah, that'll be good."

      Good times are had when you capture a princess, in the end he gets to go into a large rock spa! That's a good way to end the day and relax

    DARK SOULS 2 \o/
    Countdown: 33 days

    A new preview write-up:

    Yes, yes, I know it's the Telegraph, but it's not a bad write-up. Confirms and solidifies some of the previously hinted-at new mechanics in Dark Souls 2, including
    the inclusion of voice-chat in multiplayer. Don't know how I feel about that one. I have no microphone, and have no intention of getting one. I wonder if the game will make it clear which players have opted-in to voice chat, to prevent co-op buddies from screaming impotently at their screens...
    Also, apparently players can reset their stats. Unless there's a major penalty or cost for doing this, I don't like this one, because it allows players to tailor their approach to each area differently instead of living with the choices you've made and building skill. Don't need magic here? Respec as a tank. Getting swarmed here? Forget strength and pump AOE magic abilities. Hard-hitting enemies need to be staggered? Pump it all into strength so you can swing that huge fuck-off sword you found before. Really need to know more about how this works before I actually make a judgement, but this one has me a little concerned.

    Last edited 10/02/14 9:02 am
      A good run-down of the changes believed to be included in DARK SOULS TWO \o/

      Summoned co-op buddies stay for an amount of time, rather than being there until they die or the area boss is cleared. Does this mean that they can be summoned in areas where the boss has already died? I don't know. But it seems that this timer goes down faster if they're doing all the killing...

      Last edited 10/02/14 9:22 am

      I don't like the idea of voice chat for DS2. One thing I'm (apparently) consistently a fan of is limited communication in games. Specifically, I mean as a design choice and not just a lack of text/voice chat. It can lead to some amazingly surreal and wonderful situations. Think Portal 2, where you can emote and context-sensitive ping, Darks Souls and it's emotes, and Journey where PINGPINGPINGPINGPINGPING.

      I really, really dislike the idea of voice chat. Some of the players you meet are nice (I got invaded by a guy last night who gave me a bunch of titanite then let me kill him) but a lot of the others aren't. Also the benefit of the game's systems previously was that all the communications were language-agnostic. You could play against anyone anywhere in the world and not be worse or better off.

      I hope there's an option to simply disable all voice chat because I refuse to play it with that enabled. Especially now that you can't avoid other players by staying Hollow. Those two factors together are a game-breaker for me.

      I don't mind the respec thing though. If it were me I'd make it scale with level, maybe 1000 souls per. Early on I didn't know what I was doing and put points into stats that are useless for me, I'd love to be able to re-allocate those a bit.

        Yeah according to the article, it's opt-in. If accurate, that suggests that it won't even be enabled by default.

          Oh thank god.
          I play on ps3 so I wouldn't even be able to avoid it by starting a party chat like on 360.

    Hope everyone had a good weekend.
    I decided to restart playing SPAZ again from the beginning, wow I'm so bad at this game now lol xD

      After you mentioned it last week I picked up where I left off about 2 years ago and sunk about 3 hours into it. I am terrible at it. There's a level 12 blockade between me and the next step on my journey so most of my playtime was me grinding out some Rez and Goons after having to rebuild my ships multiple times and retreating from the battle. /o\

        Hahah you too? I got smashed during a quest and lost all my Rez :P. I'll get better at it again eventually.


    Okay, so on Friday I made a pretty bold claim about completing Dark Souls within an hour and a half, having seen someone else on Youtube do it. Firstly, I did not complete it. Secondly, I didn't even make it out of the Undead Asylum within that time.

    Good morning all, I've missed you all.
    How was everyones weekends?
    Mine was Spent introducing the significant other to Civ V, looking at New places and Fairday (HAPPY MARDI GRAS EVERYONE)

      Anton seams like the kind who'd enjoy Civ.

        He really did, I thought he might have a problem with the length, but he was really into it.
        I was the one who cracked due to time.


      Has Anton been a bit clingy lately? Do you need some time to yourself
      I just assume that is why you introduce somebody to civ

    Hola Tay

    Hope you're all well and safely away from fires.

    I had a quiet weekend- went into the city to bleed on Saturday, and decided that I'd go to an air-conditioned game shop and play Magic rather than sit in my 40 degree flat. Deck failed to go off and I didn't pilot it well, so I got slaughtered.

    Yesterday I didn't do much other than watch TV shows, then went to the pub with friends.

    A Monday Morning Question: which show needs a game? I'd love an Arrow game, or a Fringe investigation (LA Noire style) game.

      The Killing point-and-click adventure game or The Americans point-and-click adventure game.


      I'd really like them to take another crack at a Farscape game. It could have been something pretty goddamned amazing.

        I would love a BioWare-esque Star Trek or Firefly RPG. (Though we've discussed this before!)

          Hey... you're right. We have discussed this before. @redartifice, what's the big idea? :P

            All of this has happened before and all of this will happen again.

            I'm sorry my weekends aren't always exciting enough to inspire thought provoking and original questions!

              You provoked many a thought! Mainly sadness that I'm not getting my Firefly RPG! :'(

                There's a new firefly tabletop RPG coming out this month

                  I'm too stupid for those kind of things, Red. WAY TO MAKE ME EVEN SADDER! :'(

                  AND NOW HE CALLS ME POOR TOO? *checks wallet* That's fair.

      I would love a Space: above and beyond game. Dog fighting and fps sections. As much as I would want the continuation of the series it might be a bit late. So potentially the game as season two of the TV series if you know what I mean

        Man, I thought I was the only person who ever watched that show.

          Best show \o/
          Still probably my favourite sci-fi show of all time.

          SAAB was a cool show. Totally shit way to run a unit, trying to run a democracy under fire but it was great fun. I always wanted a Hammerhead sim, possibly made in Freespace2

        I don't think I've even thought about that show in ten years or so.

        Maybe they could reboot it and do a game tie-in?

      I liked the Idea of a Breaking Bad Tycoon style game

    Game started
    Started Skyrim (again) yesterday. I used the Thomas The Tank Engine mod but was disappointed when I killed a dragon that I didn't see the skeleton of a train so it's uninstalled again. Also the music is of some kids singing (I'm guessing the new themetune?) and not of the old Ringo Starr TTTE series.
    Game finished(?)
    Also, I believe I've done the last heist in GTA V and now am finishing the last few missions. I have to say, I'm a bit disappointed that there aren't more heists and that in the end they're basically like a normal GTA mission with a little prep work thrown in. The interchangeable characters is a neat idea but I found myself not really switching between them during a mission unless one of them was flashing red from losing health.

      I feel the same about GTAV. I think the story heists were more a precursor to the stuff you'd be able to plan out yourself in multiplayer but it's taken them so long that I don't think anyone cares anymore. Overall an enjoyable game, and they did a fantastic job creating the world and giving us three varied protagonists, but let down somewhat by the ambition they had for the online which I think most people would agree is a bit of a flop.

    So my weekend was dull, which is how I like it. My wife played Dead Rising 3 (grinding out that 100k kills achievement before starting Nightmare Mode) so I spent some more times with the Game of Thrones RPG on PC, which I'm actually liking - combat and graphics are still a bit dodgy but the plot has gotten my attention. We'll see how it goes, but I'm only on the 5th of 13 chapters.

    I also went back to FTL to try and unlock that damn Crystal ship before the new content drops. After 3 arduous and rage-inducing playthroughs I accomplished nothing. Well, I beat the rebel flagship once, but only by sacrificing my Mantis crew members, masters of hand to hand combat who fought an endless turnover of enemy crew to keep them from repairing the drone control room during the second phase of the battle.

    And that was basically my whole weekend. Rough week last week so I napped a lot.

      Ah FTL, another game I need to get back into and unlock more ships :)

        I have all of them but for the Crystal. I looked up the steps to getting it and even used a mod to turn off the rebel fleet so I could spend more time exploring, but it relies on you getting the Rock Homeworlds (it has to be the Homeworlds) after finding the damaged stasis capsule and then coming across the Zoltan lab and getting them to fix it so you receive the Crystal crew member. Also you pretty much have to use the Rock vessel to get the capsule in the first place.

        IF you make it to the Rock Homeworlds with the Crystal crew member they take you to the secret sector and you get the Crystal ship in your hangar.

        Twice out of my three attempts I got the capsule, found the Zoltan lab, and obtained the Crystal crew member, but the Rock Homeworlds didn't appear. I am THIS |-| far from just downloading a save with everything unlocked or just editing my savefile, but I want the satisfaction of "earning it", even though I am already cheating like a mofo.

          Earn it, man. Games like FTL are only "fun" when the pain brings great rewards. Just like life? (Except life isn't randomly repeatable)

            Surem I just hate when it relies so much on randomness. If the game just decides there's no Rock Homeworlds sector in the game whatsoever at the beginning but you don't get to know that until you've sunk two hours into the game, you just want to tear your hair out.

          You got more than I do. From memory I've only got got the advanced human (From finishing the game), Stealth ship, Zoltan ship and Engi Ship A and B. I was trying to finish playthroughs on every ship and make ship logs with Taybies as the crewmen and I still want to get that done one day.

            Well aside from missing the Crystal ship I have all the alternate loadouts except for the Rock ship (when I finally DO reach the secret sector and unlock the Crystal ship I will also unlock the second layout), Slug Ship and the Stealth ship. I am terrible at playing the Stealth and Slug ships.

            So you're missing Mantis, Rock and Slug? I think Mantis is pretty easy but you need to have a Mantis crew member and a teleporter. You'll get a random encounter where a Mantis captain hails you - he's got a long name starting with K. You need to board his ship and kill all the crew (alternatively if you have a Bio-Beam you can use that to kill the crew instead, but that might be tougher). He'll then join you and give you access to the Mantis cruiser in your hangar.

            Can't remember how you get Rock and Slug and I don't want to go looking at game wikis at work.

              Rock I think it's just outlasting a fight without killing the enemy while getting bombarded with solar flares which sounds horrifying, which I'm guessing ion cannons are a must while the crew focus on putting out the fires. In that case I'll have my best chance with the Engi ship. Mantis also sounds really hard cuz I hate fighting mantis in hand to hand combat cuz they usually just zerg rush you and I'm forced to defend at the med bay.

                It can be tough to get what you need but I think I nailed it first time once I actually knew the trick to it.

      ...reading all the above's got me wanting to get back into some FTL now.

      Still got that damn Crystal ship to get too. Can't remember how many of the others I had, most of them I think, if not all. Only got one or two alternate layouts though. Can't even remember which ship I preferred now :P

      I think I managed to get the crystal guy once. And then maybe he died? Or maybe I didn't get to the Rock Homeworld. Part of me has a feeling that I did get to the Rock Homeworld with him once, but then maybe died in the secret sector.

    Hey everyone, good morning.
    If anyone has a Gametraders or cash converters nearby, could people check for singstar games?
    I'm trying to grab a whole bunch of them for the karaoke meat. I will reimburse costs.

    I have: (all ps2)
    Singstar rocks
    Pop hits
    Party hits
    Rock ballads
    Sing with disney

    Last edited 10/02/14 4:35 pm

      Have you checked here yet?

      Also, oh man, I still have your games! I am literally the worst. I think I remember you saying you wanted me to send them on to someone else... is that the case, or do you want them back? So sorry.

        Send them back to me for now. Gorzy won't play them.
        Also, yeah I checked the web store

          Will do! They'll be in the post tomorrow. Sorry again.

            it's fine. As long as you enjoyed them

      Do you want to edit in the ones you have into the main post. That way we don't get multiple double ups

    Hey TAY been awhile, not much has changed. Still waiting to go to China, still playing vidya games and still cheating on vidya games with coffee.

    Also MGS Rising Revengence is best game.

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        I love the final boss and Mistral's themes.

      @bish and I came up with the term "Revengence" first. We should have done a King dot com.

    Morning all. Still haven't completed the Numenera write up because I've been busy/distracted (I am the wurst and for that I apologise).

    In other news, I played other RPGs on the weekend. They were fun.

    Short summary of Star Wars d20 RPG (playing as a fringer Trandoshan):

    Girder beats blaster. Also we got yelled at by our employer as our ship was damaged by pirates while shipping freight and we had to get a loan to pay off the damage.

    Short summary of Pathfinder fantasy Rome setting (with me as GM). Let this also be a lesson in what can happen when players can do anything they want:

    The party achieved/caused the following:

    - achieved their freedom from slavery
    - proceeded to then buy more slaves and then free them
    - the cleric made magical items including a summon feast item and basically sold it to a man who was the personification of Hedonism-bot (for a tidy profit)
    - they captured the man who sold them into slavery, cut off his tongue, forced him into hard labour, crushed his windpipe and then healed him, and then challeged him into single combat between a 5th level character and a NPC muppet (he died horribly)
    - cast the dead man's body off the side of a boat (they were on a boat at the time) and proceeded to piss off Neptune, god of the sea
    - calmed Neptune by making a sacrifice of fish and a small amount of valuables

      I would have thought sacrificing fish to Neptune would just piss him off further.


        Well aside from human sacrifice, they kinda had to make do with what they had. I also penalised them some gold for the trouble as well considering Neptune was major pissed.

        It was funny then explaining to the cleric that even though he's a cleric of Mars, it doesn't mean the other gods can't interfere/mess around with his life.

      The longer you wait on this, the longer Scrappa keeps his dignity :P

    Welp, Outlast sure was scary. Due to circumstances, I gave up after about 15 minutes. D:

      That game was full of NOPE moments for me. Reasonably decent horror game.

    One person called in sick today. One. Somehow that means with the way the roster has been moved about I'm suddenly working on my day off today and working a seven day week for some reason.

    Yet they're claiming we're overstaffed...

      Claim some BS religious holiday is happening for all of March and your god demands 1 month paid leave.

        You can claim all you want, but unless your enterprise agreement (or 'award' if you don't have one) has a provision for it, you won't get squat.

        For reference, we only have 5 days I think due to 'religious reasons'.

        @freezespreston: lol @ understaffed. You're within your right to say "nah I'm busy" and not go to work, yeah?

        I may have already taken half of March off from the 13th.

        What? The 13th is my eldest's birthday and I've taken some time to recover. There's no other reason.

          Wow it's almost like you have a 33 day count down to your eldest's birthday

    The comments on this Youtube clip are a great mix of people in on the joke and genuine idiocy:

      That hurts my brain. Although trying to explain to somebody who confuses weight and wait who is trying to be clever might not be the best use of time

    Hey guys! so finally picked up my Arcade machine Cabinet.

    The end game is to have it run old school retro to modern arcade games will be coin operated only, (there will be a free play button but that will be locked inside the cabinet).

    Will be building a heavily modified os on a Windows 7 bare bones setup, which will boot to a splash screen which will set the machine into Arcade mode, or Jukebox mode. (Yes juke box will also be coin operated).

    Essentially this machine is going to replace my moneybox... \o/

    Got a lot of work ahead of me, will be ordering some new sanwa pushbuttons and joysticks tomorrow, and microswitches. That will get me started. also need to do some sanding/painting but should come up good! the tricky part is going to be mounting the LED screen in there... wanted to use a genuine arcade tube, but really want to crank up the resolutions on some of the non retro stuff, plus the GPU's that handle these weird arcade resolutions dont really have much grunt at all.

    Cabinet is a genuine Sega New Astro City cabinet.

    Last edited 10/02/14 10:18 am

      All the metal slugs games.

        ALL OF THEM. and the street fighter games... and the Killer instinct games... and the mortal kombat games... and bubble bobble, snow bros, and... im just going to stop here, otherwise this is going to be one long post.

        Will actually get a chance to put my complete rom collections to good use! i downloaded complete rom sets for every piece of cartridge based gaming hardware known to man some time ago... Preserving history throughout the rise and eventual fall of the communications era!

          Snow Bros! \o/

          So many coins pumped into that machine as a kid.

            Lightning Bros is so much better! (cc:@rize)

              We should do that again some time. We could call it "Lightning Returns"!

            hahahaha! same! also darkstalkers, and street fighter!

            Snow Bros rocked. It was like a weird alien world to someone living in rural Australia, water and frozen water at that...

    The main thing I came away with following on from the Senior Parchment weekend:

    Good not great. Kinda like how TOR was in a lot of respects.

      IS that one of those reading to the residents of the old people homes kinda dealies

        Not quite. Also nothing like that completed unrelated Junior Paper either. :P

        Apologies for being deliberately obtuse. I'm referring to TESO and trying to side-step their NDA.

          That was clear, sorry I should have colon peed


    Here's the thing.

    Firefly: The Board game of the Joss Whedon created FOX series from the early 2000's, is really fun.

    Like, I had a Firefly staffed with Companions and we just flew around being all sexy and pullin' heists (and other things if the price was right, nahmsayin?).

    Anyway, Mathew J Hellscream is thinking about organizing board games in Brissy every month or so. It'd be wicked fun, as long as you guys let me win or I'll throw a tantrum.

      The first time I played it I didn''t really enjoy it that much as I had no idea what I was doing and all of the references were lost on me (didn't watch the series). Since then, I've really liked it every time I've played.

      Don't worry, we'll let you win if you manage to assemble the entire cast on a single ship. Instant victory. :P

      as long as you guys let me win or I'll throw a tantrum

      You'd think he was joking but he did this last time I played with him.

      Let the wookie win.

        That's Star Wars, not Firefly.

          It's more about the best descriptor for Dan in any given game than Firefly itself.

          Besides, Firefly must have been pretty bad. It got cancelled after only one season.

      OH YAY ANOTHER FIREFLY PLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      ONE OF US... ONE OF US... ONE OF US!!!!

        Have you tried the card game version as well as the boardgame?

    Finished ACIV Blackflag over the weekend! Final mission was not difficult at all. I think they’ve made this significantly easier than the last AC I played (Brotherhood, even though that wasn’t that hard anyway). It annoyed me a bit with how the final bad guy was a guy you could have killed earlier and had plenty of reason to do so and I didn’t understand why I hadn’t already.

    Ending Spoiler Question:

    So when you see your son, you get an achievement “Saw that one coming”. I’m guessing it was a hint at who the mother was? I know it wasn’t the redhead because the son wasn’t redheaded and turned Edward down already.

      Not sure, could be that you know Edward was going to move back and start a family because Haytham (the son) is in AC3?

        Oh right, I am not a big follower of the AC story so that's a definite possibility.

      The 'saw that coming' I thought was because it popped up right as Edward said something about "okay lets go see your mother at her work at the bar", or something. And that other girl he was sitting with earlier worked behind a bar, so they must have got together.

        I could be wrong but I thought they were going to meet at "Whites" to get chocolate. No idea who sold chocolate back then, could be a bar or a chemist or some sort of sweet shop.

          Oh, okay. *Shrugs* I kinda lost track of wtf was going on. :D

            Please take that with a grain of salt though. I really don't know whats going on in that game, lol.

    Just came across the best name ever for someone at a Catholic school:

    Max Christian

      I would have thought Jesus Christ would be best name.

        Nah, they'd crucify you.

          Easy way around it, just call him Jesse, Jesse Christ :P

            Or do what the Spaniards do and call him Hey-Zeus. :P

              I worked with a Spanish Jesus. His supervisor, a Mormon, didn't realise his name was Jesus and always wrote it down as "Heyzeus" or "Hayzeus" or whatever.
              It was pretty funny when he finally coined on and came up to me and excitedly said "Hey! Did you know Jesus's name is actually Jesus!?"

              Last edited 10/02/14 12:05 pm

    And Megadeth pull out of Soundwave. That was the main reason I'd get a ticket so it looks like I'm definitely not going now. I think the bookies should take odds on which bands will AJ piss off each year and cause them to pull out

      Don't worry! The living end will fill their position!

      They pulled out? Mr. Strange mentioned last night that Megadeth and Avenged Sevenfold were scheduled to play at exactly the same time which was a stupid idea, maybe Megadeth didn't like it either?

        When it comes to bands pulling out of Soundwave and AJ saying it's all the band's fault, who knows? He's peddled that excuse for 2/3/4 bands (and quite large bands at that) each year when they pull out but I guess it's just all coincidence and he's the innocent party everytime and doesn't piss anyone off

        All I asked for was an apology for blaming me for something I didn't do. I am still willing to play, but the promoter would rather not apologize and prefers to say I asked him to lie, which I didn't. Am I the only one that sees how easy it is to fix this? The AJ Maddah that I know is a wise and caring man, and I don't know what has happened to my old friend. My bags are packed Aussie fans.

        AJ blamed Mustaine for wanting Newsted off his sideshow which I don't believe as he personally invited them onto Gigantour last year and is good friends with Jason.

          Ah. See, I never delve into all this stuff so I had no idea any of that was going on. Even with my limited awareness though, I've been aware for quite some time that AJ is an asshat. :P

    Repost of AF2014 thoughts. Just realised I need to get this down to 3 votes by today.

    Gut feel of what I like the look of is Breach, Steed, GREAT SPIRITS,Headlander and ExtraTerrarium

    Other random thoughts on pitches:
    Derelict could be good but wary of rift based games until it is released
    White witch interested but no idea what it is
    Parabolic sounds cool as a prototype but not sure about a full game
    Mighty morphin karate troopers
    Mnemonic conceptually i like but not sure
    Scavengers sounds interesting but not sure how it would work
    Dear leader could be interesting

      The main pitch that grabbed me was Steed. I think I picked the other two for the people that would be in charge = more value for the documentary.


    So basically we have done all the touristy things we could think of and now we are in the final week here, leaving on the Thursday or Friday uncertain yet.

    Went to bondi yesterday, it's definitely a beach alright, we also got slurpees \o/ however the machine lied saying I was getting Lemon, Lime and Bitters instead it was some tropical flavour :(

    Anyway what's everyone upto today? And how was your weekend?

      Final week in Sydney? Plenty of time to visit Kino 8 more times.

        That's the plan! Going there tomorrow to see if there's anything else I want to splurge buy!

    I'm actually worried about my son this morning. He climbed into bed with me early this morning and when the alarm went off he said he was tired, but I thought it was just because he wasn't looking forward to the walk to the school. Then he said he was going to throw up but "it might take a while", so I was still thinking he was stalling about school. But then his temperature started to rise and he ended up just laying on the couch groaning, and when the alarm went off for being time to leave for school he got really upset because he'd wanted to go. So obviously he wasn't just exaggerating as I'd first suspected. :( He said he couldn't keep his eyes open even though he wasn't tired and that his arms and legs hurt. He immediately threw up the first lot of Panadol I gave him, but managed to keep a second dose down by sipping it slowly and is now asleep. His temperature doesn't appear to be coming down, though so I think I'm going to need to take him to a doctor. I hate parents who rush their kids to the hospital if they so much as even sneeze so I don't want to be one of those annoying over-stressing parents, but I'm genuinely worried. I also don't quite know how I'm going to get him to a Doctor. Not sure the bus driver would appreciate us taking the vomit bucket onboard. :P
    Anyway, not really asking for advice or anything, just more wanted to vent and see if it still looked and felt serious all typed up like this. I'll let you all know how he goes though. :)

      Oh man, hope he feels better soon.

      What's the temperature like there? Big weekend? It kind of reads to me like heat exhaustion/heat stroke (though on reflection, those symptoms might mean anything or nothing, and you should probably get someone more qualified than me to make that call).

      Last edited 10/02/14 11:10 am

        The weather's actually been quite pleasant. Not hot at all.

      Aw man, hope the little guy is alright. If I drove and lived any where near you I'd totally help you out... but I'm useless, alas. :(

      Last edited 10/02/14 11:13 am

      He's just woken up and says he feels "a lot better", so at least the panadol is doing its job. Feeling slightly less worried, now. :)

      I've had all those symptoms before and I wasn't entirely sure what the cause was. I ate perfectly good pasta from a packet, and 15 minutes later I'm a zombie throwing up all over the place.

      It passed after a couple hours.

      Its not a crime to worry mum. You are a good mum thats why you worry. I remember how many times my mum called me on my bullshit cause i didnt want to go to school. I was good too, like i was a A grade liar and she saw through it. I made up a field trip the day before as a cover and she still saw through it. Because of it, i very rarely chuck sickies at work. Once in 5 years and it was for a good reason.

      Better to take him to the doctor and be told that it's a common cold or something than to not take him and find out it's something really serious.

      Not sure the bus driver would appreciate us taking the vomit bucket onboard.Calling your son "The vomit bucket" can't be good for his self esteem.

      Last edited 10/02/14 1:26 pm

        Dear aliasalpha,
        Why are you so awesome?
        Kind regards, Phlanispo

        I got nicknamed "Chuckie" by my family because I would through up alot

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