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    So, for those of who who eschew the weekend TAY, this will be news to you.

    My favourite Australian author, Max Barry, is a finalist in the 2013 Aurealis Awards for his novel Lexicon. The book can be bought for $9.95 at the moment (on special from Doubleday, usually upwards of $20), so I recommend you all go and order a copy right now. I bought mine this morning, and can’t wait to read it. Max Barry is a dude who writes fast-paced books with characters that are simultaneously real and hilarious. His style is fluid and very engaging.

    And... this book is also a finalist in the awards. The award ceremony is in April, right here in Canberra. I just need to figure out what to wear. I don’t want to be the only guy in a suit, and I don’t want to be the only guy in T-shirt and jeans! Wonder if I’ll get to meet Max Barry...? Is there an award ceremony protocol that demands playing it cool, or is it acceptable to bring an armload of books for nominees to sign? So many questions!

    @transientmind this might be of interest to you:
    After our TAY posts last night, I took Peaceful Tomorrows to read in bed last night. For the first time ever, I actually enjoyed reading one of my books. There was no sign of that little voice in my head who usually pours molten scorn over every page, saying “Yeah, but don’t you think it’s just a little bit shit?” So...yeah, obviously I have no idea how my brain works.

    Thanks for indulging my bragging. You guys are the core of my readership (By my reckoning, around half the copies of my books in circulation are owned by TAYbies), and your support over the years has been, and still is, awesome. Aaaaaaannnnnd, I’ll stop it there because it’s starting to sound like a victory speech, which is all kinds of wrong.

    Now, on with your regularly scheduled TAY.

      Congrats on the nomination, Shane! All kinds of cool!

      Jeans and t-shirt with suit jacket. That should cover your bases.

        That or a singlet and football pants. Can't go wrong either way.

        No, I can't take that chance. I think I'll contact the convenors. Not yet though. Gotta play it cool for a little while before I indulge my freak-out (because if I wait, I should only have time for one).

          Find photos from last year's awards and go with that

            This advice is way too sensible, and doesn't fit well with my plans to freak out.

            Edit:[email protected]/sets/72157633515141751/ Looks like @strange's suggestion was pretty much spot on.

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          Ask Max Barry what he's wearing....

            Only in a late-night drunken phone call. :P

          I say top hat, monocle, tuxedo jacket and no pants

        @shane I was also going to seriously suggest this. Seemed good enough for our CFO and GM to wear to our Christmas party.

      Tweed jacket with iron on patches on the elbows, a scarf, a pipe and a brandy balloon.

      In my heart, you've already won.

      Wow, that's cheesy. I'm gonna leave it here.


          I'll just use it to travel to the past and ENSURE YOU WERE NEVER BORN.

            We all know how those stories turn out. You'll inadvertently turn out to be my biological father. :P

              Which makes your attempt to kill me that much more devastating.

                Not kill you, just steal your heart. Romance! :P

                Edit: Hmmm, I sure as hell didn't think that post through. Let's hope you're not my biological dad. :P

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                  Son, you don't have to steal my heart. You know I love you, in the way a father who traveled to the past then back to the present and is younger than you should love a son.

                  By the way your grandfather is Scottish. Also as your father I forbid you to shave your beard off again.

                  This family tree is getting interesting.

        Are you saying that finding TAY is like winning a prize? Because it's kind of not :P

        Okay, it totally is.

      Something with bell-bottoms. Disco could make a comeback at any time.

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    Mornings suck, moreso when you have to go to the dentist and spend money you can't afford to...

      Ain't that the tooth.

        5 pages too early!!!

          Are you really going to make me say it?

          (If you feel it in your heart.)

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            I will make you say it so often that it will become reflexive, it will replace your signature, it will be the name of your autobiography, it'll be what you shout with pain if you hit your thumb with a hammer

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    Morning all.

    Played/finished Left Behind on the weekend. Normally I don't get DLC when it comes out, but since it was TLOU I felt I had to. It was pretty awesome.

      I loved it, man. Liked all the down time and the character moments.

      Wrote up some thoughts here!

      Edit: So this is what pimping links feels like. Dan and Shane have taught me well. XD

      Last edited 17/02/14 8:50 am

        Snuck a few puns into your mind as well, on the down-low. Hope that's all right.

        Also, who are these girls who think you're adorable? I think we might need to start making @mrtaco-esque jokes about you... Mooky.

    DayZ Diaries:

    About half an hour ago I got held up.
    But then I ate a banana and it was okay.

      Bandits: "You better be making sure you have enough Potassium in your diet!"
      Bish: "K"
      Bandits: "Good, we'll be off then" *walks away*

      I went from starving and surviving on cans of soft drink to finding a heap of food and a pair of canteens all from one quick run into Staroye, easily my most productive looting session in the game to date.

      Still haven't found a sodding gun but at least I finally have the second least shit melee weapon.

    New day, new TAY!

    I'm at work and after a 2 week holiday all I want to do is sleep and so I'm just gonna be lazy all day \o/

    How was everyone's weekend? I spent mine at a friends 22nd and cleaning the house because apparently that's what you do when you come back from holiday?

      Friday was watching the Youtubes with the missus, Saturday got drunk and bonded with the new housemate over Borderlands 2 before he passed out and Sunday was spent wishing it was still Saturday as well as looking up how expensive it'd be to book a function room for my 30th this year, answer below.

      it's fuggin expensive

        They always is! I just prefer house parties, means if you get trashed your already home so you can sleep anywhere

        my girlfriend is looking into that for her 30th too. we found hiring a house looks cheaper and we don't have to kick everyone out at a certain time, a couple we've seen advertised as "great for parties or bucks nights",

    Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze this week! Arrrrrgh! Can't wait!

      I still need to plau the one that was on Wii but seeing as it's still $90 in eb games or jb hifi, nup

        Was a great game, though. Stupid Nintendo and their lack of price drops though. For a company that doesn't like money, that's a bit unreasonable. XD

        Should be $45 if it's part of the 'classics' range. Finally Mario Bros Wii dropped to that price, which is still insane...

          I don't think it's been made part of the Classics range. Looking on the EB website, $68 pre-owned. I've been waiting to buy a few Wii games but they're just too expensive and/or sold out on ozgameshop. I really want The Last Story but never got round to it :(

            I've got a Wii spare thart I'm going to hack and just pirate the games eventually. I've got no shame in it either - no one is getting $90 from me to play a SD game from 2006 or whatever.

      A game for WiiU!? I don't believe it!

      Will purchase.

      What's that? Some kind of Sony game?

    Morning all!
    Overall I have to say I'm liking it, though I have been playing exclusively with at least one friend which may be colouring my opinion. Certain aspects can die in a fire (smart pistol) and other feel wonky as hell (the "heatseeking" slow kicks) but overall I like it.
    The one major negative I can see for the future is that some abilities and weapons are *very* exploitable (griefing or playing to win) like having no team damage but arc grenades affect friendly titans and pilots.
    Oh, and if anyone was either talking to me or inviting me to stuff on Origin over the weekend and I didn't reply, it's because Origin's notifications are terribad and I missed them completely. Sorry!


      I couldn't work out how to join friends that are playing. Not that I tried for that long though. Probably played the first mode about as much as the tutorial then went back to playing Fire Emblem and watching Twitch Plays Pokémon.

        That Twitch stream is crazy. I watched last night and they were stuck in Dark Cave. I had to stop watching after about 10 minutes. I knew I would not sleep if I let myself be suckered in too much

          I saw one part for a while. Went and did something for about 3-4 hours, came back and they were still circling the same NPC.

          Didn't help people just kept typing "Start".

          It's an amazing stream. They've managed to clear the Vermillion Gym bin puzzle, a narrow ledge that requires about 12 successive right inputs without a single down (the Route to the right of Cerulean) and Rock Tunnel with their only usable moves being normal type and both main Pokemon being weak to Rock. So good.

          The Victory Road Strength puzzles are going to be amazing.

            They're through the Rock Tunnel?

              Yup. When I left this morning they were trying to Cut the tree to get into Celadon Gym.

        Are you PC or console? No idea about Xbox, but PC needs to go through Origin.

          PC. Right clicked on someone playing it, join game was greyed out. List in the in game menu that looked like it should have a list of friends playing only had me. Didn't want to spam anyone with invitations but I'm guessing that was the only way.

            I know Cakesmith has lots of issues with the Origin overlay so possibly related.

            I get the impression we may play some more tonight so I'll shoot you an invite if you like. cc @cakesmith @greenius @jocon (?) anyone else interested.

              yeah I'm in

              There was some mention of a private server or private lobby when I was transitioning between areas but I didn't catch it in time to see if its something that's there or coming up in the full game

              Last edited 17/02/14 11:10 am

                Far as I could see, no private matches in the beta so there's only room for 6 people in a party.

                I assume the full game will work like CoD in that you can have private matches but can't progress in challenges and levels in them to stop people whoring it up.

            It will most likely be greyed out if there's no space in the lobby, I know once you're in a lobby there's no button to invite people if it's full.

      Loved the game, Origin says I played 7 hours over the weekend, and I hit the max level for the beta...

        Yeah, hit the max level and now I feel bad whenever I get another challenge. So much wasted exp! Even though it'll reset for the full game :P

    So after having a few weeks of crazy busy at work, I can now take a break and sit at home with the flu.

    Hey, i'll take whatever reprieve I can get... *cough, hack, splutter*

    Morning humans! Hope your weekends were good

    I've forgotten how hard SPAZ is to get started with the limited fleet strength you have, but once you get ships that fit well with your playstyle it's great! :D Got my first medium class vessel now I can fight hard instead of hit and run.

      Hey buddy!

        Morning! How are you DC?

          Not too shabby. Going to see Robocop soon, the feel good movie of the year that brings humans and robots together! Hope you're good too!

            I've had a bit of a raise in spirits. I got to talk to my girlfriend again on Saturday night, letting me know that she's going back home for her Bachelors graduation (Which was years ago btw but was postponed due to strikes in Athens and all). She had to sacrifice all her days off to be allowed to go until Summer (Our winter), so I might not be able to visit her this year. :(
            I'll try to stay hopeful, but it does become easy for someone like me to lose hope in everything.

    I don't usually get the whole Monday blues stuff. Today I'm making an exception though. How a bus is ten minutes late on its first run of the day abd by the third stop on that run... Translink....

    I'm hoping work turns out like my dream:

    My work had moved to the seaside pier for some reason, I got to my office and it was taken over by students sitting exams and no-one would tell me where I was supposed to go. My housemate for some reason worked with me as well but had wandered off to look at the pier. I walked somewhere and was suddenly running with ex-Liverpool & Man Utd footballers who I then played football with before finding myself in ahotel room where one of my workmates was working out of. Another of my housemates then climbed into the ironing board cupboard wearing Cartman's Awesom-o costume

    I think it means I want fish n chips and ice cream by the sea. Suprisingly normal dream for me.

    How's everyone else struggling this morning?

      Overslept, forced myself to eat some breakfast, forgot to put my salad that I made last night in my bag so I have no lunch. Guess I'll just have it for dinner. I'd say my wife could just have it instead of making herself a sandwich or something but I put onions in it and she hates onions in her salad.

      Missed my train this morning because some twit in line ahead of me at the ticket window didn't know how to use EFTPOS and held the line up for five minutes. By the time my train was rolling in I was just buying my ticket and the doors closed while the ticket was printing. The guy in the window was all "there's another one in fifteen minutes" which is no comfort to me because I still get to work 13 minutes late instead of 2 minutes early.

      I have a cold or hayfever, either way my nose is running, I can't stop sneezing and I feel like shit. I'm sitting here sniffling and mouthbreathing.

      I want to wake up and have this morning have been a dream, so I can have a second go.

    You ever get the feeling that you've wasted a weekend? Like you start it out thinking you're gonna do this and that and these and the reality is you maybe get through this but not that or these. That was my weekend!

    Also I'm challenging myself to read 52 books this year for reasons I'm not exactly sure of. Many people have recommended many things. It's almost overwhelming. Books are good.

    Hello. When is the next meat?

      A book per week would be very difficult for me. Good luck.

      This weekend.


          Speaking of which, I still need to check that I can crash at @cakesmith's...



                ...@mythamphetamine hasn't actually organised anything yet has he?

                  Well, I think a few people had kinda sorta half organised stuff? I thought there was a meat occurring at Mojo (which has since been changed/never was at Mojo) on Saturday for joint birthday shenanigans.
                  I'd also love a group dinner at Din Tai Fung when/if people are available. Outside of that, Mardi Gras is on, we could all go to one of the parties at some point?
                  I arrive around 8pm Friday night, if folks are free for a catch up then, too.

                  Really though, I'm up for whatever, whenever.

    The guy who hire me,who was the CEO of the company i worked for past away last night after a long battle with leukemia. He was one of the kindest and most generous people i knew. He had been fighting for like 18 months and suddenly he took a turn last week. I only ever spoke to him on occasion but i feel i owe him for putting a little scared kid into his workplace. Sigh
    cancer sucks

      yes it does. One of the worst things is to watch someone go through it all

      There's a fuck of a good reason that the cure for cancer is a wonder of the world in Civilization. If only we had 600 shields to spare

      Sad news dood :( Shame to hear about that. If you're going to the funeral, I'd say a few words about how thankful you are that he gave you the opportunity! I'm sure his friends and relatives would appreciate a few kind words :)
      Also, tip for next time (not picking on you, just pointing out cos not sure if you are aware), with the context of the subject, 'past away' should be 'passed away'.

    Ruh oh.

    Apparently tomorrow I've got to travel to the other side of Sydney by myself to conduct a training session with a client that I've never met D:

    I get nervous enough talking to them on the phone! :P

    On the up side, a few hours away from the office! And free cab-charge! \o/

    ps. Hello.

      Also: I watched Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels last night. Pretty swell movie. Snatch was better though :P

        Vere iz da Stone? Also, I prefer Lock, Stock.

        Last edited 17/02/14 9:46 am

        Lock Stock > rocknrolla > snatch

          I thought rocknrolla was the weakest of the three, but I think that might've been more because I watched the first two so much and rnr retrod a lot of material from those two. Still good, but not repeat viewing good in my eyes

      I used to love time away from the office when I had jobs I hated, even if the alternative was objectively worse. From my viewpoint, being beaten up with beaten with a sack full of doorknobs while trekking naked to the south pole would have been worthwhile if it meant I got the week off work.

      Now I dread any event where I might have to be away from my desk. I just want to get on with it and talk to as few people as possible.

    Hola Tay

    I had a busy Saturday and a quiet Sunday. On Saturday I BOOKED A HOLIDAY! In November I'm going to Cambodia!

    I also went out with friends on Saturday night- two of my oldest friends from high school. Some of you may have seen on Facebook, but nights with them often descend into taking silly pictures!

    A Monday morning question : what do you do with your oldest friends?

    P.S. I'm at a conference all day, so I'll either be sporadically posting or incessantly posting

      Talk on the phone occasionally and constantly suggest that maybe we should make some plans to catch up someday.

      Well, my oldest friend plays bass in my band. The rest of my friends from school are still my closest friends now, so the usual stuff.

      My oldest friends I met in pre-school. They're twins, and I enjoyed from ages 4-13 being the only person who could consistently tell them apart. Then they repeated 5th grade (their mother felt they were too young to progress to 6th grade since they started Kindergarten at 4 and 3 months or something so they were ~6-10 months younger than their classmates) so I went to high school a year earlier. I went to a selective high school, they went to a private Anglican school. We lost contact after that. They invited me to their 16th birthday and I was the odd one out since I didn't go to the same school or share the same interests anymore. We talk online occasionally, but not often. I got kind of mopey when I noticed they - and many of my high school friends - had gotten married without me receiving an invite, or moved overseas without telling me, but... I didn't invite them to my wedding. I wouldn't tell them if I was moving overseas. I realised I was being illogical and got over it. We all live different lives and there just isn't room to keep ahold of everyone. I thought maybe it was just jealousy that my old friends had really moved on in their lives and I felt stagnant by comparison, but on the other hand there are plenty of people who still live where they always have, have not enjoyed huge success or springboarded to the tops of their respective fields. I haven't really been left behind, I just haven't made the same lateral moves.

      I only really have two friends IRL, both guys I went to high school with. Even they have another much larger circle of friends I'm completely uninvolved with, and could cut me loose in a heartbeat if it no longer suited them to be involved with me.

      The really sad part is I don't even know if that bothers me or not.

    Oh no. I've run out of deodorant! Now my date today won't want to cuddle me during the movie!

    This is going to be the worst date ever!

      Now girls won't just stop what they are doing and rush over to you and try and have sex with you! Because if deodorant commercials have taught us anything, girls will sleep with ANYONE if they are wearing deodorant.

      We'll I didn't comb my hair, so my movie date will be slumming it too!

      If @mrtaco forgot his deodorant, the natural and manly pheromones would kick in about 5 mins into the movie and turn it into X-rated.

        In said situation it usually doesn't matter how much deodorant there is, the fear and nervousness makes it overcome it all >_>

      If its a movie you're going to the solution is easy, just spread some butter under your arms and say the entire theatre smells of popcorn and it'll probably stick to your clothes

    Weekend things!

    I re-watched Cabin in the Woods on Friday night. That movie is rad.

    Saturday I spent playing Lightning Returns (@strange, @greenius) and Hearthstone when I got frustrated with Lightning Returns. I don't know if I'm enjoying it. I pretty much gave up when I got to the point where I had to find the numbers for the code (like, 90mins into the game) because I didn't realise they only appear after a certain point. So then I tried to find stuff to do while I wait and ended up fighting guys that I could take out without too much damage to me, but would take me forever to take out them. I guess I'll get the hang of it eventually.

    Also, Just Cause 2 MP on Saturday because reasons. A convoy of Berings tethered together went about as well as expected (poorly) and Icelake has turned into a destruction derby area which, I can't prove or take credit for, but I'm pretty sure was started by the likes of me, @rize, @sernobulus, @mythamphetamine and @pixel_the_ferret_viking.

    Sunday was spent playing Titanfall. It's a pretty cool guy. My thoughts are pretty much the same as what @rize said earlier up the page. I will get it, but not for full price ($90 for PC? LOL).

    And then we played more Just Cause 2 just cause.

    EDIT: I are English good.

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      Cabin In The Woods is glorious

        I have a friend who is scared too easily to watch any vaguely horror movie whatsoever, so it took ages to convince him to watch Cabin in the Woods without spoiling it. What's stupid is he's horrified by stuff that's supposed to be horrifying, but when the same graphic content (like the big monster fight with people dying and blood everywhere) is presented in a poetic justic/comical kind of way, he sits there cackling at how great it is.

        It's really kind of amazing how much informed context can inform our reactions.

          it's true. I laughed louder than I should've when Maude died in The Simpsons and it still makes me chuckle even though it shouldn't, but because it's a bizarre ott cartoon death in a way. The rest of the episode is a downer obviously, but for some reason I find the death amusing. Does that make me an evil person?

            I always found the last appearance jarring because even though they got a soundalike to play Maude and gave her as few lines as possible she still sounded off to my ears. When they gave her a stupid random death I was half expecting her to turn out to be an impostor or something until they went into a sombre episode about Ned coping with the loss.

            I think other people knew her death was coming because they'd seen that the voice actor had quit or gotten fired or something, so they took it more seriously (or less, depending on how they felt about the value of The Simpsons at that time).

              Ah, I never picked up on Maggie not doing voices for a few seasons. I've only really watched them recently having started picking up the dvds again and have noticed a few changes in voices but was putting that down to the actors getting older and what have you. I've gotta say though, seasons 11 onwards pretty much, the episodes aren't joke after joke after joke, but they still have their moments and aren't as bad as people like to make out I think, and I'm saying that as someone who absolutely loves the first 8 or 9 seasons and watched them religiously over and over again while I was a student

                I agree. The later seasons aren't bad, they just don't live up to the originals. They also had way too many celebrities.

                  That's one of the few things that grates me. In the earlier seasons, especially with musicians, it seemed like they went out of their way to get people that they were fans of and actually wanted to work with and put into the show, and also a guest star was quite a big thing, McCartney, Dustin Hoffman or Johnny Cash . Recently though, especially the last few seasons, it's like they just get whoever's popular: Bieber, Lady Gaga etc. I don't know if that's different show runners and producers actually wanting those people, but it feels like they're being pressured to get popular people on the show


                  I hold in my heart a certain belief that Matt Groening wanted to end the Simpsons many years ago, but FOX held onto their rights too tightly. So instead of busting his (and his team's) ass making quality program, he just turned it suddenly into the soulless cash-cow that FOX had wanted all along. Bland inoffensive stories and jokes devoid of controversy, escalating paycheques for the staff and cast, endless waves of celebrity appearances, shameless merchandising (though to be fair, this has always been the case with The Simpsons) and endorsements, etc.

                  Last edited 17/02/14 3:03 pm

                  That's probably true @shane . Watching a lot of the dvd commentaries, particularly of the older seasons you can see, well hear, the writers and showrunners realising what was working back in the day and what they took out of the show that brought that drop in quality which is what I partly attribute to the last couple of seasons being a lot better in terms of writing. Example, having an extra ad break in meant taking out a couple of minutes of footage so they couldn't run a second story in each episode along the main story and it's the second stories that used to bring a lot of the gags as well as actually pushing the envelope for animation as well as story writing.

                  But yeah, Groening probably wants to let it go now. I keep on hearing 'one more movie' and that'll be the end of it. If the voice actors were tired of it though all they have to do is say so, but I think they like millions per season too much. Harry Shearer's probably the only one who doesn't like the show much anymore and you can tell that in how his voices have changed.

      I get most of my Steam/Origin games from G2Play, and they've currently got TItanfall up for preorder for $59.90 AUD.

        54.99 on Ozgameshop email store and I've got a $10 voucher, so will probably do that.

          Not bad at all... I wonder how many points I have... hmm...

          Turns out my points expired because I hadn't used them in the 12 months since they were granted to me. Ah well, they were only worth $0.54 anyway...

      Lightning Returns: that point is the point where I started again. I'd taken too long to do the initial investigation and failed a quest. When I got back to that point where you had to wait until 6am, I started doing things in the Wildlands where I enjoyed the game much more..

      Last edited 17/02/14 10:40 am

        I'm planning on starting that tonight, I hope it's fun.

          I'm having fun, others are not so much. I hope you have as much fun as I am.

            I think I will, I'm a sucker for FF games, even though XIII and XIII/2 weren't the best I still did everything and Platinumed them. What were you mentioning earlier about restarting cause you failed a mission? Aren't they retryable cause that'd suck.

              It's about timing. Some missions have to be completed by or at certain times. If you miss the time window then you fail. You can't fail main quest though, just sidequests.

                hmm, I don't like that I don't think, I'm gonna be reloading a lot, I won't be able to progress if I miss stuff, I have a crazy gamer brain that must get all the things

                  There's not many like that. I'm like you in that I must do all quests, and I only missed the first one because I was still learning my way around the game. I think you'll be fine. Once you learn the way the game works you won't miss anything. I hate timed things, but it's really quite balanced in the way it worked the time angle.

                  Last edited 17/02/14 6:24 pm

    Over the weekend I sat around watching movies. I will rate what I saw out of 5.

    Lovelace – 2/5
    Zombies vs Strippers - 1/5
    Hammer of Gods – 1/5
    The Adjustment Bureau – 3/5
    This is 40 – 4/5
    Semi-Pro – 3/5
    End of Watch - 4/5
    Starship Troopers: Invasion - 1/5

    Overall, it was a weekend of spectacularly bad movies with a couple nice surprises in End of Watch and This is 40. The only reason I watched any of these is because it was on my friends harddrive.

    Edit: Just remembered I also saw Pain and Gain. 3/5 but only because The Rock was awesome in it.

    Last edited 17/02/14 10:24 am

      Who'd've thought that a movie named 'Zombies vs Strippers' wouldn't be very good?

        I watched it thinking it would be funny, if only in a "so bad it's funny" way. Nope, it's just shit.

          It's pretty sad when that happens. I remember queuing up a bunch of a really bad 'only gets shown at 2am to force you to finally go to sleep' movies, and stuff with truly awful-sounding synopses and titles would turn out to be just terrible in the 'oh god I'm so bored' way instead of the 'hahaha this is awful, I love it!' way.


        I don’t mind stupid/bad movies. Sometimes I’m just in the mood for them. This was so much worse than I expected. So much worse. Even the boobs were awful.

      Is Lovelace the biopic with Lindsay Lohan as Linda? I knew it'd be bad but I thought it might at least be interesting.

        I think it was meant to be with Lohan but she was kicked out and replaced last minute. In all honesty, it wasn’t an awful movie, it was just boring and depressing. Was sort of like the last third of Boogie Nights but even more “bleh”.
        As far as a bio of Lovelace, you might find it interesting.

          Oh yeah, I think Lohan's extracurricular antics made it too difficult to insure her for the production so they got someone else.

          I might still check it out.

    Banished is being released this week. Been following this game for the past year and I can't wait!

    Didn't play as much Game of Thrones RPG on PC as I would have liked over the weekend as I was kept occupied with other things. Did play a bunch of Titanfall beta. Liked it at first, then I got tired of Attrition because people play in annoying/cheap ways no matter the game. Hardpoint was much more interesting, since it's a zone control game like Domination.

    I have to say, the game mechanics aren't what really make the game fun, it's the spectacle. Seeing two titans (literally) duke it out above while you're scurrying around underneath is really something. It sucks when you get caught in the crossfire of something like that and you almost wish it was a visual effect only, like something you'd see in the introduction to a solo campaign if the developers could be bothered making one.

    I doubt many people will be as impressed by that kind of thing as I was, we know our games too well, we're too spoiled, we understand that things are a certain way not by chance but because that's what someone wanted us to see and it takes the majesty out of it somewhat.

    But I liked it.

    Just a reminder, if you want to chip in for room hire, please get in contact with me via twitter, steam or email.

    Twitter: scree06
    Email: scree[at]y7mail[dot]com
    Steam: scree06

    I did a thing on the weekend, I moved data from one PS3 to another, less terrible PS3, and then I finished Bioshock Infinite.

      So, how much longer is left until the transfer is complete?

      I did a similar thing. I put my Lightning Returns saves onto a USB stick so I could move them to the bedroom PS3 (PS+ hadn't uploaded my saves for two days for some unknown reason) in order to play in there while my husband used the loungeroom PS3. And then I played Lightning Returns all weekend. Best weekend.

      Did you enjoy Bioshock Infinite?

        I did, I heard that the ending was a bit confusing and off-putting for some, but I felt like it was an interesting way to end the game.

        I'm gonna have to get me some of that Season Pass goodness.

      That sounds like two things.


    This weekend has made me want to play Mirror's Edge 2 more than anything else at this point in time......

    Simply breathtaking game. [Simply...... literally and figuratively, the simplicity of ME just blows my mind, yet there is SO much detail in the world]

    It has it's problems, yes, but I'll put that down to EA putting it's draconian development time enforcement on that one. It's been 6 years and I love the game as much as on day one. I want number two, oh yes I do :-D

    One of our most requested guests who calls us out on all of our shit.

    It's DAN & KARL VERSUS HOT ROSS! (aka @Rocketman)

    His origin story, the real reason he bailed from The Big Smoke and the crime families who treat the Burdekin as their playground.


    It's impossible not to.

    Last edited 17/02/14 10:41 am

    Hola. Various things:

    - Since the GTA Online money grab, my friends and I went from $1-2bil to around $250K. I'm mad, and I'm gonna lodge support ticket with R*. If they don't play ball, Xbox Live it is. We bought a second console, 2x GTA copies and 2x 1yr subs just to play this game. >:(

    - I've heard of people saying they hate Halo ODST, but all I ever heard were complaints that the trooper wasn't as powerful as Master Chief. No one ever said what a downright piece of shit game it is in terms of LIGHTING and the fact that there is none. Majority of our gameplay is spent with the shitty excuse for night vision turned on, which turns the world into a bland TRON-knockoff where every sharp edge is illuminated. Ugh, can't wait to finish that game.

    - I kinda played some games on weekend, which was awesomesauce. Mario WiiU, Remember Me, Guacamelee. All great games, much fun.

      ODST was okay. The worst parts were definitely playing as the Rookie at night. Playing as the rest of the squad during the flashback missions was okay.

        I personally loved the gloomy abandoned atmosphere of playing as the rookie at night just as much as I loved reliving the daytime missions. ODST might be my second favourite Halo game, after 3.

          There's a difference between gloomy and atmospheric, and shitty game design. There few lights that are present in the game don't even reflect light properly and only illuminate a tiny area. Limits of the 360? - doubtful, and no excuse even if it was the case.

          When you're playing as a soldier from the distant future and you're using a shitty excuse for nightvision and you're still blindly running into walls to get out of an area, the devs messed up hardcore.

            Wow. I never ran into that problem at all. I mean, yes - relying on the night-vision too much did ruin a fair degree of the atmosphere. Would've been good if it had a recharge timer or something, with level design modified appropriately, but it was never an active hindrance. (The shitty map took a long time to learn how to read properly, though.) Maybe your gamma/TV brightness needed adjustment?

              In-game brightness setting does nothing, neither does TV brightness. This is because there's literally zero light to begin with. There's plenty of streetlamps and lights in the world, but it's like they turned all light effects and reflections off. So, there's nothing to increase the brightness of.

              I'm also not a n00b (not that you said it!) and this is the darkest game I've ever played due to the shitty graphics. Not even Amnesia/Fear/Metro is this bad - at least on those you have light sources and affective reflections.

              Actually... do you remember if you ran off the DVD or if you installed the game? Perhaps it's a glitch, since I did install.

                If it's total absence of light, I wouldn't rule out glitches. I was pretty sure there was some form of ambient lighting pretty much everywhere, usually in ways to subtly direct you through the level (and sometimes not at all subtly). Though I did install, too.

                I am pretty sure I ran off the discsince Halo 3 multipalyer wasn't optimised for install and Bungie recommended against it, but I seriously did not experience anything like the absence of light you did. I can't explain your glitch but the night missions weren't as dark as you're suggesting. I know that's subjective, but still.

        I'm actually liking the game, for sure, it's just it's so fucking dark. Ugh.

        The thing that got me about ODST was that they tried to make it feel like a different style of game in a way but it played pretty much identically. If they'd changed it up more and made it more stealthy (make it like a Halo Dishonoured mashup) I think it could have been a far better game

          Yeah, there were a lot of areas where you could see they were allowing you to make some stealthy decisions, but the majority of the game seemed to be engineered towards allowing your attempts at stealth to give you maybe one or two freebies, at which point you're back into fragile-version-of-master-chief-mode.

      I didn't mind ODST but it definitely felt like an Expansion Pack for Halo 3, rather than a game in its own right like Reach was.

        That's probably because of the format, huh? Explore > find stuff > do the short 1 mission from the found evidence > continue.

          No, it's because it was originally an expansion pack for Halo 3, but after that game was so successful Bungie basically bought themselves back from Microsoft, but Microsoft still had them on the hook for two more Halo games, so they spun ODST into a full game.

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