Team Fortress Would Be So Much Better With Giant Robots

Team Fortress Would Be So Much Better With Giant Robots
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The Titanfall hype has reached the Team Fortress community too, causing YouTuber The Winglet to create this top notch giant mech animation using Souce Filmmaker.

Here’s the full clip:

The Bolted Behemoth [The Winglet, YouTube]


  • no it wouldn’t. The whole point of TF2 being so great years after release is because of the completely different classes, but hey, let’s change that with giant mechs that make everyone the same because that’s the thing to do right now.

    Also, Mann vs Machines

    • If you’re referring to Titan Fall in that comment you’re wrong, they have different classes for both Pilot and Titan which makes sure everyone is NOT the same.

  • This has actually nothing to do with Titanfall, at all. For a gaming news site it sure shows a lack of knowledge about games if they don’t even know about Man vs Machine

  • It seems like Gergo Vas has absolutely no knowledge on this 7 year old game.

    Having said that, pretty fuckin’ slick animation.

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