Tell Us Dammit: Games You Don't 'Get'

I've been playing a lot of Dark Souls recently, and I've um... been talking about it fairly frequently! What I've realised is there is a stark divide. You either 'get' Dark Souls or you hate it. What games do you feel like you don't 'get'?

Like, I never really feel like I 'get' racing games. I'm talking about sims like Gran Turismo and Forza. I've never been able to fully invest in a game like that.

The new breed of PC games like DOTA and League of Legends. I don't know if that's something I completely understand either, but I think that might be my own fault for not giving them a chance.

What about you guys and girls — what are the games you feel like you don't get?



    Although that may be because I played Alundra first and all Zelda games have yet to match it.

      While Alundra is a great game, a couple of the zelda games smash it out of the park, OOT and Links awakening just 2.

        Oh, look, another Link's Awakening evangelist! I used to get so much crap for claiming that the GameBoy Zelda was better than its SNES big brother :-)

          It's the best one!

            Link To The Past is the best Zelda game.

              LTTP established a good template that Link's Awakening polished to a shine.

              It gave you full control over your items (the shield is actually useful, perhaps too useful, and you can swap away from it to combine multiple items for hidden effects), humorous writing, memorable characters, and an actual plot.

              I really love the way that Link is kind of the Bad Guy in LA. The Nightmares are actually trying to protect the island and its inhabitants by keeping the Wind Fish asleep. Link slowly and systematically weakens them before finally destroying their entire world, all for his own gain.

              It's one of my favourite games of all time :-)

          Ah, Link's Awakening. I very much enjoyed that game - it did feel a lot like Link To The Past 2, and Link To The Past is still one of my all-time faves. Hardly anyone seems to have played it though!

          It's also the last Zelda I played, since I defected from Nintendo to Sony after that generation of consoles and I didn't own a handheld console after the original Gameboy (until getting a PSP which I ended up hardly ever using thanks to the rise of smartphones).

          True story: my Gameboy got stolen from our house when I was 13 or whatever along with a few game cartridges stored next to it. One of those stolen games was Link's Awakening, but when we got the insurance we never replaced that so I didn't get to play it again, luckily I'd already beaten it once!

    Gaming with a mouse and keyboard.

    EDIT: In terms of games...I'm yet to find any enjoyment in playing MMORPG's.

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      Amen Brother - on both counts

      A mouse and keyboard were designed to do work - a controller was designed for games

      Also terrible - touchscreen gaming.

        Agreed. Howeber,one of the games I'm playing most often at the moment is called Table Top Racing. It's on Android/iOS and is a cross between Micro Machines and Mario Kart (kind of.) The touch controls are so simple and it just works. Really fun and worth checking out. For me, it was the biggest 'wow' moment in mobile gaming I've experienced.

        Sounds like your only a console gamer. The amount of games that play better with a controller is very slim to what plays better with a KB / Mouse combo.

        If you are only a console gamer, then you are literally ONLY playing games designed for a controller, so your only seeing one side of the story.

          Yeah, I have trouble believing that people find a gamepad more intuitive and easier to control when playing an RTS or point-and-click adventure game. And there's a reason that console gamers aren't allowed to play with PC gamers in FPSes - PC gamers DESTROY console gamers with the precision of the mouse and keyboard for aiming. Console gamers don't realize how ham-fisted and clunky their aim-assisted shooting is until they've been headshot from hell-to-breakfast by the average mouse-user.

            Remember in the mid 90's (Quake era) when playing with a mouse became a thing for FPS. Poor keyboarders didn't stand a chance and all of a sudden people were having to relearn how to play if they wanted to be competitive.

              Hell, I remember that mouselook was available on Build Engine games like Duke3D, but actually trying to DO that was a recipe for vertigo. Quake was the first FPS to actually give us realistic enough 3D that we didn't pass out trying to mouse-look. And yeah... Keyboarders got destroyed and had to learn. Fast. It was a big adjustment, being ground-breaking territory... Man. The things you take for granted, these days. Kids who weren't around for actual innovations, not just what publishers put as 'bullet-points on the back of the box' innovations.

            Indeed. Playing Sniper Elite V2 tonight for example, I got my 360 wired controller for my pc, decided to see how it went with the game instead of mouse and keyboard.

            Christ it was horrible. A sniper game calls for the fine aiming skill that ONLY comes from a mouse. I used to believe that a controller in skilled hands could match a mouse/kb combo but its purely wishful thinking. It never will.

      Play a fps with a decent mouse and keyboard for 2 hours you will change your mind. For third person games a completely agree with you though.

        I played one for six hours last night and still think it's awful and want to get a controller instead.

          Yep. The mouse was handy, but a typewriter is not a good game controller.

            That's your mistake, right there. Try a keyboard. They're much more effective than typewriters, especially when they're actually connected to the computer you're using.

              qwerty was designed specifically for typewriters, right?

              I also took your advice and hooked up my Casio keyboard to my PC. I think that was actually worse.

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        Some third person games I'd rather play with a controller, e.g. Batman Arkham Asylum. TPS games like Saints Row? Please give me the tools of the master race.

      Hmm ... troll?

      Really, different controllers work for different genres. Fighting games, platformers, RPGs/JRPGs ... controller all the way. Shoot-em-ups too (i.e. your traditional vertical or horizontal scrollers). Driving and flight sims too are better with a controller compared to a mouse/kb (though a proper joystick/wheel beats both options).

      OTOH, RTSes (especially twitchy ones) and most MMOs would simply not work on a controller. There's simply too many commands you need to be able to access quickly than can be covered by the 8-10 buttons on a controller, and the ability to select both points AND quickly drag to select outlined areas of the screen is vital.

      FPS are a mixed bag. FPS games can work well with a controller IF the game is made for it (i.e. has some 'forgiveness' in how precisely you aim or has some form of auto-aiming), but it'll never approach the speed and pixel-perfect precision of a mouse for aiming (a mouse allows you to do anything from the finest adjustments to instant 180-degree turns, since it has a greater range of sensitivity than is possible with a thumb stick with maybe a 1 cm range of movement).

      ARPGs are a mixed bag too - a mouse is better for most, but if the game is designed for a controller, it can work with a controller too (see the console version of D3, which has a redesigned control scheme and different monster layouts/density to account for the limitations of what you can do with the thumb sticks cf. a mouse).

    Most recently, titanfall, halo is another and any sport games. I'd rather go outside and play the sport. I know they are good for others though.

    I'll give titanfall another go once its released.

    Nintendo games. Any of them.

      see im not a fan of mario.... but i love many nintendo games.... in all seriousness.... whats not to love?
      Most are fun, look great have fantastic gameplay.
      Im honestly curious.

      Same here, I can see they're clearly well made and all the ones I've played have been fun for a few minutes but I lost interest in them very quickly

      Apart from Rogue Squadron but that was a special case. Also really only playable on PC where you didn't have to suffer that mess of a controller they made for the n64

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        Also really only playable on PC where you didn't have to suffer that mess of a controller they made for the n64

        You take that back, the N64 controller is one of my favourite controllers of all time, after XBox and Gamecube.

          But it was designed for aliens with 3 hands. How are you meant to get to the buttons if your hand is firmly gripped around a separate part of the controller?

            Its really simple, put your left hand on the dpad your right hand on the bit with the buttons and then simply put your left hand on the thumb stick.

              That's the best description of the n64 controller I've read.

              I'm double jointed in my thumbs the n64 controller is a breeze.

          It was a piece of crap. The buttons were awful the stick was really rough and stupidly placed, the only way I can think it'd be useful is if you were supposed to hold the controller with the side handles and use the stick with your genitals. Now that I think of that configuration, it would have made the rumble pack a more attractive addon...

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    MOBA's... never understood why people like them, from what i understand you click around in circles for 10 minutes while a tower does all the damage then you gank a player when he has no health..... then you click around in circles again till the next gank... i dont see the fun in that at all.

    And RTS games like starcraft, i get they are massive but i could never put in the time to learn the micromanagement needed to be any good.

      This, never could get into DOTA/LoL. I understand that there's a lot of skill involved but I can't see the fun in it.

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      MOBA's are all about clutch play. Thats what got me hooked. There a lot of ways in DOTA to be skilfull in the way you take down the other team. Or that one time that you killed 3 enemy heroes while surviing on 1hp. It's all about ganking.. and not just waiting at your tower. Of course it makes it more enjoyable when you have a friend to play with as it's easier to coordinate hero skills together to do massive damage.

      It's kind of a shame that micro is the route RTSes went. That's not strategy, it's tactics. They should be called RTT games.

    I bought Skyrim and Battlefield 3 at the same time and hated them. I gave them so much time to grow on me but it just didn't happen.

    MMOs - just never appealed. slow progress = lots of grinding = paying more monthly subscriptions. (for those games that still have subs, at least) I feel I can spend my gaming time more productively & it feels a bit exploitative of the player.

    Multiplayer-only shooters like Titanfall, and to a lesser degree, CoD (coz who plays it only for the SP campaign?). especially ones that make it hard to find & play with your mates. I don't like random people & the few times I've actually gone in & played with randoms, the whole vibe of the thing is really off-putting.

    Driving simulators. Not racing games - car games that describe themselves as driving sims. it sounds super wanky.

      I agree with everything that this apparently highly intelligent and probably good-looking person has said (in this post, anyway...)

        I am so sorry to tell you this, but you're gonna be very disappointed on both counts.

      As far as driving sims go, I’ve only played Forza 2. I don’t know how hardcore of a sim it is considered, but it gets pretty in depth and they advertise it as a racing sim.

      There was a certain challenge where I really fell in love with it. It was one where you had to beat 2 higher class cars around one big circuit. The first couple times, I raced them and they were just so much faster than I. No matter how perfectly I drove they were way ahead. Then I dove into the mechanics, selecting harder tyres, adjusting spoilers, using more rigid suspension, swapping gearboxes. They give you some great explanations of what each thing does, so it wasn’t overwhelming. After 5 or 6 attempts I beat them. I’m no rev head but damn that was satisfying. I haven’t picked up any racing sims since, I don’t think there have been huge developments that have grabbed me, but I will likely get another one this gen.

        don't get me wrong, I don't begrudge anyone liking them, I just don't 'get' them.

        eg: Gran Turismo Prologue. the way it has a focus on following the ideal driving lines, getting the speed right etc. & it doesn't feel 'racy' more just.... driving because that's what you like.

        I mean I can totally understand the appeal that the fantasy of driving a multi-million dollar car around picturesque European tracks has for some people. its like the wet dream of any car enthusiast.
        but yeah, I'm no car enthusiast. hell, I don't even have a licence. so its all a bit lost on me.

        Edit: having said that though, I do have a soft spot for some racing games. Especially the Burnout series & that new "Next Car Game" thing. OTT crashes are the best thing about car games..

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          Yeah that's fair enough. I just thought I'd share why I like them, despite not really being in to cars. I guess there are strategy elements that can be really well done.

    Bioshock. The first one especially. Everybody loved it, I liked the setting and Rapture and story and everything but the game itself I just couldn't enjoy.

      I can agree with you there. They are beautiful games, but I just can't enjoy them no matter how much time I put in. I have the latest one through PS+ and while it's a beautiful game to look at, it hasn't sucked me in.

      ...the fact that I received my PS4 on Monday isn't helping hehe

      Same boat, although I really didn't enjoy much about the first Bioshock. I'm a much bigger fan of an open world type feel, and Bioshock was just so dark, enclosed, I just didn't enjoy it. Tried to play Infinite as well, but it didn't click, so I gave up

      You speak the truth brother! I completed it, but I found the whole "switching between plasmids and guns, then switching between the different ammo types" really detracted from the gameplay and was unnecessary.

    Journey, might be the fact that for some reason I never seem to encounter anyone, ever. I've put about 3 hours into it and gave up cause I got bored and never saw another soul.
    Edit: I was really excited to play it too, such a dissapointment

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      That's bizarre. I've finished the game about a dozen times and I don't think I've been alone after reaching the scarf bridge (the first place you can encounter someone).

    Animal Crossing.

    I really tried to get into New Leaf. I really did. But it just felt so much like one of those Facebook games and I couldn't figure out exactly why I was playing. So I ended up writing a bunch of threatening letters to all the townsfolk, made a bunch of penis hats and called it quits.

      I played ACNL for about five weeks to and from work. I think I basically got to a point where I was just grinding to keep buying house upgrades and realised there was no point to it whatsoever. There was nothing to actually accomplish. It didn't matter one bit whether I had a fully upgraded house or a crapshack, unless I wanted to fill it with furniture to earn a high score to compete with other people with giant houses and I very much did not want to do that.

      LOL I didn't even bother with new leaf. I played the DS one years ago and hated it even though I'm a nintendo fanboy. Animal Crossing is defs on my list. Cheers!

      To be honest, I don’t think most people obsessed with Animal Crossing can entirely explain it. It just seems to inexplicably hit that sweet spot with certain people.

      I was so addicted to Animal Crossing WW. It's just something that you need to do everyday even though the gameplay is REALLY mundane. One day you'll just be like "I've had enough".

      This. Absolutely. I put over 50 hours into my game, and I cannot for the life of me figure out why that was. When I was in the throes of it, I described it as 'gaming crack', and I'm more than relieved to be free of it now.

    MMOs. I feel like if I'm going to invest 300 hours into an RPG character I want to be the bigshot, not one of 4 million other tools running around doing the same quests, and the idea of grouping for raids etc sounds good in theiry but dealing with other people in a virtual space would frustrate the hell out of me. Plus, I dislike grinding, and MMOs in general feel like too much of a time commitment. I just don't see how people do it.

      Its the sunk time fallacy.

      I've spent so much time getting my character good, I don't want to stop now or all that time will be wasted.

      So they keep playing.

    Crusader Kings II. It seems like an amazing game but I cannot be bothered learning how it works. That and the tutorial was no help.

      do what I did install the early AGOT mod and play that untill you get the hang of the interface. The early mods strip out alot of the features(researching tech etc) and are a bit easier to manage as the world is smaller.

      The tutorial is awful, but I love it in spite of that.

      If you ever want to try again, I recommend the videos on youtube by quill18

        Or the videos by Arumba. He must have several hundred hours of them by now.

          I'll give them a crack. Again I'm sure it's an amazing game it's just that initial hurdle that stops me.

          I'll get back into it when i clear my backlog of games. Yeah firs world problems.

    Here we go. I'm going to say something sacrilegious.


    It was I thought I wanted it. I thought I would love it. I get the urge to try it again, but I've ended up just not getting into it. I don't even know why. It's an RPG, you have to go hunting to pick up new monsters and didn't click.

      I cant play the new ones. The faint animation of one of the pokemon made me feel ultra guilty, so I decided to just leave it.

      I never even wanted it. All my friends had it on gameboy and stuff but it NEVER appealed to me. Ever.

    MMO's - I'd much rather play a single player RPG then collect 10 flowers for 300 hours to get to level 30, and Tower Defense games - never got the appeal of building towers whilst a seemingly never ending bunch of enemies attempt to march past, its just not fun for me.

      Also pokemon, I just really dislike the universe and don't get the appeal...

      I felt the same way about tower defense games until I played Plants Vs. Zombies, that game is so addictive.

        Yeah, I did play that and did kinda like it but I still don't really 'get it'. Just not my type of genre I guess :)

    MOBA's. I did enjoy SMITE a little bit but the amount of items is just too much and I can't be bothered learning them while getting abused by some idiot.

    MMO's mainly, like others have mentioned I just don't see the appeal of paying a monthly subscription just to be able to play, and all that grinding.

    Turn based RPG's are another, I just want to attack, but instead I'm forced to stand there and wait my turn, it frustrates the hell out of me.

    I also couldn't get into Minecraft or Skyrim, but I haven't put a hell of a lot of time into either of them, so I may give them another go in the future.

    Battlefield and COD*. Also MMORGPs...

    *I enjoyed COD4

    MOBAs escape me. I understand the appeal, but I just can't play them. I suck at them, and the communities are generally elitist jerkoffs with no interest in helping others.

    Bioshock escapes me - Rapture was a pretty great creation, gorgeous to look at - but the games themselves are the most generic, uninspired first person shooters I've ever forced myself through.
    So Bioshock 1 and 2 were pretty to look at, but crap to play, but Infinite was just plain drudgery across the board.

    Animal Crossing lost me - I played for about two days until I realised I'd just accepted a second job that wasn't even paying me. It's a responsibility simulator - I get the whole 'no real goal, joy of playing a game with no pressure' thing but it's largely BS. That game places SO much responsibility and generally anti-fun things, it's insane.

    Then again, each to their own. I love MMO's, some people hate them. I love zombie survival/sandbox games, some people hate them. Different strokes and all.

      I get MOBAs. They seem like they'd be a lot of fun. But the community is just so damned terrible. And all the starting level matches for absolute beginners are full of high level players with snuff accounts abusing beginners for not knowing how to play. In beginner matches. Da Fuq.

        Definitely. I think there's also a measure of performance anxiety that also accompanies RTS titles. Some people are so hardcore you just feel like a world class putz for getting your ass handed to you over and over again. Probably just need to persist and play with people who want to teach you/aren't jerkoffs.

      I don't even know what MOBA stands for. I know what DOTA and LoL are, though and I get the appeal but yeah, barrier of entry insane (same reason that after enjoying games like Doom 2 and Quake when I was young I don't even try picking up a multiplayer FPS anymore; no real interest in taking on people who have been playing them for years while slinging every ignorant slur in the book).

    Let's see...
    Pokemon: Never really understood the craze about it. Loved the cards, hate the games.
    Halo: Really enjoyed playing Halo 3, bought Halo 4 last year and just can't do it.
    The Witcher: The whole control system is confusing and ruins the game by having to pause it all the time.
    Final Fantasy (all of them): Never really got into it, or any JRPG for that matter. The combat system doesn't appeal to me, and the whole premise of the game just frustrates me.
    Dragon Age: Same as above.
    MOBAs: I don't like any MOBA, at all. Gave DOTA a try, hated it. Too complicated to learn and everyone calls you a noob while you try to learn. Same goes for LoL.
    RTSs: Used to play a bit of Age Of Empires, but I find that now they're too slow when playing single player and almost impossible multi-player.
    Brink: Just. No.
    Any Splinter Cell game: see above

    I think that just about covers it.

      So you only like sport/racing and some FPS's?

        I don't know if your comment was an attack or just an observation, so I don't really know how else to reply. I am currently doing a diploma of game design, so I don't really have much time to play many games these days (along with having a kid). I guess I'm an eclectic gamer. I really love some games and really hate others, doesn't matter what genre it is. I like a game for having good design, good gameplay, and good story. I will always have a love for RPGs like Fallout and Skyrim.
        Defining what games you like is really difficult, as there is so much about many different games I love, but player progression is a really important part to me, which is why I don't like games where you don't really get to build a character from the ground up. I guess I should probably give a few of the games I've mentioned above a better shot, as I've only played most of them for a few hours at most. Generally, if a game doesn't grip me within the first 2 hours, I lose interest.
        The only game which I pushed through to get really absorbed by which had a boring start was Mass Effect. I LOVE that game.

          Not an attack! Seems like you just narrowed your choices down to almost only those three options, which I respect. I like SOME Fp's and hate others, I love some RPG's and hate others. It really boils down to mechanics, voice acting, graphics etc. So I wouldn't say I like one genre or another, as there are great and terrible games in all genres.
          I can relate to that "gripping" statement. I just attempted to play Thief. I gave it a generous two hours, could not get into it AT ALL. SO BORING. But that being said, I loved Dishonored.

            Yeah I'm the same man. I like games based on their individual characteristics, not because they belong to a certain genre. I like the look of Heroes Of The Storm, and that's a MOBA.

    Any and all sports games, including car racing games. I know that it's because i don't like sports in real life, and I primarily game for escapism.


      So you don't have fun hopping into a racing game and not actually racing? Just doing silly things that you can't do IRL?

        That would keep me entertained for about 20 mins, so would trying to get my entire team sent off, or injure all the opposing team's players. I could find some enjoyment using the game, but it wouldn't be as the game was designed, and I still wouldn't 'get' the game.

        I once tried playing Blood-Bowl, thinking that with elves, orks, etc. it would be a parody of what I disliked about sports games.
        No, apparently you still needed a working knowledge of the sports it was imitating to get what was going on.

    I don't get how in Spider-Man games he can attach his web to thin air

      So you don't have an issue with him actually slinging webs just that they don't attach to anything sometimes...???

      I think some of the later Spiderman games latch the webs onto buildings.

      In Spiderman 2 you could only attach to buildings which was cool.

        I played Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions and it was just lazy how it was implemented as a sort of double-jump

    GTA, I just don't get the appeal

    Pokemon - never got into the games. Watched an episode of the cartoon and was very confused. It just seems like a blatant "spend money collecting all this shit" without giving anything substantially entertaining in return but I admit I haven't looked into it enough and it sells by the billions so there must be something worthwhile in there.

    First person shooters - specifically Halo and CoD / Battlefield. For first person games I need a specific theme to hook me in. Either scary / supernatural (FEAR, The Darkness) or fantasy like Elder Scrolls. Alien and War shooters have never really interested me.

    I don't get most turn-based video games. It's not the turn-based-ness of them that bothers me, really, it's the way that they all seem to rely on randomness.

    I don't think that randomness has any place in video games, at least not when it comes to determining the outcome of a player's actions. It's fine for setting up a scenario, but not for arbitrarily deciding that a player's shot has missed and the enemy's shot has been a critical hit that killed the player in one go. That's not strategic or challenging, it's just frustrating. The player had no control over the outcome of their actions.

    It's even worse when the developers go the extra step and design systems to prevent "save scumming". The players aren't cheating, devs, they're working around your bad game design.

    The preceding post has been my opinion, and I'm extremely happy for you to have your own and continue loving the crap out of XCOM :-)

      Things like Civ are really good though.

        I should probably confess, to my eternal shame, that I've never played any of the Civ games. I don't know how or if they implement randomness.

        If you're bringing it up just because it's turn based, then you make a fair point. I shouldn't have said "turn based games", because my rant really has nothing to do with having to take turns. Randomness just tends to be a feature of turn based titles, and the games that rely on it strike me as being good despite their randomness, not as a result.

          Yeah, I don't like random games, or worse, games with stats which makes no sense (like 1 point will be the difference between a 1-hit KO or not - I'm using Deer Hunter 2014 as my example here).

          Civ games don't seem random to me. The world is randomly generated, but then it becomes how well you can survive in that environment. Defense stats etc are given by terrain, so that's not random, and I think (but I'm not sure) that all units of the same type have the same stats.

    Final Fantasy (tried had no idea gave up), Cod and Battlefield (although i think if i had the time when they first came out i would have gotten into them),

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