Tell Us Dammit: What Is The Worst Game You've Ever Bought?

We've all bought stinkers. Mostly I bought them as a kid because I had nothing to go on except the bloody picture on the box, especially on the Spectrum when I was super young. But what is the worst game you've ever actually spent money on?

I remember spending a whole heap of money, like 50 pounds ($80-$90AU) on an imported Sonic Blastman for the SNES. It was like a sidescrolling beat 'em up. Not the cool punching arcade game. That was a brutal decision.

I bought a whole heap of terrible licensed games for the Spectrum, like Back to the Future. That was brutal and I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing.

What are some of the worst games you've ever bought?


    Beyblade for the Gamecube.

    Every animation was pretty much the same, so monotonous.


      I am the drunken master of Beyblades on the GC, but don't tell anyone. My friend bought it from Target for $3. Cheap enough to be a for the lulz purchase.

        I went back and played it recently for a drunken gaming night, my friend wanted to stab me for ruining his night hahahaha

    Dungeons and Dragons Tactics for PSP. I'd heard it wasn't great, but I thought the mechanics would get me through. I was so, so wrong.

      Wasn't too bad tbh, was close to the Pen&Paper rules, really enjoyed it actually.

        it was way, way, way too clunky, and had no proper RP choices.

          True, but just to satisfy your need for some RPG while not being able to assemble a group of people for some proper D&D, it did the trick.

      Oh it wasn't that bad!

      Okay, it pretty much was, wasn't it?

    Terminator 2 on PC back in the 90s. Wow. What a pile of excrement.

      I had the Amiga version!
      I wouldn't go so far to say it was *terrible* as such.... but it was certainly a crazy mish-mash of different game-types. Side scrolling shooter, top down driving, some weird shooter/mortal combat style levels....

        A don't forget the arm puzzle!

          The arm puzzle! Where you had to rewire the circuits in his arm!

          Wow... I actually have fond memories of this game!

      My brother bought that. Paid something stupid like $80 for it too. Urgh

    For me it would have to be Far Cry 2.

      I also had a great deal of trouble with FC2. I've since gone back and tried again, just because so many people are crazy for it - still nothing.

      Some people believe it's better than 3.

        I believe they should have expanded what they did in Far Cry 2 instead of making an apology sequel.

      Agreed, and I only bought it for $5 on a steam sale.

    Hard to say. I used to pirate games a couple years back, so I had no problem with uninstalling ridiculously bugged and generally shitty games. These days, I kinda have a big Steam library so I don't really have much of a thought when relegating a game to the 'shit' pile.

    The one that resonates with me the most recently, is NFS Rivals. $79 is the most I've paid for a game ever, and I really didn't like my first couple of hours with it. It may change, but for now it sticks out the most.

      That's kinda interesting to hear, actually. From what I've seen of my friend playing it, it looks like fun. Mind if I ask what you don't like about it so far?

        I never liked the way NFS implements police into the games, so I don't even know why I bought it tbh. But, once again, the police implementation is dog shit. Ai doesn't follow same logic or rules as a human player has to follow. Also the whole "you need to bank your points or you lose them" thing is okay, but it really sucks when coupled with bad game design like above.

          Huh. You kinda have a point, actually. I'm still stuck playing 2012's NFS Most Wanted and it seems I'm always being chased by cops. I'm never given the chance to actually reach a destination, and by the time I get there I already have the points needed to çontinue anyway due to how bloody long the pursuits go for.

          Also, yes, the AI is dog shit.

            I'm part-way through 2012's Most Wanted too, and I think I like it more. Better music, no 'if you don't back it you lose it' point system.

            I think when I beat rank 7 most wanted car, the cops became less of a problem (since I had better car). Can outrun the first lot on straights, and easy to lose in the city.

              Yeah, everything else about the game is awesome though. The soundtrak especially.
              The time has come to
              PUSH THE BUTTON

    I took Two Worlds back the same day I bought it and demanded a refund, it was that terrible.
    Also Kingdom Under Fire : Circle of Doom. Both were just awful.

    My copies of Fallout NV (Collector's Edition, too) and Skyrim, both for PS3 were traded in within a week or two of purchasing, because they were unplayable messes.

    Anything else I've bought that's terrible I've just kind of dealt with. Usually purchase regret for me comes from Steam, where there's not a lot you can do about it.

      If you were a fan of the original KUF games check this out.

      Comes out in a few months on ps4 in english, not sure if the pc version will be though. Looks like a nice combination of both, gives me hope at least. Though it has a weird MMORTS aspect to it along with a full fledged single player. Hard to find information on it so could has miss read aspects.

      Last edited 06/02/14 11:43 am

        I bought KUF:CoD on recommendation from a friend who was nuts for the previous titles. We fired up CoD and he was just as disappointed as me. Apparently the others were different/much better. I'll look into it - thanks!

          Yeah when i saw it at the shop i was all =O omg a kingdom game yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh then basically cried when i tried to play it.

          The others were wihtout a doubt th hardest games i had played in my life but aslo insanely rewarding. The combat was extraordinarily deep with resource management in terms of funds to upgrade either you character or troops/both. You had to be smart with every single move. Though I played it as a small child i only ever got through a couple medium levels and 1 hard and half the easy on the first game. Never new there was a sequel on the original xbox too, which i just found out about and am looking for a copy xD.

            That trailer looks brilliant, by the way. CoD, from memory was just running from screen to screen killing people, and that was about it. Was a bit puzzled when my friend told me how awesome the others were - but seems they're pretty much completely different games.

              Just bought the sequel on ebay for $6 after confirming my old xbox still worked, pretty excited.
              But yes the Cod game was rubbish it was a hack n slash in the vein of 99nights and dynasty warriors except as a fan of dynasty warriors it was done really badly. It made no sense why it was even released as a kingdom game when it was so extraordinarily far removed from the genre.

    007 Nightfire, for GameCube. After reading everywhere about how it was a "GoldenEye killer" I wanted in on that. But... no. No it isn't. Not at all :P

    I think I've managed to avoid terrible games since then though. At least, ones that are genuinely awful, not like the bad games that are still enjoyable anyway.

    Actually wait, I ended up with Bioshock. Thought it was going to be good, but it turned out to be completely unenjoyable :P At least in that case I only spent $15 on it.

      Pretty sure I bought nightfire 3 times over the period of owning an original Xbox. Something about it kept me coming back.

      Wow. This was my first thought! I learned to love the game for itself given time, but Nintendo Gamer hyped it up waaay too much.

        Hahaha yes! Accursed Nintendo Gamer!

        Loved that magazine, but that was the one time they steered me wrong :P

    If we're taking purchase price into account, then my most costly lesson was the $150 Balls of Steel Edition of Duke Nukem Forever.
    Now the Duke bust sits on my shelf, watching, reminding me to think twice about those Collector's Edition preorders.

      Oh man, I'd purged that from my memory, I did the same and got the Balls of Steal Edition. So much excitement....... so much dissapointment.
      the best bit of the game was the air hockey table.

      The bust is pretty awesome though.

        Awesome and awesome at reminding me of my stupidity. It will always be proudly(?) displayed wherever I live.
        (Still wish I'd grabbed a bunch of them the year EB cleared them out for $5, would have been fantastic troll gifts)

          The bust is sitting on my desk at work, silently judging everybody who walks past. He's staring at me right now....

            Bob, get back to work!

      I bought the standard copy of it... was sad. Then I gave it away to someone who didn't know better. Karma came back to bite me when I won the Balls of Steel edition, that bust sits there silently judging me for my cruelty to my fellow man.

      I just got the standard edition but I was returning it within 2 hours.... Horrible game

    Games that come to mind a few years back at least was Agarest: Generations of War on ps3 and the kingdom under fire circle of doom. I still remembering the latter and within 30 minutes of renting from the video store i rang them up and asked if i could change it because it was so far beyond awful.

    They thankfully agreed and I rented something else. Then there was Tales of Xillia, having loved tales F and read nothing but good things about Xil. Even got hyped and talked it up to others but my god it was trucking awful. After the first city the entire game fell apart, it had literal worse environments that those atelier games. The game was a downgrade in every conceivable aspect over F, combat, story, scenery, flow. It deserved to be eradicated from history.

    I don't make any mistakes like that anymore, at

      Yeah, I'm seeing a lot of other folks burned on Circle of Doom, too. GODS that was terrible. I rented that one too, but it was through The MovieGuys and their game-by-mail subscription service, so all I really lost was a few days of postage time, thankfully.

        I was super bummed because my friend always raved about Kingdom Under Fire. We played CoD, and poor guy was like ' The others are nothing like this! I swear!' I believe him though. kingpotato posted a trailer slightly further up for the new one and it looks pretty damned good.

    Depends on what you call "bad" for the purposes of spending money on. I bought a copy of Zero Wing, just for the laugh factor. And I bought 14 copies of Madden 1994 as part of an elaborate joke.

    Can't really recall buying any games expecting something good and getting something different. Probably put them out the back of my mind and forgotten about them I guess.

    Hidden & Dangerous. The game wouldn't even load for me so I didn't get to witness the sweet buggy goodness inside

    Don't you be knocking Spectrum games though @markserrels . Actually do. I got Short Circuit & Short Circuit 2 in a car boot sale. It was terrible. The best games were usually the ones given away on the Spectrum magazine :D Crash Magazine I think it was called

      It was a buggy mess but it was an awesome buggy mess,

      Dude, I loved Crash. I was a subscriber!

        Same here, well technically my dad was a subscriber, I just read them

        Last edited 06/02/14 2:53 pm

    I'm not sure because I find that when I spend money on something, if it sucks I try and talk myself into liking it so I don't feel so much like I wasted my money. Probably regret buying Brutal Legend the most because it was not the game the demo made it out to be and I ended up just watching my husband play it instead of playing it myself.

      This! A thousand times this!

      The switch from action adventure hack & slash game to console RTS was the exact reason I didn't back broken age when the pitch was "give me money and I'll make a game" because I remembered what happened the last time.

      Such a tragedy, I detest jack black with a burning passion and I was able to still really, really enjoy the game despite the fact his stupid voice was polluting it but then the gameplay went to crap...

        Uh oh. :( I have decently high hopes for this game and haven't played it yet...

          Do it, it's still a great game. Especially if you love heavy metal.

            I love heavy metal and that was the only thing that saved the game. If someone doesn't have a fondness for that type of music then they'll most likely struggle to think fondly of Brutal Legend.

              I'm not that fond of music in general and yet I still loved the game.

        The atmosphere is spectacular and everything about the game (apart from jack black) is fantastic right up until it became something I hated. I was going to put it on easy and plough through it but I just couldn't work up the enthusiasm

        edit: Shit, I accidently replied to myself so I look like a dickhead. Oi @stickman, read this.

        Last edited 06/02/14 12:45 pm

          I'm not a big fan of Black in general, but he has some perfect performances and this, in my opinion, is one of them (along with Kung Fu Panda... I love that movie...)

          I agree about the gameplay, though. I was really digging this game in the beginning, but I never finished it because it became such a chore to get through.

    I can already read the smartass comments about popular games, "Huuur I bought Call of Duty, hyuk!"

    At first I was going to say Ninja Gaiden 3, as it's the only game I can think of that made me cry over how bad it was. I then thought of Dirge of Cerberus, a game that was just overall lame.

    But then I remembered back in my youth I played Dino Crisis 3, a game I couldn't stand for more than 2 hours.

    Buying fighters on the N64 was always a hazardous prospect, and I never played War Gods which was apparently the king of terrible, BUT I did buy a copy of a game called Dark Rift back in the day which was freaking horrible.

    I distinctly remember the pain in my elbow after battling with the controls for a few hours and then trying to smash the cartridge using ‘The People’s Elbow’ (it was the 1998 don’t forget).

      OMG I completely forgot about Dark Rift - it's hard being a fan of Nintendo games AND fighting games! Eventually games like Dark Rift and War Gods drove me to just buy a PS1!

      Fighter's Destiny was alright though and Mace: the Dark Age was awesome!

    PN03. Awful. Absolutely awful. It had a couple cool animations when you jumped around and that was it. It was the same damn levels and bosses over and over again.

      I like PN03. I think it's a cool little shooter, although it did seem to be a little different from what they were aiming to do in the first place.

      I'd really like to see a new one, with more of a rhythm game element added to it. That could be fun, if implemented well.

    24: The Game on PS2.

    I bought it because it was $10 when Myer were clearing out all their gaming stock. Played it (shithouse), then traded it at EB for $15 :D

    Oh, I also bought the C64 version of Afterburner.

    What. A. Dog.

      Oh come on, it was almost indistinguishable from the arcade game so long as you ignored those ways it was different and not as good.

        Well... it did have a plane in it...

        In fairness it wasn't much worse than the C64 version of the other Sega classic of the time, Outrun. That sucked too.

          A plane AND missiles! Sky too! See, almost identical.

          Arcade conversions was never really what the C64 did best, it always shined with bespoke software that wasn't trying to copy something more powerful or radically different but using the system to its fullest extent.

            There were some pretty good arcade conversions, just not the flashiest, most cutting edge stuff later in its lifespan.

            The C64 version of Bubble Bobble was freakin' awesome. And Buggy Boy... Ikari Warriors... probably some others I can't remember right now.

            Oh, another one for the hall of shame - the C64 version of Double Dragon! Man, it's all coming rushing back now...

              Did you ever play the arcade of Ikari Warriors? It had those weird joysticks with the rotating top which controlled the direction of your gun, it kind of made them a twin stick shooter with only one stick.

              Since it didn't have the custom hardware the c64 version wasn't really that faithful a conversion but it was still a great game. Obviously the same basic thing but different enough to feel new and they didn't do something dumb like make it require 2 joysticks to use.

              Double Dragon may have sucked but to counter it, we had Street Hassle

              Last edited 06/02/14 12:52 pm

                Yeah, there were a few games around at the time that used those twisty joysticks. I still enjoyed Ikari Warriors on the C64 a lot. Liked it much more than the Commando conversion because (a) simultaneous 2 player co-op and (b) grenades were mapped to the button (press for shoot, hold down for grenade).

                I used to have to put my C64 on the floor when playing commando so I could tap the space bar with my toe, enabling me to throw a grenade without letting go of the stick :P And even then, Commando would only throw grenades forward (i.e. up the screen), while Ikari would throw them whatever direction you were facing.

                  Toe control was a vital part of C64 gaming, getting underutilised body parts pulling their weight so you can focus on using your hands on the important parts. It was the TrackIR of its day.

          Hey, the C64 Outrun was actually pretty damn good. The SID music was utterly fantastic and the game played better than the Amiga version.

          No arguments about Afterburner. It had a plane, there was shooting, but I don't recall much else positive.

    How did you possibly expect to play the punch-bag version of Sonic Blastman on a SNES?

    Something called Zombieville by Prognosis. It wasn't even remotely in any kind of working state, but they sold it anyway.

    Golden Axe: Beast Rider. An defilement of a childhood favourite and the only game I've broken a controller over. Literally: I got so frustrated and disillusioned at one point that I hurled my Dualshock across the room, breaking the right trigger. I try to be calmer these days.

    What I took away from the experience is that franchise reboots are like burying things in Stephen King's Pet Semetery: sometimes dead is better.

    Island of Dr. Radiaki. So so bad. The fact I can't even find a single illegal copy of it online speaks volumes.

      Holycrap, I saw an ad in Hyper for this game and thought it looked amazing. It had a baseball bat, and a flamethrower whaaaaaaaaat. Never found a copy though, I looked online a few years ago and also turned up zilch lol

    I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned "Aliens: Colonial Marines". It's up on my shelf... though the statue is kind of nice(it's a shame it's not Ripley though).

    i have had a few games with really bad gameplay.
    but the worst game i have ever bought was GRID 2 by codemasters!
    the game never worked... no matter what i do.
    they "tried" helping me for about 3 months, but i gave up.

    I remember mum buying me and my brother World League Basketball on the snes with so much pride because the guy at David Jones said it was 'the best game around', and feeling so terrible for her when we played it and realised it was rubbish. So we played the hell out of it.

    note: this happened more than once

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