Tell Us The Best PS3 Game Of 2006. And 2007. And 2008...

Tell Us The Best PS3 Game Of 2006. And 2007. And 2008...

Persona 5 just got announced for 2015. That means that there will be at least one game that's a strong contender for getting people to turn on their PS3s next year. If new games keep coming for Sony's previous video game console in 2015, the PS3 will have had a life cycle of at least 10 calendar years. Maybe even more. So, how about a scrapbook of sorts, filled with standout games from each year of the PS3's existence?

We're still in the window where we might see cross-gen releases for the PS3 and PS4 and today's Persona news makes it clear that it's too soon to think about waving goodbye to the former system. But that doesn't mean that we can't talk about favourite PS3 games. Here's a very comprehensive list of PS3 releases, if you need to refresh your memory. So, please jump into the threads below and tell us your most loved PS3 release from the corresponding year.


    Metal Gear Solid 4.

      The topic is for games. Not movies passing themselves off as games.

        I question your wisdom, WiseHacker - and your integrity.
        *throws glove on the ground, twirls mustache*

          Question all you want. Unfortunately it doesn't affect me.

          Furthermore, if you have a problem focus on the claim and not the person.

          *Adjusts fedora and trench coat.*

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            Fedora and trenchcoat. Don't even go there.

              Huh? I was thinking of old school detective. What did I do wrong?

                Oh okay, not modern-day creeper neckbeard man then. :)

        Movies are showing people's lives and story and that itself is a game. Life is game.

        *holds up staff and stroke long white beard*

      RDR is a much better game. For example, it had a plot which actually made sense as well as parts where you actually control the character.

    2008: MGS4. I really don't think any game can rightfully topple MGS4 from this position, nor should it, despite the overlong cutscenes, it was really a landmark in gaming for the PS3 and that generation.

    2009: inFamous. I'd love to say Uncharted 2 or Arkham Asylum grabbed me like inFamous did, but unfortunately they didn't. They came CLOSE, very damn close, but in the end, this game came out of the corner and 1,2 punched me into submission with how epic and grand its story was. For me, it was the ultimate comic book game, that ironically never came from a comic book to begin with.

    2010: Red Dead Redemption. May have been multiplatform, but none were better this year and none brought grown men to tears quicker than *that* ending... :( None also brought grown men to a feeling of goddamn satisfaction and blood filled vengeance than *that* secret ending... *fistpump*

    2011: Little Big Planet 2: Because if you've played it, you know what a triumph of gaming it is. It expands the near perfect part 1 in every way, shape and form. A brilliant game in every way.

    2012: The Walking Dead: No matter what platform it was on, this was an amazing journey, Telltales game was just perfection on every level.

    2013: The Last of Us: The gameplay sometimes dipped into 'just ok' and sometimes 'repetitive' but by god the setpieces were amazing beyond words, would have fit perfectly into being on the PS4 and the storyline was morally challenging, ethically confronting and tugged at the heartstrings like no other. Definitely 2013's choice for me.

    2009: Demon's Souls. I bought that game before buying a PS3. My girlfriend had a ps3 and I thought I'd play that when I was over. I was hooked, and I ended up buying my own console haha.

    Picking a single game from each year is a nightmare! So many good memories in trawling through the list of games. However, if someone asked me to show them the best games of the PS3, I'd have to show them these.

    2007: Uncharted Drake's Fortune | Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

    2008: MGS4 | Fallout 3

    2009: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves | Batman: Arkham Asylum

    2010: Red Dead Redemption | God of War III

    2011: Mass Effect 2 | Portal 2

    2012: Borderlands 2 | XCOM: Enemy Unknown

    2013: GTA V | The Last of Us

    2006: NFL07 (Only game I played in 2006... 2006 seemed to be a pretty shitty year)
    2007: Assassins Creed/Uncharted/COD4
    2008: Fallout 3

    For me:
    2006 = Motorstorm (though technically 2007 for most of the world)
    2007 = PixelJunk Monsters
    2008 = Burnout Paradise (LittleBigPlanet a close second)
    2009 = Batman: Arkham Asylum (PixelJunk Shooter and Ghostbusters get an honourable mention)

    I haven't really played many games on the PS3 since then, just a couple of game sequels like LittleBigPlanet2 and Lego Batman2, both of which I enjoyed but neither finished.

    2007: Call Of Duty 4
    2008: Metal Gear Solid 4
    2009: Uncharted 2 (sorry, Demon's Souls :(... so close, but not enough to beat out Uncharted 2 )
    2010: God of War 3
    2011: Skyrim
    2012: Journey
    2013: The Last Of Us

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    Just sticking to exclusives for me, as the PS3 has some great ones.

    2007- Uncharted
    2008- Little Big Planet. Runner Up: Metal Gear Solid 4
    2009 - Uncharted 2. Runner Up: Demon Souls
    2010- God of War 3. Runner Up: Heavy Rain
    2011- Infamous 2
    2012- Journey
    2013- The Last of Us

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      I agree with this list 100%, and I think sticking to exclusives is the way to go - otherwise it's not really the best PS3 games, it's just the best games that happened to come out on the PS3.

        Yeah absolutely - when it comes to consoles I only really value exclusives, otherwise I usually just prefer to play it on PC.

        It's why I'm so fond of the PS3 (amazing exclusives), and also why I rate the Wii/WiiU higher than most.

      I would also agree with this list, except I would change The last of us to Ni No Kuni


    2007: Call of Duty 4
    2008: Metal Gear Solid 4
    2009: Uncharted 2
    2010: God of War 3
    2011: InFAMOUS 2
    2012: The Walking Dead Season 1
    2013: The Last of Us

    As you can see, I'm far too big a fan of the PS exclusives. The other games I really liked in those years I played on PC, but I had some close calls for other console games. Example, 2010 with GoW 3, I was close to saying Red Dead Redemption as it was amazing, but my Greek Mythology obsession just made GoW really memorable. Maybe also because I'm an unashamed PS fanboy....

    FALLOUT 4 - for whichever year they eventually decide to release it.

    2007: Uncharted Drake's Fortune
    2008: Metal Gear Solid 4
    2009: Uncharted 2
    2010: God of War 3
    2011: L.A NOIR
    2013: The Last of Us

    2007: Singstar
    2008: Burnout / GTA IV
    2009: Streetfighter IV
    2010: Red Dead Redemption
    2011: Mortal Kombat
    2012: Prototype 2
    2013: The Last of Us / GTA V

    (*From my meagre collection)

    2006: MotorStorm
    2007: Uncharted 1
    2008: MotorStorm Pacific Rift/Burnout Paradise
    2009: Uncharted 2/Killzone 2/WipEout HD FURY
    2010: Heavy Rain
    2011: MotorStorm Apocalypse/Uncharted 3/Portal 2
    2012: Journey/TWD
    2013: TLOU/Runner2

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