That's The Power Of More-Or-Less Mandatory

Snapped by TheSixthAxis during the Vita Slim reveal event, Sony UK boss Fergal Gara presents a graph demonstrating how PlayStation Plus subscriptions have tripled since the launch of the PlayStation 4, which requires the service for most online play. (via The Escapist)


    And is one of the reasons I'm not rushing to buy a PS4...Sony Executards will be slapping themselves on the back for such insightful marketing.

      Over 5 million people have bought PS4s... They are slapping themselves on the back for selling such a huge number

    MS proved that millions of people will pay a yearly fee not only to access their own internet, but also their other streaming services that they've already paid for - and made a fortune from it.

    Can't blame Sony for doing the multiplayer fee in the same environment, especially given the free games you get as part of the same fee.

    They may be forcing people to pay if they want to play online, but at least they make it more than worth it.

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