The 3DS Is Three Today. It's Still The Best Gaming Machine Out There.

The 3DS Is Three Today. It's Still The Best Gaming Machine Out There.

Last year, at around this time, I declared that the 3DS is the best dedicated gaming system you can buy. Today, the 3DS turns three. It's still the best gaming system you can buy. DECLARATION SUCCESSFUL.

Yep, four months after the launch of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the best gaming experiences you can get are still on the 3DS, from Animal Crossing to Phoenix Wright to the best Zelda game we've seen in years. (Check out our 12 best 3DS games right here.) Not counting the PC, since it's not a dedicated gaming machine, nothing beats the convenience and variety of Nintendo's newest portable system.

Happy third birthday, 3DS. Keep doing you.


    Personally, I disagree, every single time I boot up Killzone: Mercenary... And probably more so when I have Borderlands 2 in my hands while on the train to work.

    I get the 3DS, I like the 3DS. Mario is awesome... But it just doesn't scratch the itch that some people are looking for with more mature games and engaging gameplay that I personally get while using my Vita. But hey, I can't argue with the fact then when I am smashing my Vita, 5 other people on my train carriage are playing their 3DS's...

    Hopefully they can continue to live side by side!

    One person's opinion

    Quite frankly, the Vita suits my needs perfectly, thus in my opinion "nothing beats the Vita"

      Agreed, I'm really enjoying Y's - Memories of Celceta at the moment, and considering all copies I saw across a few retailers the day it launched were gone by the end of said day, I would assume a fair few other people are likely enjoying it too.

      Yes it's just his opinion, if you can make a fact based argument that the Vita is definitely better then I’d love to hear it. These things are completely subjective.

      I also disagree that it’s the best system, although it is freaking great.

      I don’t own a Vita but I bought a PSP at launch. The screen was pretty but the games sucked ass. That's also just one persons opinion.

        The fact that the Vita has the ability to run up other apps (not games though) while you have a game running is a big plus for me. Having to quit my game to check the 3DS store or clear out streetpasses is a pain. Party chat is fantastic too and incredibly useful outside of games too. It has dual sticks, and a nicer feeling D-Pad and I can also sync the Vita with my PS3 to shuffle around the games I own if I'm running out of space.

        The 3DS has great games yes, but the entire user experience drags it down a lot which is why, for me, the Vita is the better system.

        Last edited 27/02/14 4:35 pm

          I didn't think Sony lovers wanted apps, just games? It's all about games! Isn't that why the Xbox one sucks? (just string the pot hehe)

          I'd agree with that, although to me a portable is about games.
          How often to you REALLY have to check Streetpass or the 3DS store? Once a week probably, certainly for the store.

          The Vita has some good games, but according to Metacritic only one title with a rating over 9.
          The top 5 3DS games are all rated above nine. Plus 4 of the top 10 Vita games are on other systems, 13 of the top 15 Nintendo games are system exclusive.

            Metacritic? Really?

            So you need others peoples validations and opinions to feel comfortable about the gaming system you own?

              Nope, but it’s a good indication.

              There’s a LOT more high quality AAA titles on the 3DS.
              It’s more an indication of how shallow the Vita’s pool of good games is than anything.

                Shallow for whom?

                All the genres I love are well catered for, it has what I want to play and cool little games I didnt know I was interested in until I tried them

                So then, again, my opinion, "nothing beats the Vita"

                I dunno, for me nintendo always has been a kids system, wuth all there family friendly games, and you say the psx games being on other systems as a bad thing? maybe they're popular so they sell on other platforms as well, where if nintendo makes a game its pretty much nintendo only, a bit of a restrictive enviroment.

      Except you need original games to be classed as the best gaming system

        Then that certainly discounts the 3DS from the equation

    3!? wow, time does fly

    I remember my mates and myself were having a BBQ, and one of my mates rocked up with his spanking new 3DS, fresh out of the box, i picked it up, enabled the 3D and had an instant migraine for a solid week...
    HB you annoying little bastard...

    "Check out our 12 best 3DS games right here."
    Right where? Right where?

      Im sure they meant "Check out the only 12 3DS games right here".. im struggling to find any decent first party 3ds games..

    Subjective opinion stated as fact. *sigh* I much prefer PC, myself. But, I suppose, if you've only got $300 or so...
    you should probably pick up a PS3 instead.

      Maybe read the article next time?
      "Not counting the PC, since it’s not a dedicated gaming machine"

        Touche. I did read the article, but I admit I kind-of glazed over at the point that hailed Animal Crossing as one of "the best gaming experiences you can get"... Just pretend I said "PS3" or "360S" instead.

          Nothing to do with available funds. To suggest so makes one think you're about ten years old.

          I have all systems and yes the 3DS is the best overall and value form $$ should always be considered.

          The Vita is fantastic too. Very very nice piece of hardware with some great games. The Ps1/2 back catalogue rivals that of Nintendos VC.

    I've never understood why so many people believe Link Between Worlds is one of the best Zelda games in years. I played the game and honestly I can't even say it's in my top 10 Zelda games, certainly wasn't better than Pokemon X/Y in regards to portable games released last year.

    I understand they wanted to do something new with the whole choice based dungeon order but I really think that hurt the game more than helped it. One of the best aspects of Zelda games is the feeling of progression, as things get further in the game the enemies get stronger, the dungeon more elaborate and difficult, and the bosses more creative. However because of the style of dungeon layout in LbW was made so that they could be done in any order, every dungeon feels as though it conforms to a sort of static difficulty, every dungeon feels just as easy or difficult as the one that came before it, especially the dungeons in Lorule. So in the end finishing dungeons doesn't give the same sense of accomplishment that earlier games have and due to this the latter dungeons simply feel like a chore.

    It's still a decent game but in my opinion it is nowhere near the best Zelda game Nintendo have produced.

    Last edited 27/02/14 3:48 pm

      Agreed. I loved it but that aspect was annoying. I also felt it was too short and was extremely disappointed that it was way too similar to aLttP... I get that it was a sequel but supposedly generations had passed yet all the trees and bushes are still in the same place? No extra houses etc.? I would've liked to have seen a bigger hyrule that had expanded over time.

    Owned a 3ds and enjoyed it but for mine not even close to the Best Gaming Machine Out There.... Still the PS3 for me.
    Also own a 360, PS4, Wii U and Vita for those counting.

    Yeah, I have to say the 3DS certainly is the best gaming system out there. If you're 5.

    Oooh Ouch! Praise an awesome little bit of gaming kit and watch all the bitchy comments flood in. What makes it awesome is the games. something for everyone, also you can leave it on standby for a long time and open it for a quick turn of a Fire Emblem battle. Dont like 3d? then turn it off!

    After being very sceptical about the 3DS, I finally gave in and bought one for me and one for my girlfriend in November. Early christmas presents to each other.

    I haven't enjoyed a console this much in a long, long time. The 3DS is amazing. The game library is great, the smaller digital games are fun and new and completely reasonably priced. Streetpass is a bizarre obsession that i can't stop playing (the extra games are totally worth it).

    If anyone is on the fence about getting a 3DS, I have one thing to tell you: It fucking owns.

    I have a 3DS, and it doesn't get that much use (I have Bravery Default, but am yet to start playing).
    My Vita gets more use (Though I wish Square Enix would release FF7 Crisis Core for download).
    Lately I spend a lot of time gaming on my 8 inch Windows 8.1 tablet. sure it's specs are low, but they're good enough for a lot of games (hell it can run SCII). Install steam and your good to go... buy the game once and you can have it on the dektop and the tablet. Current game of choice is Shadowrun Returns (next may be Agarest: Generations of War).

    Maybe Kotaku should do some articles on steam games that work well with a touch interface on the some of the 8 inch win8.1 tabs that are popping up???

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