The Cast Of Star Fox Just Shot The Crap Out Of Planet Earth

Every other day I seem to get an email in my inbox about a fan-made Mario video on YouTube. ("Imagine if Mario was a drug dealer man, and he sold mushrooms lol!") Pokemon is another favourite, but it's only on the rarest occasion that we see something based in the Star Fox universe.

So major props go to Warialasky, who has done a pretty incredible job with Star Fox: Invasion, a video that starts out with a really well put together space battle sequence, before totally taking the fight to Earth. It's all pretty slick. And it's Star Fox! How often do you get to see something like this based on Star Fox?


    Woulda been awesome without those 2 humans ruining everything with the pointless running.

    "Hey, know this building they flew past and never touched? LETS RUN OUTSIDE AND NEARLY GET HIT BY EVERYTHING"

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