The Closest You Can Get To Storing A Pokémon In Your Pockets

The Closest You Can Get To Storing A Pokémon In Your Pockets

Klefki, one of the newest Pokémon characters, is also one of the weirdest. It's a set of keys, with an immunity to poison and dragon-type moves. You probably can't open doors with it, but Tony Sarkees on Etsy is selling nickel-coated steel replicas of it. Much easier to put them in your pockets than a plush stuffed Pikachu.

Klefki Steel Keyring [Etsy, via Tiny Cartridge]


    Or you could, by a tiny pokemon toy and just put it in your pocket.... same thing right

      If you used a toy pokeball you could it pretend it was any pokemon.

    Wow they're really struggling to come up with new pokemon these days.

      And the first generation didn't? Rattata, Meowth, Beedrill, Voltorb, Ekans, Tauros, etc such original ideas.

        Yea, but a set of keys. Kind of screams "shit guys, we need a new pokemon" some guy keeps playing with his keys and "oh wow, you're an ideas man!".

          Would you prefer some more of those "Generic slightly recoloured animal #2,342"s? To be honest I had the same reaction at first, going into XY blind, but having spent some time with it, I've come to think of it as rather creative. For what it's worth, the keys aren't part of the Pokémon, it only finds and carries them.

        They seem to think new Pokemon ideas are dumb and unoriginal yet fail to see that gen 1 are as guilty of this as any other gen.


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    Waiting for the follow-up "Nintendo has shut this the hell down" article.

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