The Hong Kong Massacre Is An Awesome Name For A Game

The Hong Kong Massacre Is An Awesome Name For A Game

Max Payne borrowed its most flamboyant trademark, and Stranglehold tried to do it in 3D, but no game has really captured the fell of a good old-fashioned Hong Kong action movie shootout. Maybe The Hong Kong Massacre can change that.

At first glance it looks very Hotline Miami, but get past that - and into the bullet time as you spin through rooms - and you see a clear attempt to pay homage to, well, this.

The game's still quite early in development, but that's OK, we can wait.

The Hong Kong Massacre [TIGSource]


    The good ol' never ending bullets cheat they activate for movies. IDKFA

      I was shocked the first time I went to a range and found I had to reload a fresh clip after those 12 rounds were expended. I tried aiming like a gangster and firing wildly like a HK action hero, but nope, 12 rounds and I was out. The IDKFA was not one with me that day. :( if only was shooting at a bad dude with an eye patch. Things might have been different...

    Holy shi...!!! That video clip... god that takes me back to when I used to love watching action movies and discovered the early Jackie Chan films and some Hong Kong action cinema that was a thousand times better than any American production.

    No piece of ceramic or cutlery was left in tact after the uzi came out. One or two.... hundred... people also got mowed down spectacularly. Should this have a 'not safe for... ' type of tag?

    It's amazingly violent (and awesome)...

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