The Internet Reacts To The New Sonic

The Internet Reacts To The New Sonic

Didya hear? Sonic and his friends are getting a facelift — and being that he's one the most iconic video game characters out there, people have reacted strongly to his new look.

As you might expect, there's a lot of poking fun at Sonic — most people seem baffled or amused by the new designs. Here's a selection of the reactions from around the web.

Most reactions to Sonic focused on a few key things: his new scarf, his long legs, and the bandages. Joking about these things wasn't immediate, though: a lot of people seem to react negatively. Most people wondered about the design process... exclusive Behind the Scenes look at the character designing in Sonic Boom

— D4C (@MuscleLich) February 6, 2014

Especially when you notice weird things like:

Tails' face is EXACTLY at Knuckles' crotch height, which is a rookie design error

— Dan Marshall (@danthat) February 6, 2014



— a bird but in space (@kurozakijin) February 6, 2014

Some of the things people noticed made sense, of course — say, for example, how Sonic's scarf reminds them of Nathan Drake. The studio behind the title was formed by a former Naughty Dog dev, after all. Other similarities were a bit more silly, though — like this one 'shopped by our own Steve Marinconz:

The Internet Reacts To The New Sonic

And you can't have a scarf in the picture without someone screaming hipster, so this shop by our own Chris Person was also inevitable:

The Internet Reacts To The New Sonic

But it was only a matter of time before people started accepting the changes — neoGAF user Kriken knows how these things go.

The Internet Reacts To The New Sonic

After watching the trailer for Sonic Boom, captainanaugi couldn't help but draw this up:

The Internet Reacts To The New Sonic

Really, Sonic in bandages has become a thing now. Folks like msdbzbabe even dressed up their old Sonic plushies to commemorate the new Sonic.

The Internet Reacts To The New Sonic

Exclusive interview with Sonic Boom character designer

— Wonchop (@Wonchopmonkeyma) February 6, 2014

Hewwo it me Sonic time for a weboot Sonic BOOM ha ha WEE

— Shmorky (@sashmorky) February 6, 2014

Sonic in the meantime just looks like he got stuck in the Duct Tape Zone

— D A R K G R E P I S (@Greliz) February 6, 2014

Lets not forget Sonic's legs.

The Internet Reacts To The New Sonic

@JoshGrilli if they're gonna do this to us they better make stretchy limb sonic toys

— ✿caitlin rose boyle✿ (@rattusRose) February 6, 2014

Better look at the Sonic redesign

— Skelebutts (@MikeLuckas) February 6, 2014

There sure is something different about you today Sonic :

— (@GamesRadar) February 6, 2014

(By dongwoochan)

Still, one can't help but muse over other possible designs for the gang...

The Internet Reacts To The New Sonic

I heard Nintendo was going to be more open to third party ideas

— Andrew Dickman (@AWDtwit) February 6, 2014

Sonic Boom Character Designs Confirmed SEGA's Trying To Take Sonic In A New Direction Run For Your Lives

— Zack Frost (@superwavebeam) February 6, 2014

(By kilometersprower)

Forget about Sonic for a second, though. The thing people seem fixated on the most is Knuckles — I mean, the bro is SWOLE AS F- now. I'd say it's weird, except that as sailorgradius notes, maybe old Knuckles toys should have clued us in on what was coming...

The Internet Reacts To The New Sonic

Still, though — some consider it a little too much.

Knuckles to be banned from next Sonic game after testing positive for HGH: hedgehog growth hormone

— CEO Kaz Hirai (@KazHiraiCEO) February 6, 2014

(That's a parody account, by the way!)

What could he have done to get so buff, I wonder?

Knuckles in sonic boom, more like...

— Nohma - Human (@phantasm_nohma) February 6, 2014

Over the summer, knuckles started bodybuilding, while Sonic got really into alt rock. Will their friendship survive Junior year?

— Chris Person (@Papapishu) February 6, 2014

He practically looks like a roided up wrestler!

@pkollar @dylanhecht bam

— MOOMANiBE (@MOOMANiBE) February 6, 2014

@patriciaxh VGCW is already adapting to the changes: - Isn't it glorious?

— Dominic Tarason (@dominictarason) February 6, 2014

And why didn't other characters get a similar treatment, anyway?

This is (not) Eggman's redesign for Sonic Boom

— SEGAbits (@SEGAbits) February 6, 2014

Maybe cause he looks too dopey?

I was going to give him a bandage diaper too but I felt bad

— ✿caitlin rose boyle✿ (@rattusRose) February 6, 2014

Its cool though, not everyone dislikes the new Knuckles. I for one think he's very huggable now. I'm not the only one that thinks favourably of him, either!

I LIKE GIANT KNUCKS (but maybe because I stylize him in my head) #sonicboom

— Juliana (@fivepaninis) February 6, 2014

Nevermind all of this. How will it play?

Exclusive Sonic Boom gameplay.

— NightmareModeGo! (@GuyWoodward89) February 6, 2014

And case you needed to know how the new Sonic design fares in the real world, here's a NSFW cosplay that will tell you everything you need to know. Don't click that unless you're ready for nudity!

How do you feel about the new Sonic designs? Let us know in the comments.


    I know it's Naughty Dog, but remember the Sonic cycle.

      The Sonic Cycle hasn't actually been in play for quite a few games now though. Ever since Colo(u)rs, Sonic games have been decent at worst, and pretty great at best.

    Mortified! Why the hell are Sonic's arms blue?! Bandages??? Knuckles is huge!

    God dammit. I was expecting subtle changes but this is just ridiculous! He better not adapt this look in any upcoming video games...

      Me and the games tying-in with the show have some very bad news for you...

    Dear god, they are at it again...

    I havnt enjoyed a sonic game since sonic and knuckles.. but i'm going to give this a shot..

    So, as per usual, the 'reaction of the Internet' is determined by the most controversial opinions of sex depraved furries and autistic man children.

    The simple fact is that sonic is a tired, struggling mascot who needs a bit of a shake up. Deal with it guys.

    The Sonic the Hedgehog series has been my favourite video game series ever since I was born. The Sonic Boom series is going to be so cool!

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