The Latest Humble Indie Bundle Has Games I Haven't Played! Hurray!

I love the Humble Indie Bundle, but if I had one complaint it would be this: it always seems packed with games I've already played. I'm sure you have similar issues. But the Humble Indie Bundle 11 — for me at least — is a little different. I've only played one of these games!

That game is Antichamber, which I bought in a recent Steam sale. The rest? I haven't had a chance to check them out yet.

In fact, this Humble Bundle is packed with games I've been meaning to check out, but didn't get round to for some reason — Guacamelee! Dust: An Elysian Tail, Monaco, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, The Swapper...

Anyway, I figured if I was feeling this way, it might be a common thing.

This seems like one of the better Humble Indie Bundles, which is saying a lot, because they are usually pretty awesome to begin with.


    Monaco - Game of the Year 2013

      Better with friends too ;)

        Will happily indulge anybody who grabbed the game to play some co-op heists together!

    Guacamelee is great! Playing it on PS3 at the moment.

      +1 for being an excellent game. Filled with memes and pop-culture references too!

    first bundle in a little while that i actually want. Nice.

    This does seem like the first bundle in a while that hasn't recycled games from previous bundles. I picked it up pretty much straight away.

      I really wanted to buy it, but didn't because I have actually bought everything in it independently (sometimes on multiple platforms) except for Dust. And I have no interest in that.

      Still, the fact that I have actually bought them all is a definite indicator of quality. Because my taste is awesome!

      EDIT: Just realised that this means that Antichamber now has OSX support too. Sweet!!

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    I don't mind buying a bundle that has one or two games I already have. Perfect opportunity to gift them to friends and let them enjoy something new.

    I haven't played ANY of those. Well, Dust, but I played it for like an hour on Xbox 360. You bet I jumped on this one right away.

    i'll normally grab them regardless, they're causes i believe in.

    I... I don't know why but I just sort of feel sick of indie games.

    I don't know why they called Anti-chamber a psychological game. After one thing happens you can predict the unpredictable from there on in, since they have just set the tone for the rest of the game. Whether walking through walls or walking on air, us game-breakers are never surprised.

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    The only one of these I've played is Monaco. Damn, that is an awesome game. The rest are ones I've been meaning to look at. Will be checking this out.

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