The Machines That Claim To Uncensor Japanese Pornography

The Machines That Claim to Uncensor Japanese Pornography

This week in Osaka, cops busted uncensored dirty movie sellers. According to The Tokyo Reporter, police seized 140,000 uncensored DVDs. Pixelated porn is the law! And in the past, machines were made to give those rules the shaft.

Note: This story might contain content some readers find objectionable.

During the Meiji Era (1868 - 1912), the Japanese government tried to make the country's values align with the Western ones, if anything, so the country didn't appear backwards to outsiders. Laws were passed regarding public nudity and indecency. As Japan Probe points out, after World War II, the US government left those laws as they were.

The Machines That Claim to Uncensor Japanese Pornography

Thus, censorship continues in the visual depiction of sex. Uncensored movies exist in Japan, but are made for export — or produced illegally.

Don't think that everyone in Japan hates the pixels as some enjoy them, saying they leave more to the imagination. And don't think Japan is a country of prudes. It ain't.

For decades now, adult videos have featured pixelated parts. As a workaround, "mosaic removal machines" (モザイク除去機 or mozaiku jyokyo-ki) were developed to screw with the pixels. They've been on sale for years and, in the past, have cost up to several hundred dollars.

The Machines That Claim to Uncensor Japanese Pornography

The devices feature a bunch of switches and nobs to zoom in on the pixelated area. The machines proudly read, "Made in Japan".

A while back, forum member lolwut on MovieCodec provided an explanation:

Does it work? Erm, yes and no. Yes — that device is hardware video filter that kinda reduce mosaic using nearest neighbour algorythm [SIC] (it reduces mosaic pixel size twice and compare colour with adjacent pixels trying to recover missing data).

And no, it doesn't work, because mosaic is still there. Besides, it's hard using this device with one free hand.

However, some forum members on MovieCodec claim that these machines do as promised. Others say these machines are a scam. Whatever the truth is, using them seems like a lot of work!

The Machines That Claim to Uncensor Japanese Pornography

The blurs in Japanese adult films are created with an algorithm to prevent them from being unscrambled. But these days, with everything going online and digital, who needs a machine when there is software that claims to unpixel the moving images. Of course, there are questions regarding this software as well.

Those who really want to see want is behind the pixels could always get a part time job at an adult Japanese video company adding mosaics to movies. Publication Shukan SPA! recently reported that part-time mosiac masters can earn around $US15 an hour and the equivalent of $US500 to $US600 a month. Hey, with that kind of money, you can probably buy your own mosaic removal machine!

The Machines That Claim to Uncensor Japanese Pornography

Mosaic Removal [Movie Codec]

Note: The lede image has loads of added blur that does not appear in the original censorsed film to make it suitable for publication.

Photos: 水野ちはる, ギャラクシー


    If you are that desperate to see a Japanese vagina, Bashcraft, just get a girlfriend already.

    I don't quite see how a post about a machine that fixes Japanese porn fits onto Kotaku. Could somebody explain this to me please?

      Kotaku loves the Japanese culture (hence the name)
      i love the Japanese culture (hence the name)
      We all love the Japanese culture! they do crazy shit all the time and we love it!
      it gives me enough luls to get through the day!

      It's a Bashcraft post. This is pretty much standard fare for him. There was a period where it seemed like he laid off the questionable content but lately we seem to be getting a lot more "perv mode" articles.

      Can someone explain how it is STILL common to constantly ask why this or that article is here? Obviously the writers have jobs and the bosses pay them.

      So here's some advice: Stop clicking on things you don't want to read.

      That's it! Just fucking stop! That way, you don't have to waste your very precious time getting very mad about things and we don't have to see an army of idiots constantly posting about the appropriateness of the articles. It's a win-win!

    We are behind in almost everything else but at least we get uncensored porn

      Not entirely. Thanks to the internet we get uncensored American porn and nobody really cares, but the Australian classification system is actually quite bad when it comes to porn. I haven't really kept to date on the topic, and I haven't even seen a porno magazine in decades, but they used to actually put black stickers on the naughty bits in order to pass classification. Makes the Japanese blur look outright scandalous.

      Video games aren't the only things that we censor by refusing classification.

      Last edited 28/02/14 12:16 am

        Last I heard all porn in Australia had to be one man and one woman doing regular missionary sex because all fetishes are banned......also the women needs big breasts so she can't in any way be confused with a teenager..........and the woman needs to have a nice neat vagina.....the censorship people are VERY upset if a woman's vagina does not look EXACTLY how they want it too.

        And then they call The porn lover a weird freak??

        Last edited 28/02/14 12:07 pm

          It's actually pretty scary when you realise those aren't old timey rules that have managed to be kept on the books because nobody gives them any thought. If I remember correctly that's all post-2000 stuff.
          I mean it sounds like that last example was a joke but it's not. There actually are rules on how a vagina can look. I mean according to that I'm some sort of dangerous freak because I've had sex with women who don't have the right sort of vagina. It's frighting how out of touch and repulsed by sexuality these people are.

          Not allowed to see any inner lips in our vaginas... It's a weird world of censorship :/

          here's your source for the vagina's.

          " For instance, magazine photographs of women with A breast cup sizes have been censored in recent years, reportedly leading to an increase in the average breast size of women in Australian magazines"

          And It wasn't just Small breasts, even more shockingly than anything the female orgasm has been banned. And the reason? Because it falls under fetish, urination specifically. Our government clearly have no idea how the human body works.

      Too all those censorship laws you stated you are wrong, they're state based as an ex act resident you can legally buy any of that in act and export it to other states. The other states have laws forbidding sale, but ownership is legal. It's your states at fault not the fed gov.

    I dunno...Going by that first photo, it looks more censored to me. :P

    They look like effects pedals!

    "And no, it doesn’t work, because mosaic is still there. Besides, it’s hard using this device with one free hand."

    I LOLed!

    ... how ironic then that the title image is censored/mosaic'd? "We unscrambled this, so then we had to rescramble it". I'd have preferred a NSFW tag and the original, otherwise this seems like somewhat wasted time.

    As far as the police are concerned the only porn that is off limits is kiddy porn and bestiality everything else is available including all type of fetishes that don't fall into the above two categories which should be banned everywhere as it's extremely offensive and sick.

    Yeah except that it's not a law, it's a rule. Plenty of uncensored porn in Japan.

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