The New Godzilla Trailer Has Very Little Godzilla, And That's A Good Thing

I'm really loving the vibe of this new Godzilla movie. It has Bryan Cranston, who some of you might know from his incredible, ground breaking performance as Hal in Malcolm in the Middle (and, to a lesser extent, his work in Breaking Bad. More importantly it seems to have a sense that that Godzilla should scare the absolute shit out of you.

The effects seem a little so-so, which might be due to the budget (it may also be the reason we see so little of Godzilla) but I can honestly say that I am excited about this version of Godzilla. Can't say I ever expected to type those words.


    Just a quick question... can we stop using 'and thats a good thing!' as a clarifier at the end of all these articles? It's just so condescending at some point?

      Is this really something you want to get upset over?

        It's really just a quick question dude, we don't have to take it further than that. Have a great day.

          take it further ... wait let me grab my pop corn :p

            You know, the other day we got an air popper, figured out how to make perfect cinema quality buttered popcorn (thus defeating the point of air popped corn). Gimme ten minutes, I'ma make you some because I'm generous and shit. And we'll all watch this awesome trailer again lol. Btw, if you didn't notice, there's 2 other Kaiju in that trailer asides Godzilla, the one knocking planes out of the sky and the spider one whose long leg hits the ground, it's not Godzillas knuckle on the ground you see...

              bro i been watching this trailer more then 10 times .. i have not seen the spider nor ur pop corn lolol

                Its at 2:06/2:07 this is the scene from comicon that was shown by Gareth Evans where the kaiju spider-like monster attacks the airport and godzilla shows up amidst the chaos.



                Theres many other sites out there with the info too.

                Here you go, screencapped it for you:


                Last edited 28/02/14 10:48 am

          Yes we do. I expect a written report and impact statement on my desk by the end of the day!

            And remember gus, we need the report to be transparent, the sustainability of our comments rely on paper trails...going forward...and stuff.

      can't pinpoint exactly where it's condescending, but I'LL BE DAMNED IF IT ISNT

      Most of the article titles on here are rather informal and full of this kind of fluff. I guess someone at Kotaku HQ gave the order.

      Here's some article titles, with the relevant bits removed: "... It's OK To Cry." and "Remember, ..."

      Hint Kotaku, if your article title has a comma or period in it, part of the title can probably be cut.

      Don't be daft. This is one of the only games sites which injects a bit of personality into it's news.

      If you just want the facts, go to or something.

    I feel like the guy editing the opening parts of that had his finger on this button:

    I can't believe how quickly the comments spiralled downwards, ON A GODZILLA TRAILER. Only on the internet.

    Hey guys, only on the internet.


    Yeah this movie is having a super great vibe about it. Loving all kind of sombre tones, and the Kubrick style wailing in these trailers too - hoping it's all part of the film's style caus that would be just rad.

      I love how theres ZERO grey and brown tones to it. It's all so GLORIOUSLY colourful!!!!!

      I was wondering were I recognised that wailing from for a second, 2001: A Space Odyssey (top 5 all time movie btw)

      I thought the trailer had copied the exact tune from Space Odyssey. You sure it's original?

        Didnt think it was original, just sayin I like it

    Brian Cranston is so good it’s kind of ridiculous. Even in a Godzilla trailer he’s convincing.

      Dude could sit there reading a recipe or a phonebook and it would be enthralling no doubt!

    So far they are doing all the right things with this new Godzilla movie. I am loving everything we have seen so far, seems like a true Godzilla movie.

    I don't know what you mean about the effects being so-so, I never thought that once. They seem fine, on par with other movie CGI effects.

    Woah, woah, woah.
    Godzilla: Final Wars is the greatest Godzilla movie.
    That is all.

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