The New Strider Just Feels Right

It’s hard to reboot a franchise without shooting yourself in the foot. So many times the product feels bloated, weird, and abandons the thing that made it great to begin with. Strider, however, feels just right.

In the video above, I give my impressions of Strider. Thankfully, it’s a game that understands what was intrinsically good about its predecessors, instead of simply cannibalising the franchise for the sake of a quick buck.


    • If they’ve stayed faithful to the arcade, we’ve managed to delay being pissed off by that dick move at the end though…

  • Looks like Mark of the Ninja with the stealth mechanics swapped out for a combat orientation… and a lot better than I might have expected that scenario to look.

  • Double Helix are really starting to hit their stride (mind the pun). This and Killer Instinct more than make up for the horrible releases of the past like Silent Hill Homecoming (though I think the publisher had a hand is rushing it).

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