Sony Releases Gameplay Trailer For The Order: 1886

The Order: 1886 brings you a good two-and-a-half minutes of gameplay in this trailer Sony released today. It lingers on the firepower (and quick timer events) available in the alternate-history landscape.

Is it just me, or does that stuff look like it would be monstrously heavy with Victorian-era metallurgy?


  • It definitely classes as next gen graphics wise, (sorry, this gen) but it looks like it takes control away from the player too much if that was truly gameplay

    • *Exactly* what I was thinking. This was on my radar as we just got a ps4, but after seeing a few clips and now this gameplay video, graphics are stunning but gameplay looks slightly lacking… I’m definitely thinking this and RYSE share more than enough in common in that regard.

      • From what I’ve read of the QTEs, they’re more along the lines of heavy rain in terms of variability so it won’t be an annoying series of stuff you have to memorise and retry half a dozen times before you get the sequence perfect.

        As for the gameplay… I’ve really not seen anything other than that one clip that keep repackaging each time they make a video about it (seriously, every video I’ve seen bar the announcement had that guy jumping and getting his leg stuck in breaking wood), that alone does make me a teeny bit nervous.

        • Qte’s arent all bad as you said. Heavy rain was amazingly good. If its like that ill end up getting it eventually. Im just glad the floodgates of ps4 games are finally opening 😀

          • Yeah I’m just still a bit annoyed by God Of War’s tendency to just flash a random button with no context up and then blame you when you thought it was going to be triangle because it was last time. I mean fair enough they more or less invented the concept but that’s easily the worst way to do them. At least with stuff like Tomb Raider Legend, when you had to jump in a QTE you the button you had to press was the jump button so it made sense.

   at about 8:50 in that video the way they’re doing some of the QTE stuff is described, describing it as a bit like heavy rain is probably wildly inaccurate, having branches so you don’t need to get everything right is likely to be more realistic.

          • Yeah especially looking forward to Infamous Second Son in 3 weeks (as probably anyone with a PS4 is). Finally my PS4 will have actual games that I spent money, on at the moment it’s all just PS+ stuff.

          • Killzones pretty damn good surprisingly if you haven’t played it. I’ve said before, I wasn’t a fan of the former Killzone games but loving the hell out of this one.

  • Don’t know if it’s just my screen or what, but that looks WAY too dark. Hard to even see what’s going on a lot of the time.

  • Let’s remember that this is a stitched together demonstration video about the different things that appear in the game. 3 minutes is not exactly a good judge of the ratio of gameplay/cutscenes for a several hour game. Although I am worried that they were willing to show something as choppy as this to the press, I’m mindful that these guys have a great pedigree.

  • need to see more before making my mind up. There’s nothing there gameplay wise that screams ‘next-gen’, but tbh I don’t expect that just yet.

  • I don’t know a lot about this game and it has me intrigued. Visually and in terms of sound, it seems beautiful. My only gripe thus far is the HUD and UI. Feels a little lackluster compared to the rest of it p’raps?

    • I think the style and quality of the graphics and sound are so good that the crappy old HUD really distracts from it. Looks like a game where minimal/no HUD would be a good choice.

      Also the “gameplay” looks pretty poor.

    • I thought so too, but this is the “official” release of this video, whereas previously it was sent to journalists and had to be talked over/edited etc. so it’s Sony being dumb in this case, giving us the same thing twice.

  • Lolle, this is hellish. “Gameplay” is right. You’re doing NOTHING in these stupid asset tours. If I sat in front of this youtube video now with a control pad in my hand and just pretended to mash buttons while reading on screen prompts I would be having the exact same experience as someone who’d wasted a hundred bucks on joke ‘games’ like this: Deathly boredom. 

  • This makes me mourn all the more for Star Wars: 1313. The transition from cutscene to gameplay and the animation reminds me all too much of what a beauty of a game 1313 could have been.

  • The graphics aside (which are amazing), this just looks like another grey/brown quick-time event ridden shooter to me.

  • Graphics are incredible (which everyone has pointed out), but this game kind of looks like its a bit ‘on-rails’, hope its not too linear, without very strong game play mechanics linear games can get boring, cant wait for the review

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