The PlayStation 4 Has Now Overtaken The Xbox One In Australia

While both consoles had barnstorming launches in Australia, the Xbox One — according to most reports — did shift more units than the PlayStation 4 in the opening weeks. Now it appears as though the PlayStation 4 has overtaken the Xbox One to become the most popular console in Australia.

Sony just announced in a press release that now, as stock begins to filter into Australia, the PS4 has now overtaken the Xbox One in overall sales to date, from the November launch till the week ending 2 February.

It was always an interesting situation. Most reports suggested the PS4 had secured far more pre-orders than the Xbox One, but a shortage of stock enabled Microsoft to take an early lead. Now that units are coming into Australia more frequently, the PlayStation 4 appears to be going from strength to strength.

But interestingly — the Xbox One is still selling well. Usually one console tends to be successful at the expense of another, but with the current generation of consoles that isn't the case. It bodes well for the future of gaming as we know it. People still want consoles in their homes. I'd say that is a good thing.


    I'm sure the XBone will have another boost once the March update and Titanfall are released. With another spike for Sony at the end of March when Infamous arrives.

    Hopefully this see-sawing goes on throughout the life of these consoles as strength in both builds stronger competition - and better results for us as consumers.

      Yeah, just been reading all the titanfall posts on IGN, people seem to agree its living up to the hype

        It's what I've seen to - even from Aussies knowing we're not getting servers here. I'm still on the fence about it being a day 1 purchase for me - hoping to get some time in the BETA and that will give me a good feel of for what to expect in the finished product.

          Do you guys usually get servers over there? NZ quite often get shafted with that sorta thing, gears of war was basically unplayable here. I upped my net to 100mbs prior to the X1 launch havent had any issues.....yet.

            i read that its going to be on the microsoft azure server farm. Also its only 6v6. So maybe like 200 ping, if you teamstack a whole team on comms you could pubstomp americans pretty good.

              When I was in the alpha trial I was getting pings of about 110-120 connecting to the west coast of the in WA so the Singapore servers should be ok

                However you found that ping to the USA if you are in Australia then its BS you can't get ping that low to America it's impossible unless they invented some kind of new alien tech that lets digital signals travel faster than they currently do.

                  The pings were next to the server when you selected which region you wanted to play in........i just selected the lowest one, I don't know how they got those numbers but that's the numbers it bs

                  I just checked the ping 2min ago and its a lot worse , took a photo

                  west us ping is 302
                  central us ping is 340
                  east us ping is also 340

                damn nemalive, that's a shame... 300 is pretty bad

                  I had no lag when I was playing off peak, but was too laggy to play peak with my vivid wireless ISP...i get about 0.5mb during peak times and 5mb off peak times

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            No, not many gaming companies bother with local servers in Aus. And even when they do the servers quickly get merged due to low populations anyway.

          The Sydney & Melb Azure datacentres are both due to open later this year. So not available at Titanfall launch but scheduled to open for this year.

          Personally the multiplayer only aspect is making me sit on the fence. Might wait till reviews are in

      Is Infamous a system seller? It's not even a numbered sequel.

        It is far better off as a standalone seeing as how Infamous 2 ends.
        So, I'd say yes, its a system seller ;D - (Infamous 1&2 being some of the PS3's best couple of titles)

        lets be honest it looks like twilight meets prototype, watchdogs will be better.

      I know Titanfall is hyped to hell atm, but it's not exclusive. It's also coming out on PC and even 360. As a PS4 owner, I've got two other ways of playing Titanfall without getting an XB1.

    Considering the non existent supplies of PS4's that's reasonably surprising. I might be able to get my hands on one this month, I pre-ordered it after the announcement early last year from Game Traders... only to be told that Sony weren't supplying any to them at launch and they wouldn't have stock until Feb.... talk about boned.

      That's sad. Why didnt you swap it over to Dick Smith earlier this week? Guarantee dispatch today. It was 10% off too

        Because I'm not really that worried about it and wasn't paying attention to the Dick Smith catalogue

        It was only for orders made prior to 3PM, after that it was early March shipment.

      A lot of PS4's in stock at JB Hifi i bought one yesterday they just got a new shipment in

      Yeah, see, when I read the headline, this was my first thought.

      We saw pretty clearly in early days that PS4 had the lead on preorders. I've always figured that 'who will sell the most' wasn't a case of console popularity as much as it was logistics - who could get enough units into the damn country to sell. The demand was always in favour of PS4, Sony just couldn't match Microsoft's logistics.

      (Edit: Seriously. It's a console with a waiting list.)

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    I'm starting to see stock in stores now so I guess they've finally covered the initial demand.

    Dose not surprise me. With how Microsoft back tracked on a lot of things would not of helped.

    OK! Now some nice games would be nice ...well, for either platform, really. There's no game on either that'd make me want to go and buy the console yet.

    Usually one console tends to be successful at the expense of another, but with the current generation of consoles that isn’t the case.

    Probably because they're a lot cheaper this time around.

    The 360 was $700 at launch and the PS3 was $1000. This time around you can buy an Xbone and a PS4 for $1050. Hell you could buy an Xbone, PS4 and a premium Wii U for less than what it would've cost to buy a 360 and a PS3.

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      and also buy a years subscription to both XBL & PSN and have enough left for a few games.

    Does anyone know what happened last gen in Australia? Which console had the lead?

    Regardless it seems both consoles are selling relatively well, which is certainly good news for everyone!

      Googling "ps3 vs xbox 360 sales australia" brings up a lot of old articles and I haven't seen a recent tally.

      In Australia, the PS3 caught up to the 360 around November 2012:


    The only reason this surprises me is Its been ages since I saw a ps4 on a shelf

      What shelf :(. I've never seen one on shelf since launch

        Our local Target had some last time I was in there :S

    Unsurprising. As an Xbox fan the Xbone doesn't have that much going for it right now unless you really needed to play Dead Rising 3 and Forza 5, and I think that the playstation fan still has the larger residual fanbase, i.e.: people who are more likely to buy it before there's a lot of games on it.

    Once we see more games, we'll see more sales in both areas. Titanfall will drive sales, sure. I'll be interested to see what Halo 5 does for sales, considering Halo 4 was received with mixed reviews.

      To be honest, the PS4 doesn't have a lot going for it either. I got 5 games with mine, played the hell out of Assassin's Creed, played a bit of Knack, BF and Killzone. I've probably spent the majority of my time playing FIFA. I have Resogun, Contrast, Don't Starve and Warframe downloaded for free. So I have a good number of games, but none of them have me on a rope dragging me back in. Once Infamous comes out, I will have a game that I know that I will just play constantly.

      It's only early days for these consoles and I'm really looking forward to the next few months.

      I can see Titanfall giving a small boost to sales with the 360 version coming out a few weeks after, but I can't see it being a HUGE boost, but there will be a boost no doubt. As for Halo 5, with Halo 2 Anniversary coming this year, they may give another boost. But in truth I don't think Microsoft can be as reliant as they have been in the past on Halo.

      I play on getting a Xbox One, likely when Quantum Break comes out, because that is the game that has most of my attention.

    Can't we just say that both consoles are selling extremely well and early interest in the new gen is up there with the best we've ever seen, especially considering the launch lineups and releases since then have been weaker than expected?

    I wasn't even aware that the Xbox One was ahead at one point.

      same, I had always assumed the PS4 was kicking arse here in Aus.

        Although it was continually sold out, there were less units available.

    OMG! Console wars are officially won! MS should sell the xbox division!

    Sheesh. MS could buy Sony with the loose change behind the cushions of their couch.

    I’d expect it to bump back to even or Xbone ahead after Titanfall and them to hold that lead until Christmas.
    It will be a LOT like the 360/PS3 generation where Xbox gets ahead with some big exclusives early on and then Sony will catch up.

    The PS4 will get ahead in mid-2015 and won’t be caught again.

    Note: baseless conjecture.

      Somewhat baseless conjecture:

      We're probably seeing the GDDR5/DDR3 decision bearing fruit. By all accounts AMD have had no problems delivering chips to either MS or Sony, the only component that would seem likely to cause supply issues for Sony is the GDDR5. So going with that solution may well have depressed their supply at launch.

      But that choice will pay off over the lifetime of the consoles, since the PS4 will always have a hardware advantage (GDDR5 is the catalyst for all of that - MS had to include the ESRAM to compensate for lower DDR3 performance, which meant going with a smaller GPU to keep die size reasonable - even with 50% fewer shaders the Xbone's SoC is still larger than the PS4's).

    The PS4 at dickies for under $500 makes it a pretty easy decision. The only XB1 game I was interested in was Titanfall, and it is available on PC. But until local servers or Azure is happening, then I will be giving it a miss anyway, plus the effing thing is on Origin.

    Not surprising considering that there are playable PS4 VDUs in shops like JB HIFI and 'look but don't touch units of Xbones. Wtf are they thinking.

    I'm more interested in the PS4, but I like the Xbox One as well - and will likely pick up both. As for the Wii U - maybe I'll end up getting it at some point. It can play my Wii games, and so trading in that old console is probably a good idea. But like the Wii, it will only get used for the Nintendo goodness.

    Glad Titanfall is on PC as that is what I would be playing it on IF I get it.
    I caved and had both a 360 and PS3 but I think this time will be the first I don't get every console.
    Yes I too have a Vita, Wii U and 3DS.

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