The Pokémon Company Makes Mythical Pokémon Diancie Official

Three days after the Serebii report, like clockwork, the latest pocket monster movie star is confirmed. They also confirm the once-hidden Pokémon will be coming to Pokémon X and Y at a later date, but won't tell us when or how because they're mean like that.


    The best part is it being confirmed as a carbink relation after the masses being like "No it's not you are very wrong for thinking that".

    Last edited 15/02/14 5:08 pm

    How cool would it be if Diancie could be made rather than given to you? Like if the event unlocks a machine that you can put a Carbink (Carbon) into that puts it under so much pressure that it turns it into a Diancie (Diamond)?

    I just want to know if the whole prediction of shattering the Anistar sun dial to get Diance is correct.

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