The Sport Of The Future Is MMA Vs Batman

The Sport Of The Future Is MMA Vs Batman

While this might look like a rehearsal for an upcoming superhero movie, it’s actually a working concept for a suit of armour built by Sydney company Chiron Global. Armour that’s been designed not for show, but for sport.

The company is floating an idea called Unified Weapons Master, which essentially wants to be a weapons-based version of MMA. Combatants wear the suit, which protects them from all sorts of impact injuries, and in doing so they’re able to bring weapons into the fight and just go nuts with them.

Teaser videos even show that the suits are “smart”, in that they register hits and are thus able to keep score.

I would watch this, and play the inevitable EA Sports cash-ins, until the end of time.


  • It looks really exciting watching 2 guys whack each other with sticks while wearing giant pussy armor so they can’t take any damage at all.

    • Just use the impact sensors to take any blows and transfer them to an internal taser like shock system that causes spasms in the affected areas muscles. That combined with a health bar like scoring system based on location of strike and power and you would have an entertaining show.

  • Sometimes I want to just punch the shit out of my friends. I’d love to get my hands on two of these and just go to town on each other

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