The Thinnest Latex Condoms On Earth Certainly Are Stretchy

The Thinnest Latex Condoms on Earth Certainly Are Stretchy

A Chinese company recently took the Guinness World Records for the world's thinnest latex condom. It comes in at 0.036mm.

According to AFP, a press conference held this week in Hong Kong to announce that Guangzhou Daming United Rubber Products set this new world record. It was previously held by Japanese condom maker Okamoto with a 0.038mm latex condom, and it was a hard one to beat.

In comparison, the average human hair has a thickness of 0.06mm, and, for example, the Trojan Ultra Thin also measures around 0.06mm.

The Thinnest Latex Condoms on Earth Certainly Are Stretchy

Late last year, another Japanese company, Sagami Rubber Industries, launched the world's thinnest polyurethane condoms, measuring a mere 0.01mm.

This is like a space race, but with thin rubber and erect penises.

China firm sets record for thinnest latex condom: Guinness [AFP]

Pictures: ChinaDaily


    And this story has what to do with gaming exactly ...?

      Their letting you know when the next time EA Fuck's ya, it be safe sex.

        It's more like, the next time EA fucks ya, you're REALLY gonna feel it.

      It's more of a "things you miss out on" because apparently gamers don't have girlfriends and don't get laid.

    "At Kotaku Australia, we’re carefully trying to build a reputation for creating the strongest, most engaging content surrounding games and gaming culture."

    Thin condoms are irrelevant to gaming culture as any of us would buy them as thick as Oprah Winfrey if it meant we'd get some.

    Long time reader, first time poster to add the following;


    Perhaps Gawker would like to start a new site just for Asian stuff they want to put on Kotaku but has nothing to do with otaku.

    I'd call it Asiataku.

    Why do we still put up with Bashcraft's brain farts? Does he work on a per-post basis? I'll admit that he does occasionally squirt out an interesting read but the signal to noise ratio is way off, even for a site as loosely 'gaming-related' as Kotaku.

      Of his last 10 articles maybe 3 have anything to do with gaming... and thats being generous because all 10 arent news they are just Today Tonight pieces.

      I dont even know why I come here anymore... Kotaku is so bizarre these days

    Excelent, having sold my roof to buy more video games and coffee I have been looking for a thin waterproof material to protect my belongings. The extra stretchyness of these should mean I can fit a standard sized DvD case into them with enough effort.

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